Monday, December 3, 2012

Popcorn at its best

We had a meeting one day here at the college and some of the people provided snacks and such. One lady brought some popcorn and I figured that since I had class after the meeting, a little popcorn would be good to snack on. The first bite of that popcorn had my mouth watering. It was sooooo good. I went over and got myself another cup full of that delicious popcorn. Each bite tasted better than the last one. When the meeting was over, I asked the young lady where on earth did she get that popcorn. She said that she got it at Popcorn King.

I had never been to Popcorn King and didn't even realize that it was right across the street from the college. I told myself that I was definitley going to Popcorn King and get some of that popcorn. When I walked in, they had buckets of flavor that I didn't expect to see. I was in awe. I just thought I was going to walk in and get some regular buttery popcorn like we had at the meeting. They had flavors that I never would have thought of, especially on popcorn. The lady asked if I wanted some samples of some of the popcorn. I got a sample of the loaded potato, and then mac and was like heaven in a plastic bag. Oh wow! I told her to hook me up on the loaded potato popcorn. I couldn't even get it home fast enough because I was just eating it while I was driving.

Today, I am going back to Popcorn King and I am getting the mac and cheese flavor. Don't knock it until you try it. I can hardly wait to get back over there. Now this stuff is really finger licking good.


Organized flow

I try to be an organized person, especially at work. I have my own little system where I get all my filing done on Fridays, mainly because it is quieter. There are nine departments who all fall under my department. So the way I have my filing systems is that each department has a folder that is listed by department in alphabetical order. In each department's folder, everything they submit is then in alphabetical order in their own folder. Simple enough, right?

So whenever my boss says she is looking for document D from a certain department. I just go to that folder and pull it without hassle. I don't have a reason to hold documents on my desk, because I try to keep my desk clutter free. Well, my boss comes to me saying she needed document F from a certain department. I looked in that department's folder, and there was no document F. I asked her if she was mistaken, because
Friday just passed and there was nothing in my file box because I had just filed everything.

I'm not saying I can't be wrong, and yes I do make mistakes, but I'm looking in this folder and there is no document F. She had the audacity to have me look again and sure enough, I looked.....stupidly...right into an empty folder.....just to show her I don't have it. I told her there was no document F in the files and mentioned that she might have it on her desk and hadn't put it in the file box just yet. She didn't like that. She said that she does not have it on her desk and that she is positive that she gave it to me. I was like, well it ain't here (pointing to the empty folder). She gave a sigh like teenagers would do....ugh....and walked back in her office. I kept on doing what I was doing, when, about 15 minutes had passed.....she calls me from her office and said, "You were right, I have the document on my desk, here it is." I just kinda looked at her with that look. I wanted to say that I knew you had it all along, but I didn't.

Needless to say, document F is in its folder, where it is suppossed to be....because I put it there, that's why.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pet Peeve

I have a list of pet peeves that just really irk me, but for today, I will name this one pet peeve number 271. I can't stand it, I absolutely hate it when someone tries to determine how I should spend my time. Hubby took it upon himself and invited some guy to the house so that he can talk to us about saving money on hubby's prescription. I don't see why I needed to be there. It's hubby meds. I don't take no pills. So instead of asking me what I had to do, hubby says, "On Monday when you get off, this guy coming to the house so we can discuss how to save money." I could have been going with a few friends after work, or I may have had plans to work later in order to get off early one day. Whatever it was, hubby didn't ask if I had anything to do.

So once I get off from being at work all day, then swing by and pick up our daughter from work, then swing by and go and pick up son from his after school activity, the last thing I want is to walk in my house and some random dude is sitting there getting on my nerves. When hubby mentioned this to me, I asked him had he considered asking me first what I was gonna be doing and if it was alright if he came when I got off work. And do you know he said that he didn't think about that. He just figured I wasn't doing anything. That is typical of a guy to say that. Even if I didn't have anything to do does not give him the right to say well this is what you're going to do with the time that you're not doing anything with.

I told hubby that he is so inconsiderate and that he only thinks of himself. He is not thinking that work just by itself drains ya and then to drive around and pick up folks after work, and then by that time, it's like 5:30 or 6:00 and when I get in my house, I am mostly ready to sling this bra off and let these basketballs dribble and be free. I told hubby that this guy really does not need to come to the house and that I could look the information up online. I think I will act like a teenager and just pull out my cell phone and start texting people when this guy comes. I told hubby he should be the one listening to what the guy has to say. He could have this guy over while I'm at work.  It's his prescription plan, not mine. Uggggghhhhhh!!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Instead of a treat, I got tricked

The college where I work has a daycare, and every year around the time of when Halloween is approaching, the daycare and its workers will bring the children around to various buildings so that the childen can get candy dropped in their little buckets. They normally come around the Friday before Halloween. They have their little costumes on and some can walk, while others have to be pushed around in a stroller.  The offices located down the hallway are not obligated to buy candy for these little tykes, but if you do buy candy, the thing is to stand in the hallway with your candy when the daycare comes through.

Well I didn't buy candy on purpose, because I really did not want to go and stand in the hallway passing out candy to all these lil rugrats. Lo and behold, my supervisor comes in with these bags of candy. She said she thought about it and realized that today was the day that the little daycare children come around. It was nice of her and I thought, "Wow, she is going to be standing in the hallway passing out candy." But instead of me sitting at my desk and just watch as they pass by, my supervisor came up to me and said, "I'm going to go in my office and shut the door, so here is the candy if you don't mind passing it out." WHAT!!!! Oh to the the G!! How in the great white falls did I get tricked into this scam!!!

So here is my thing. Why would you buy candy if you didn't want to pass it out? What if I had called in this morning and wasn't coming to work? Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!! And none of these kids are my size, so I just pulled me a chair in the hallway and sat and waited for them to come. We had gotten an email saying it would be about 75 children coming through. I don't know how many children came but it was a lot of them. Some of them looked at you strange and some of them had to be told to open up their bags. It felt like I was in another profession. Some of the talking kids asked the people down the hall if we liked their costumes and some of the kids didn't care whether they got candy or not. Even though they were cute little children, I'm glad that is over. I'm tired now just from thinking about it.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watch as well as pray

I had recently heard of one of the faculty at the college that was being terminated. The reason for his termination was due to him always being late for work, cancelling classes when classes should be in session and just a various of reasons pertaining to that. The staff had been working with him and gave him time after time to get it right. I know this had been going on for about a year or so, when they finally came down to the wire and said they had to let him go.

When one of the admins asked me if I had heard of it at that time, I said that I had not heard anything. She began to joke about how folks, when pushed, they will retaliate and start shooting up places or blowing places up. It wasn't a joking matter, but just the thought of it made me uneasy. The admin also mentioned to me that this particular faculty person was banned from being on campus and that if I should see him back on campus, then he would most likely be coming back to get back at somebody.

When people go back to their jobs and shoot people, there had to be something that made him do that. Stuff like this, firing somebody. Even if that person was in the wrong. Well, here is where it got really serious. I had my back turned one day from my office door and I heard this voice behind me say, "Excuse me." It was the faculty person that was not, I repeat, that was not supposed to be on campus. I immediately thought of what the admin told me about folks coming back to shoot up the place. I was very calm and asked him what can I do for him. He said he was hear to see my boss. I said that I would let her know that he was here. When he went in that office, I started shutting down my computer. At that point, it was time to go. I'm not saying he would or would not hurt anybody on campus, but folks have a tendency to snap. They can be calm one day and then go home and get thier guns and gun powder and just start doing all kinds of things.

Right before I packed up my stuff, I sent the admin a quick message and said, "He is here on campus in my office." I wasn't trying to be messy, just cautious. Her reply was: BYEEEEE!!! She said she was out of there as well. What made it even scarier was that he said he had to go and do something and will be back at 4:15. "Well", I thought, "He won't find me here. I got to go."

Since I didn't hear anything on the news, nothing happened, but what if it did. That is why we have to watch out for people as well as pray. We don't know when it's gonna be our last day, when somebody is gonna cut us off in traffic, rear end us from behind, or come on campus and start shooting. We just don't know. We don't know who is going to walk into the public as well as the christian schools, the daycares, the church's, the grocery store and just go plum crazy. So stay prayed up and ask God for deliverance.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The early bird gets the worm

Since my 19 year old daughter goes to the same college where I work, she has to ride out with me in the mornings. I normally get up at 6:00 a.m., which means she has to get up at 6:00 a.m. as well in order for us to be rolling out the house by 7:00 a.m. As she has gotten older, I tell her to set her alarm so she can get herself up, which teaches her responsibility. She says, "Mom, why do I have to get up at 6:00 and not 6:30?" First, she needs to get up because at 6:30, that is when I wake up the 16 year old son so he can then have his time in the bathroom. Second, because if you rolling with me, you need to be up and ready to move when I move. Third, because I said so.

So this morning, yes she had set her alarm and woke up but she hadn't gotten up. I tell her that's a big difference. So when I walked out of my room to go and fix my lunch for the day, her room is still black and she is still in the bed. I immediately turned the light on and asked her what was she doing. Her response was, "Oh, I'm just laying here." I told her don't come to me talking about she didn't have time to get ready because when I'm ready to go, I will not have time to hear any of that.

Well, it is now 6:30 and I wake up our son. His first thing to do is to go to the bathroom. So I go in my bathroom and in comes my daughter. I ask her what is she doing in there with me. She said that it was being occupied by her brother. I told her that if she would have gotten up like she was suppossed to, then she would have had first dibs on it. I bet she will get herself up in the morning instead of just laying there.


Ode to King Arthur

Several years ago, hubby had this fish and it croaked over. He didn't get another fish for quite some time and that one hung around for a couple of months. Well I was in Walmart the other night with my son and I thought, "I think I will surprise hubby with another fish." It didn't cost much, about two dollars. I was like, ok, third time has to be the charm. This fish is gonna be the fish of all fish. I have never been to big on naming fish, but just for the fun of it, I asked my son what shall we call the fish. Our 16 year old looked at me, then looked at the fish. He said, "We should name this fish King Arthur." Hmmmmm, King Arthur, I thought. It really didn't matter to me not for one lickity splity minute. So I said to my son, "I think King Arthur would be a fitting name." We got the fish and it swam around in its little bag, anticipatinig on making its new home with us.

Our 16 year old held the bag full of water very carefully until we made it to the counter to pay for it. He did not want the bag to sit down when I told him to put it on the belt for the cashier to ring it up. He just said, "I got it." We walked to the car and our son just held on to that bag for dear life. I asked him if he wanted a fish for himself. He said that he did not, and was just taking care of it until he passed it on to hubby. When we got home, our son was so excited to give this fish to hubby. At that moment when we pulled in the driveway, if anybody else had've been in the car with us, they would have thought our 16 year old was now a 4 or 5 year old because he got all hyper and said, "Mom, let me give it to him, let me do it. I can hardly wait." I was like oooooookkkkkkk!!!!

We walked in the house and our son had the bag with water and fish in tow behind his back. He told hubby, "Dad, I have a surprise for you." Our son acted as if hubby had been in isolation and this fish was going to bring him instant joy and happiness. Hubby was thankful and took the fish to the small bowl in the room where the other fish had lived before. The next morning when I got up, I didn't see the fish swimming around. I figured that maybe it was depressed from being moved from the fish tank where the other fish swam. I looked at the bottom and there was the fish, no movement, no nothing. I tapped the glass bowl, but still nothing. I then thought that maybe when hubby gets up, he will feed the fish and King Arthur will be bouncing around in no time at all. So I left and headed to work.

When I came home, the fish was not on my mind, but since the bowl is in the bedroom, I couldn't help but notice this fish was now floating on top. Ahhhh, King Arthur had croaked over. I guess he just couldn't take it being alone. He survived on his own for a day out of his normal environment. I told hubby we just won't get any more fish, cause he has had 3 to pass on into another fish world. In my opinion, I think it really must be something in the water.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Telephone etiquette

My boss had walked down to the ladies room to wash her hands and I knew she would be back shortly. I could actually hear her pouncing back down the hall, when the phone rang in the office. I didn't know that she had gotten caught in the hallway by someone talking on her way back to the office. So, when the phone rang, I answered it and it was for my boss. I told the person on the other end that she just stepped down to the ladies room, but that I could hear her coming and to hold on.

When my boss didn't immediately come back, I just took a message and said that she would call this person back. So he left his extension and just as soon as I hung up the phone, my boss walks back in the office. She said that she was suppose to come right back, but that somebody stopped her in the hallway. I said no problem and then gave her the phone message. Well in her good efforts to call this person back right away, she got busy doing something else, then somebody came in her office and I do think she forgot all about the message.

Well low and behold, this person calls back like 30 mintues later and I answered the boss line again someone else was in her office.  When the person on the other end hear that it is me, he says: good grief, if she is still in the bathroom, she must have some type of diarrhea or something........the funny part is that he was saying it loud...I cracked up laughing and I said, um, no she is in the office. He said please don't tell her I said that. I told him that his secret is safe with me.


On being married

May I have a few minutes of your time to keep it real? Since I do not know everybody's situation, I will just speak of myself. Yes, I am a married woman, but being married gets overwhelming at times. Being happily married does not mean that everything is peaches and cream. There are times that I do wish that my hubby would take a trip with the fellows for like a day or so and just get out of my hair. I don't mind spending time with him, but geez louize, ALLLLLL my spare time does not have to be in his presence. I also want to be able to get up and put some clothes on and leave the house without somebody asking me where am I going, when will you be back, who is going with you, what? you going alone.....UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

My disclaimer is that hubby is a loving person, but he does get on my nerves at time. The other day I wish I could have taken all of his clothes and just packed them up and put him out. I think he was on his menstrual cycle and he was all out of pads and tampons. Get yourself a cup of coffee and engage with me in this story. He had gotten this new cell phone. He asked if I would help him with it. I told him when I got time, I would. But nobody told me that he wanted me to do it on his time, not mine. Stop the presses! You mean to tell me I am supposed to stop doing what I was doing to work on his problem!! Ha! NOT!

So he gets his draws up his butt and cops an attitude because I was not moving when he said move.  I don't know why I had to remind him that my father lives in another state and that hubby was not my father. I told him that it is not always about him and that just because I am his wife, don't mean that I am not my own person. I probably could have left all that out, but since he felt the need to talk junk, well I felt the need to talk junk too. Somewhere in this conversation after all his drama, I said, "whatever, I don't even care." Did I really mean I did not care? No, I meant that at the moment what he was saying, I did not care to hear what he was saying and he took it to a whole 'nother level. I was glad that I had class that day, which meant I would not be home all day to hear him talk about nothing. And I was thinking, all this over a freaking cell phone.

Later on, I did tell hubby that he needs some patience. I told him I can't believe he blew up just because I didn't do the cell phone when he wanted me to. I mentioned to him that I asked him to clean out the holder on the wall with old bills months ago and he still hasn't done it. I asked him if he saw me pitching a hissie fit about that. He said no. I mentioned to him that I asked him to move some old boxes out of the office and it still wasn't done. I also mentioned about the garage with stacks of cluttered junk everywhere and it still hasn't been done, and I didn't have a caniption. I think he gets the point. I told him it's called a marriage, not a democracy. And marriage is a progress.


On Healing

When I took our 16 year old son to get his teeth cleaned this past summer, the dentists told us that he had some wisdom teeth that were impacted and that they needed to come out. They informed us that I should go ahead and get it taken care of while his insurance would still pay for it. They referred us to an oral surgeon who was about 51 miles from my house. We drove to the place for an evaluation for my son's teeth. When we got there, they showed my son a video of why his teeth needed to be removed, how they were going to get the teeth out and the anestesia that would be used. If anyone knows my son, he is a very inquisitive creature. He will ask questions until he is content knowing every detail from beginning to end. When the video was done, the people at the dentist office asked if there were any questions. I sat and said to myself, "wait for it.....wait for it...." but my son didn't have one single question. He said the video answered all his questions.

Well we scheduled the surgery and the dentist told our son that he will see him back in October. Time passed and October came. I asked our son if he was nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out. He said he was not nervous, but he just didn't know why he needed to be put to sleep. I told him he had his chance back in the summer to ask any and all questions he wanted to. He said that he thought the dentist would change his mind. Our son asked me what he they put him to sleep and he didn't wake up. I did not sugar coat it. I simply said that if he did not wake up, then it was God's will for him to leave this earth and that I will see him in Heaven when I got there. He said, "Good answer, Mom."

On our drive to the oral surgeon 51 miles away, our son talked basically non stop. He could not eat or drink anything several hours prior, so he said he was talking so he could not think about food. He did not bother me with the talking. He brought along some paper to draw along the way. He said that when he get to the dentist and they try to put him to sleep, that he was gonna fight it and not go to sleep. I said, "sure, whatever you say." When we finally arrived in the dentist office, that is when my son said that he was actually scared and nervous. I told him that God has got him and that there was nothing to worry about. I was actually feeling the same way for him, but I never showed it and he never knew it. But something hit me and said, "Why worry if you gonna pray." That is so true. Why ask God for deliverance and then worry if he is gonna do it or not. I calmed my nerves and shook it off.

About an hour later, they were calling me in to tell me that our son was done and ready to go. He looked as if he had the best sleep ever, with gauze packed in his mouth. They wheeled him out to the car in a wheelchair and when he got in the car, he asked for his notepad that he had brought with him. He wrote: I don't remember anything except them asking me about school and that was it. He also wrote that he felt woozy and sleepy. I told him to go to sleep and just enjoy the ride back home.

Fastforwarding to the day after surgery, our son woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I asked if he was hungry and he said yes. I fixed him eggs and grits. He said he felt much better than the day before. Oh and another thing, he is not a pill taking person, but I did persuade him to take the pain medicine before the feeling came back in his mouth. He was obedient and took the pills the night before. So when I fixed him breakfast, he said his mouth was sore but not as bad. He was even up talking. I let him stay home from church on Sunday, and after seeing him just two days after getting wisdom teeth pulled, you would not think this was the same person. He was just himself all over again, talking and bouncing off the wall, and pulling his sister's hair and everything that he normally does. I said, "Thank God for healing, cause come Monday, your tail will be back in school".


Sunday, October 7, 2012

In and out

One of my friends kept telling me that I should try a smoothie from Smoothie King. She exclaimed that they were really delicious and she described it like it was the best thing on earth. So I decided to hop on over there and get myself a smoothie. I had been drinking one from maybe Burger King or even McDonald's, which didn't cost no more than 2 dollars and some change. So when I walked into Smoothie King, I didn't expect to be paying no 5 dollars for a smoothie. Shoot, that could've been two smoothies at my other places.

Well, I thought I would splurge this one time and get the smoothie. Boy oh boy, was it delicious or what! It took forever to suck that thing down and it was a small too. Every drop made me forget about how much it cost, and not only that, it was fulfilling. I was so full after sucking that thing down. That was the end of the day on Friday.

On Saturday, when I expected to sleep in until at least 11, and I didn't have to get up and take nobody here and there, and when I didn't have to be anywhere myself, something rumbled and double-dutched and hopscotched and hoopla-hooped at 6:35 in the doggone morning. It was my stomach. It decided to do a dance like non other. It was doing the wobble, the jig, and the twist and shout. I hurriedly got up and had to go to the toilet. Even the fireman could not put this fire out. That smoothie slid on out as easily as it slid down my throat. Lawwwwwd, it hurt all day. I was cold, then I was hot. I was back and forth in the bathroom. I couldn't eat all day. I did drink water just so I would not get dehydrated. But all in all, that smoothie tore my stomach the slap up.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was still in pain,  but not as much as I was in earlier. When my alarm clock went off for me to get up for church, I just couldn't do it, and if it had've been a work day, I would have had to call in sick. I lay in bed and hoped that just a little rest would help me feel better. Hubby mentioned that we had pepto chewables, and I got up to get one and in like 15 minutes, I was beginning to feel better. Thank God for healing power.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Brake check

On my way home one evening, I heard my brakes squealing like a pig. I will admit that I don't know much about cars except to put gas in it and go, but I do know that the squealing should not be there. So when I got home, I told hubby that the brakes were making that noise and if they needed some WD-40 on them. Hubby said to me that you don't put oil on brakes. I didn't know that. Anyhoo, I asked him to take the truck up to the mechanic place where we always go and get a brake check. I even told him that they do free brake checks. One point for me for knowing that.

Well instead of hubby taking the car up there for a FREE check, did I say FREE? Ok, just making sure. He decides to go and drive the truck around the block, as if I am some dumb blonde that doesn't know what I'm talking about. Ok maybe not on some things, but I knew this pig wanted to get out of the pen. No offense to any blonds reading this though. When he gets back to the house, he says, "Well I don't hear anything." I give him that LOOK. You know the look I'm talking about. That look that says if you don't go and take this truck to the place, then I guess I will just have to go and do it myself look. However, I could have taken it myself but the mechanic peeps are always talking man talk that just goes right over my head. They want to talk about a distributor cup, and a whatchamacallit, and a thing-a-ma-jig, and a know, the terminology that I haven't put in my vocabulary just yet.

Anyhoo, after hubby says he doesn't hear anything and then says that if I hear the sound again to let him know. Um that would be a negative. There will not be a next time or next time might be too late. I'm telling you now, so why wait until a next time. So I said, "Fine! I'll take it myself." It's just something about a man's duty that upsets a man when the woman says she will do it, as if he is incapable of doing it himself or somehow the woman might do it better. I really did not want to do it myself, but he didn't need to know all of that. Hubby says no, no, no, I'll do it. Thank you. Needless to say, hubby is taking the truck to get my brakes checked tomorrow. Yeah me!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh baby!

I was looking through some pictures on Facebook and noticed a picture of a baby that I was not familiar with. Several people had liked the picture but no comment was under it as to whose baby this was. So I posted a comment and said, "This is a beautiful baby, whose baby is this?" My then 19 year old cousin replied and said that it was her baby. My cousin jokes alot and so when I read that response, I said, "yeah right, now really who does this baby belong to?" She replied again and said, "Seriously, this is my baby." I was like what the black eyed peas and cornbread!! When were you pregnant and why were you trying to hide it. I still thought she was pulling my good leg so I asked her sister and sure enough, it was the 19 year old's baby.

So my sister was showing pics to my dad and asked him if he knew our cousin was pregnant and my dad did not, and this is his brother's child. Nobody on this side of the Mississippi River knew this girl was preggors. So here is my point in all this: We have our family reunion every other year, so 2013 will be our reunion year. My sisters and I are on the committee and we are already getting things together as to who will be on program, this and that. We always have the same people on program and I told one of my sisters that we should recruit new faces to do something, so I called the 19 year old and asked her if we could put her on program and her response was, "Girl you know I'm shy."

My mind said what my mouth wanted to say which is this: You done opened up your legs and let some boy do the nasty and done popped out a baby and you talking about you shy??? I said that is what my mind said. What I really said was, "Yeah right, you pretend you are shy, but you really are not." Nothing else was said regarding that. Looks like we will be finding someone else to be on program.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Wrong verses right

My classes meet Tuesday and Thursday of each week. When I went to my first class on Tuesday, there were a few people who were not there that I was used to seeing. Then right in the middle of the instructor's lecture, about two people got up and left and didn't come back. I was like, don't these folks know they need to hear this stuff for the exam. Oh well, that's them. So at the end of class, my instructor said that since a few people could not stay for the entire lecture that they gonna miss out on an announcement. He said that class for Thursday would be cancelled because he had a prior engagement to attend. He said for us to write a 350 word essay in the place of class and turn it in online. He could have stopped right there but he didn't. He said that for all those people who missed class today and for those who left early, that he was not emailing them that class would be cancelled and he is not emailing them the assignment either.

So you can imagine what happened next. One student emails me and said that she was not there on
Tuesday and when she showed up on Thursday, there were about 5 or 6 people in the room. My guess is that those were the ones who did not come to class on Tuesday and those who left early. She said that she was emailing me because I was the only one she knew in class. I can tell in her email that she was furious at the instructor for not emailing the class. She went on to say that she paid her money for the class and should be informed about if class will not be held on that day or if any assignments are given out and that the instructor was wrong for that.

Now I will agree that he was wrong for trying to punish the students who could not make it that night or if they left early. I do not think he was wrong for assigning an assignment for us to make up for class being cancelled. What are your thoughts on this?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Stop wearing lil kids clothing

I know I get tired of seeing guys sagging and showing their draws. I used to think that was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. That is, until I saw something that made me want to go bathe. The sagging is now the 2nd most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The first one now is.....wait, here goes. I was in one of my classes and we were on break. This guy in my class was in the hallway on break and Oh to the double M gosh, he had on this wayyyy too little shirt that looked like he had stolen it from the cat in the hat. This was no longer a shirt, it was a dust rag to be.

This shirt was so small on this dude that Papa Smurf probably wouldn't have been able to get in it. Oh but wait, not just any small shirt. Oh no, too easy. The result of wearing this shirt was that all his belly fajiggle jaggle was wobbling out from under this shirt. Not only that, hair particles were an inch long on this floppy joppy. Ewww, Ewwww, Ewwww!!! Yes, stomach hair...everywhere! Then the ultimate happened. He scratched his stomach. Excuse me while I get this throw up out of my throat. I couldn't even concentrate the right way when break time was over. I kept having that picture in my head and then I thought I got hives because I could not stop itching. It gave me the heebie jeebies.


Leave me the slap alone

I'm sure I am the only one with an annoying relative. If you have someone in your family who just annoys the pure-dee living crap out of you, just raise your hand. Well, I have this relative that I just want to slap backwards, then pick them up and slap them forward. When we were younger, we would call each other often just to talk about stuff, nothing important, just stuff. When we grew older, the conversations started to fade more and more away. As we found ourselves moving away, we probably didn't hear from one another until holidays. I was ok with that up until this relative moved back to our hometown in Mississippi.

It is my cousin, and he and I have just always been close throughout life. Well when he moved back to MS and I went home to visit, he was at our home church. He came up to me and asked why I haven't called him since he been back home. The old okie doke of me saying well I just didn't have your number would not fly, so I didn't use that. I just said, "I just didn't want to call." He was astonished and said, "You didn't want to call ME?"  I told him that I just got plenty of things going on in my life and he was not my first priority to call. Wha Wha Wha....He pouted like a lil baby and reminded me of how much we used to talk. I told him I really don't have anything else to talk about. He asked how long I would be in town and I said for one day and I was going back to FL. He wanted to know if we could hang out. I said no. He asked what had he done to me. I just told him that he was annoying me now and that if I wanted to talk, I know his number.

Well I didn't call for months and he finally called me and asked what was going on in my life where we no longer talk the way we used to. I kept it as simple as I could and said that we have just outgrown each other. I know it may sound harsh, but every conversation with my cousin has to reflect on the past and what we used to say or what we used to talk about. There is no present or future conversation. When I speak of hubby or the kids or work and school, he always jumps in with a....but you remember....We will forever be cousins, but I just don't have anything I really want to talk to him about anymore. He and I are not on the same level anymore and I know family is important, but he is driving me insane. I'm not going to change my number because of one annoying family member, I just don't answer when he calls.  Just go away, already!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You talk too much

I remember back in the day when RUN DMC sang their song that you talk too much and you never shut up. I still love it to this day. Well, I was in one of my classes and the instructor had said that he was only going to check roll once.  This class meets twice a week, and on one of the meeting days, this girl sat next to me and introduced herself as Kate. I told Kate who I was and we exchanged a few things about our work and class schedules just to get acquainted.  So Kate mentioned to me that she can't make it to both class meetings a week and that she would be able to make it to one. I told Kate that on the days that she can't make it, then I will send her the notes from that class. One thing I know is that instructors look out for each other, so students should look out for each other too, right?

Well after class was over, Kate went up to the instructor and told him what she told me and that she will not be in both classes and that she will only make it to one. Now why in the blue skies and white clouds did she do that!! Since the instructor don't know us from Adam and Eve, Kate actually put herself in more hot water than she could bathe in. As I was getting my books together so that Kate and I could walk out together, she said that she think she made it worse for herself. She said that the instructor told her that since it is a twice a week meeting class, that she will have to write an essay on each chapter that we cover in class. Holy smokes Batman!

I got to counting on my fingers, carrying the one, divided it by pi, took the square root, found the common demoninator and realized that Kate would have to write at least a minimum of 3 pages per chapter a week and we will cover 16 chapters during this semester, and still have to do our research paper. Kate, Kate, Kate....girl I know I just met you, but you shoulda kept your mouth shut. Shaking my head!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Encourage yourself

There are days when I want to just take my books and throw them as far as I can throw them. There are days when I want to set them on fire and then take the ashes and divide them among several rivers, lakes and streams. There are even days when I really wish my instructor has an emergency and has to go out of town for about a day or two so that classes will be cancelled.

I feel like I am never sitting still long enough to relax, relate, release. This semester is extremely crazy with schooling and while I cotinue to strive to go for a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, I find it to be extremely overwhelming at times. I want to give up. But I can't give up. I am a full time parent, full time wife, work a full time job and go to school part time at night. How do I do it? Well it is not by my own will, but God's.

When I first started out on this journey, I asked God for guidance, grace, mercy and of course favor to help me get through. And being a senior, guess what? I am still asking for guidance, grace, mercy and of course favor. I do not believe that I was put on this mission just to be put on it. I believe there is purpose in the middle of this. It's not just going to help me, but to help encourage someone else as well.

Even those days when I feel like I just don't get it, I keep encouraging myself because if God brought me to it, I am sure he will bring me through it. I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me. Even when I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know I am closer with going forward than turning around. I appreciate those who keep encouraging me on my way, but I am also thankful that I can encourage myself.


No, I do not mind.

How considerate of my boss to ask me this but she brought me some work and asked me if I mind doing it. Now let's pause for a minute, maybe two. How in the ham and cheese am I going to tell my boss that I mind doing work...simply the answer is: No, I don't mind doing it. But just for curiosity sake, let's just say I had the option of saying I didn't want to do it, here are my choices I could tell her:

1. Sorry hun, I'm busy.
2. Umm, and the reason you are not doing it is because what?
3. I have a headache
4.Can't you see that I am playing a game?
5. Really, as if you didn't see me on Facebook!
6. Give me a sec, let me finish this email.
7. I am on the phone!
8. Get back with me after lunch.
9. You want me to do it right now?
10. Can't you get someone else to do it?
11. Why me?
12. It's not that serious.
13. Let's get this straight...You want me to stop doing what I am doing and work on your problem?
14. It's too close to quitting time.

Can you hear it in the background....FIRED or PROBATION!

Get your filthy draws off my silky paws

I just couldn't resist. That was a line from Grease, if you've ever seen the movie. That line came to me when hubby asked me what I would call a stupid question. He asked me if I had picked up his pajama bottoms from the floor and put them on the bed. Huh? See, he has this strategy that after he has worn his pajama bottoms for about two days, he will throw them on the floor because they are dirty, but if they are clean, he will put them back on the bed. I told him I never knew he did this. When I've taken my bath and I see dirty towels or anything on the floor, I just pick it up and take it to the dirty clothes bin.

So when hubby asked me if I had picked them up, I told him no I did not, but why? He wanted to know if I had picked them up and put them back on the bed because they smelled funny. Why did I give him that look! But I did. I simply said to him that his strategy is not working and if the pajamas were dirty, well then why couldn't he just walk to the utility room and put them in the dirty clothes bin where all the dirty clothes go. He paused and said, "Why didn't I think of that." I looked at him again and just shook my head. REALLY?!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That is not what you said

I told our 16 year old to get in the kitchen and wash the dishes. Back when I was living home, when mama said to wash the dishes, it was understood to clean up everything in the kitchen. Clean off the table, the counters, the stove, sweep the floor....everything.

So when I went in the kitchen and saw where our son did indeed wash the dishes, there was stuff all over the table. I called him right back in there and asked him what was going on with this table. He said, "That is not what you said. You said to wash the dishes." Ok I see he is trying to be smart. Uh-huh!

Well when Sunday rolled around and Labor Day would be that Monday, the very same 16 year old asked if he could go over one of his friends house. I said, "Well of course you can, but only for ten minutes." He said, "Moooooooommmmmm, I can't play basketball in ten minutes and laugh and joke." I said to him, "But that is not what you said, you said you wanted to go over there." He said that I knew what he meant. I reminded him about the kitchen. He said I got him, but in the end, the final answer became no because he said that he rather stay at home if he only had ten minutes. I said fine by me, then get in there and get to cleaning.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Telephone wars

Our home phone has been acting kind of weird lately. I didn't know it was out because I hardly ever get phone calls. The very few people that I do know either contact me through email or by work phone. I hardly ever use my cell phone. As a matter of fact, it is normally down in the bottom of my purse and every fifteenth day, I may check it to see that I have a text message or 15 missed calls....all from telemarketers of course.

Anyhoo, back to the home phone. We were able to call out, but no one was able to call in. We didn't realize this until a few days ago. One evening, hubby and I were at the grocery store and I called the house to ask one of the kids what kind of cereal they had wanted. The phone rung and rung and rung. I told hubby that they must have headphones in their ear so I'm going to just get whatever kind I think they will eat. Then I had a thought to dig in my purse and find my cell phone, text them and tell them to call me back. Sure enough when I got the text message, child number two said that the phone had not rung at all. Hmmmm, interesting.

So later on, hubby called the phone company and said that we can call out but nobody can call us. When they do call, all they get is a constant ringing. They said they would fix it. I then texted my sister in another state and told her to try calling the house, sure enough when she called, we heard the ring and answered it. Ok, let me try someone else. I had someone else to call and the phone rang. I was happy for the simple two facts: Hubby loves the phone and hubby loves himself some tv. So as long as those two things are working, then we may have some type of contentment AND peace in the house....sometimes.


Oh no you didn't

I was at church the other day minding my own business when this woman came up to me and said, "Oh no you don't have on a watch to match your outfit." Instantly, my mind wanted to scream HATER!!! But instead I said, "Oh yes I do." She said that she had been noticing me and see that I have on a different watch with my outfits. Wow! I am being watched? In church? Really? Where they do that at? I said yes I do have a watch to match every outfit, is that a problem? She said no and just wanted me to know that she be checking me out.

Did I mention that I was in church? Her mind is all up on what QueenBee is doing and wearing. Not Jesus, but me. Geez lady, back off with your creepy self. I saw this same lady at another service and she said to me, "I see that you have ear-rings to go with your outfits as well as a matching watch."  She then mentioned that she was at some store and saw some colorful watches and started to get them for me. LYING!! Hoping that my next comment would shut her up, I said, "Well next time you see them, then buy them for me." She said, "I heard that.....Oh noooooo you didn't." I paused and said, "But, yes, oh yes, I did." She went on her merry little way after that.


I'm just saying...

I didn't know that there was someone I work with who lives about 2 blocks from me. I didn't know that until about four weeks ago. Her car had broke down and she called me and said that she had seen me going in the same direction and wanted to know how far I had lived from her because she needed a ride to work. When I told her where I lived, she said she didn't know I lived that close to her. Neither did I. She needed a ride to and from work and it had not been a problem since we both were going to the same place.

Each morning I never had to blow when I pulled up at her driveway, she was already waiting outside, and each day turned into four weeks. I can relate to not having a car when my car was down. So each morning, I pulled up and she got in, and we drove off.....until this morning. I pulled up and she was not sitting outside. But her blinds were open and I could see her walking around. I asked myself if she saw me or should I blow. Right before I could push the horn fast enough, here she comes outside....with her sleeping clothes on. At first I thought she was running late and was gonna bring her clothes and just change at work. Really, I did think that.

She said that today she is not going to work because she was babysitting her 4-year old granddaughter who came over last night. Now here are my questions: Why didn't you call me last night and say that I didn't need to come over this morning OR why didn't you call me this morning before I left the house? All I'm saying here is just be considerate when someone else is doing you a favor. I could have saved my pennies of gas from going those two blocks and just headed straight for work. I'm just saying.


Monday, August 6, 2012


Sometimes men can be such anal creatures. Instead of always having a headache, I have a butt ache from annoying stuff from hubby. Why is it that everytime I think I am getting ahead, there comes someone by the name of hubby to knock me down. No, not in a really bad way, but his opinions are so far from mine that no wonder men are from another planet.

Scenario number 1: Our daughter, who is now 19 and attends the local college has morning classes. Well when I get up at 5:30, she has to get up at 5:30 because we ride out together. Hubby tells me one night around 11:00 p.m, when I should have been sleep, to go and tell our daughter to go and wash dishes. Now, I normally would not have a problem telling her that, but I looked at the clock and said, "It's freaking 11:00 at night and you know she has to get up and go to class." Why in the hill of a bean would he request that dishes be washed then, when he had all that day to say he wanted the dishes washed. I told him to go to bed and if the dishes had been in the sink that long, then one more day couldn't hurt.

Scenario number 2: We are trying to let our daughter make decisions and be responsible. So whenever we go somewhere, I always ask her if she has money and if she say no, well guess what, we are not going to get it for her. I should make a correction and say when I (not we) ask her that, cause hubby always feel that he has to pay for everything for her. So we are planning a trip for some time next year and hubby has it in his mind that he and I will need X amount of money to cover the trip and then he says, "cause the kids might want this or that...." Ummm, who is he in reference to? My job is to take care of the 16 year old, and yes the 19 year old still lives at home, if she don't have any money, she needs to stay her tail at home. If he continues to do that, I told him that she will never leave him. He says that is still his baby. So what? Your baby needs some green.

Scenario number 3: Hubby wanted our 16 year old to wash the car. Not a problem. But why would he have him to wash the car when he is about to take it in the country with red dirt? Really? This is already self-explanatory. Shaking my head.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

When summer was but a memory

When I was much younger, still living at home, my mother had a routine on most Saturday mornings. She would get the four of us girls up because she said we could not stay in the bed, we had work to do. We had a washer and a dryer and....the infamous clothesline. My mother felt that she was not going to run her dryer in the summer and that after she washed them clothes, the four of us would go and hang them on the line to dry. I hated those days because you couldn't just hang them clothes any kind of way, they had to be hung right or she'd make us re-hang them.

Then my mother had to mop her kitchen. Whenever we saw her filling that bucket up with soap water, we knew what the deal was. We couldn't be inside when she mopped because she said that she did not want us to track water all over the house, so we had to go and sit under the shade tree when she mopped. She always kept a jug of water in the freezer, not to freeze it, but just enough where it would be icy. She sent the four of us outside and told us that when we all drank that jug of water up, then there would be the hydrant we could drink from. She would say that we just had breakfast so we shouldn't be hungry for quite some time. Her main two rules were: Don't run under them clothes on the clothesline and don't go in the front yard.

We couldn't go in the front yard because mainly, that is where all the boys were, the ones who lived across the street from us, down the street and next door. We could see them all in the front yard and they could definitely see us. My mom only had to tell us one time: "If I see that you went in that front yard, I'm gonna whup your tail." My mother didn't just whup us, we had to go and fetch our own switch, so it was just better to stay in the backyard like we were told. Being in the backyard, we played school, as if we didn't get enough of it when we were in school. Now that summer was here, who wanted to think of school? We did! Everybody had their different name in school and each girl took turns being the teacher. When we got tired of playing school, we played cheerleaders and the four of us girls would make up cheers and have fun doing it.

We didn't need cups, we just drank from the same jug as if we were country westerners. We didn't care nothing about no germs. Sometime later, dad would come home cause he worked on some Saturdays and even though we were all girls, he played softball with us and it was so much fun making the willow tree first base. We played games like Red Rover, Red Rover, send Barbara right over; this the way you billy billy all night long; little sally walker sitting in a saucer; mother may I. We found things to do to entertain ourselves. We had been outside playing and enjoyed it. We didn't realize how much the time had passed when our mother would call, "Girls, it's time to come in and have some lunch."

We didn't have a computer or any other electronic device. We could not sit around and watch television all day. Even in the summer, our parents made us go to bed at a certain time. We may not have gone to sleep but we had to go to bed. We were made to get up and go to church every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night for Bible study. We did not have a choice if we wanted to sing or not. My parents thing was if it's a children's choir, then children should be singing in it. We played hopscotch and jumped rope. Children of today know nothing about any of these things. These are the things that linger with memories.

As we got older, this is something we could laugh and talk about when we all went home. My parents no longer have a clothesline, but when we asked our mother why did we have to get up and hang out them clothes when we had a dryer. She said because she wanted us to learn how to do something without something being done for us. She wanted us, as ladies, to know how to do things without relying on somebody to do it for us. We understood her concept as to what she was getting at, which is it is ok to have someone to rely on, but be self-sufficient too.


Ride or Die

Back in the day when all four of us girls were at home, my oldest sister and I enjoyed going to the library and check out as many books as we were allowed to check out. It was fun and we enjoyed it. Especially in the summer when we wanted to go to the library more than usual, we did not bother our parents to take us, instead, we walked. We had it figured out. We knew what time the library opened and we knew what time we needed to be out the door before the sun beamed heavily on us. The library wasn't just around the corner either, it was a nice little hike. The two of us sometimes stayed in the library for hours. When it was time to go, we got our stack of books and hiked back to the house. We could have asked our parents to take us to the library, but we were trying to be considerate because they had been to work all week and we knew they were tired.

The same principle applied when we wanted to go to the store TG&Y. We took that hike across the railroad track, over the river and through the woods, ok maybe not over the river nor the woods. We got what we wanted to buy with our little change and footed our way back to the house. We were content. We didn't mind walking. Shoot, I even walked to my boyfriend's house when we were dating. But not these children of today. They want you to take them everywhere. Mom, can you take me here? Mom, can you take me there? Oh mom, yeah whenever you rest from just now coming in from work, can you take me over so and so house? Everytime my kids ask me to drive them somewhere, I think about how me and my sisters just walked wherever we wanted to go.

I hear them say that if they have to walk, they would rather not go. Fine by me, stay your tail home then. Or I hear this, If I have to walk in that sun, I'm gonna just die. When I tell the kids how me and one of my sisters walked here and there, their reply, "Mom, this ain't the 1600's." I really should make them walk because of that comment.


Unworthy News

I see lots of things on television and the internet about who has admitted to being gay or lesbian. Frankly, I do not care who has "come out of the closet" because I do not have a Heaven or a Hell to put anybody. Why should that even be news worthy? Their lifestyle is their lifestyle. I was trying to read one article regarding some athlete saying she likes women and that she is encouraging all athleted to admit to their different lifestyles of sexuality. I thought it was going to be something that I wanted to read, but later on down in the article, it started talking about her sexual preference. So? And?

I just don't see the point of someone having to announce they are gay to the world. Do you see me announcing that I, a woman, likes men? Why don't heterosexual announce they like someone of the opposite sex. Really! What does "coming out of the closet" really mean anyway? To me it means that you were hanging up some clothes in your walk-in closet and the door got stuck and now that it has been sprayed with some WD-40, you are now coming out of the closet....or it could mean this: a hurricane was coming and you went inside your closet for shelter and now that the storm is over, you are now coming out of the closet. Who in world termed closet with gayness? Yeah, I know what it means that they were in hiding or trying to The scriptures say that I am suppose to love everybody, regardless if you are gay, straight, crooked, bent over, black or white. It doesn't matter what you are or what you think you are, the love has not changed, but keep it to yourself, because what you think is news, really is not news at all.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Relaxation Mode

I haven't taken off work in quite some time, which means I have tons of leave I needed to use. The last time I didn't use my leave, Human Resources took some of it and put it in a special sick leave pool. This pool is for those who may need to use some time but have used all of theirs up. I don't mean to sound selfish, but my leave is my leave.(with pay) I can't be responsible for people who use up all of their leave and if I want to donate some of my leave, then that should be my perogative and done at my discretion, not forcibly.

It doesn't matter how much leave we accumulate throughout the year, but by that 2nd week in December, it needs to be at or under 330 hours. So last year, I had 350 hours and therefore lost 20 hours of my leave. I told my boss then that I won't allow that to happen again and that I will try to at least take one day off a month. She said that was a good idea and that she wanted me to use my leave and not for it to go to the sick leave pool. Things had been really busy around work and I had already gained more leave than what I thought I had. I told hubby about it and he said for me to just choose when I wanted to take off and just do it.

So I finally put it on the calendar where I would be off for five days straight to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. That's right. I will be in relaxation mode. I even did my homework for a whole week in advance. My daughter said I was nuts for doing it all, but I didn't want to do anything while I was off work for a whole week. My daughter has planned out movies for me to sit and watch all week. I will be in Lifetime Movie Network heaven. Before my last day prior to my leave, my boss said to me that she will be lost for that whole week while I am gone and will not know what to do while I am gone. I told her that she will be fine and that I had majority of everything taken care of before I left. This break will be a much needed one, because it is my leave and this is how I choose to enjoy it.


Being grown vs. being an adult

I had a conversation with my niece who is 18 and she talked about how she was grown and she could basically do whatever she wants.  I overheard a conversation where there were several youth standing outside the church and when an adult came and asked them to come in, one of them, also 18, said that she was grown and could come in when she wanted to. Stuff like that irks me. There is a difference in being grown vs. being an adult. There are four year olds who are grown with their smart mouths because parents allow them to talk any kind of way and think it is cute. Well, it is not.

My perception is this: If you have to tell people you are grown, it is most likely you are not. My opinion is that if you are grown, that means that you have learned some type of lesson and matured from a result of it. You have grown from the childish you into a more responsible you. Being 18 does not, and I repeat, does not make you grown. Their frontal lobes aren't even fully developed yet and won't be until they are like 25, so their thinking ability is still in a childlike stage. They want to be an adult but do not want the responsiblity in being an adult. Why in the ham and cheese do young people think that when they turn 18, they can go around and do whatever they want to do! Shoot, I can't even do what I want to do. I can't stay out and hang with my friends all day and night and never come home. Really?

Being an adult deals with responsiblity and pays their own bills, and gets the heck out of your parents house, and oh, did I say pay their own bills. They don't sit around and proclaim how bored they are. They buy groceries and do things for their parents, if they do live at home without being told, like washing dishes and sweeping and mopping. Did I say they pay bills! Just checking. When people say they are grown, I look at them and say, "I don't see it." Why would one even think that just because they say that, that no one can tell them what to do anyway? Duh, even adults have to deal with people telling them what to do, mainly because adults have jobs they have to go to, whether you leave your house and work or work from home. I really wanna slap the life out of someone the next time they tell me they are grown. Would that be childish of me! Just wondering.


Leave your key at the door

Hubby was watching Jerry Springer the other night and I guess he finds all that crap hilarious. I was sitting in the same room as he was while I was trying to do homework. The television does not bother me at all when I am working. One of the ladies on the show made a comment about how she works at the strip club and that she do it for the money but her husband is not allowed in there. I kept on doing my work when my hubby blurts out that there are probably plenty of strip clubs around here and that he has not been in any of them. I told him first and foremost, I am more than enough woman for him if he wanted a stripper, all he had to do was ask. I said that secondly, you might not be able to handle all of this jelly because I am more woman than he will ever need, and thirdly, I said that if he did go out to the strip club, be my guess, just leave your key at the door cause you won't be coming back home.

I wasn't even upset when I said it. I told him there won't even be any hard feelings when he decides to go, and to make sure that whatever woman gives him a lap dance to let her know that she may have him at her house, but he still gonna be paying bills at this one. Hubby said, "Girl you know I was playing right." Yeah, I knew he was, but I wanted him to know the consequences just in case his fantasy turns into reality. You handle your business and I'm gonna handle mine, but just leave your key at the door just so there won't be any misunderstanding and I went right on doing my homework. HeHeHe


Sunday, July 1, 2012

On toilet paper

We ran out of toilet tissue before I got paid. I knew we were almost on the last roll, but I was just hoping that those last two rolls would take us to the following week. Hubby was in the bedroom and sent a message by one of the children to tell me to pick up some tissue when I got off work. I asked him to send me some money and he said he didn't have any. So I was like, "well how in the world do you expect me to pick up some tissue?" I looked inside that tray in the car where all the change is thrown and found a few dollars worth of change. Perfect.

When I got off work the next day, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up two packs of tissue. I was not sure how this tissue was gonna work, compared to the Cottonelle that hubby likes, and besides each time we buy Cottonelle, it cost like 7.00 a pack. I took the Dollar Tree tissue and put it on the roll in our bathroom. It did a good job. Hubby did not even know that there was a different tissue on the roll. It was two ply just like he likes it and it held up, even under pressure. I have it set in my mind now that by the time we spend 7.00 on a pack of tissue that has 9 double rolls in it, we are gonna switch to dollar tree brand at 1.00 a pack with 4 rolls. So if we get seven packs, and I add up the math correctly, carry the one, borrow a number, that will give us 28 rolls of tissue...and if we get technical with it, that will be 14 double rolls. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Monday, June 25, 2012

You have crossed the line

I love my family dearly, I really do, but there are some things that just can't be tolerated. I get a message from my younger sister saying that their lights have been cut off and she wants to know if I can go online and help them pay their bill. The answer is no I can not. It may sound harsh, but I can not be taking care of two households, mine and theirs. My bills are hubby and my responsibilities to pay. Her no good for nothing husband won't go to work. It's not that he can't work, he just won't go. The both of them are able bodied people and she won't go to work either. I'm not hating, but if people got it like that, then good for them, but my sister don't have it like that.

Sure enough people fall on hard times and may need a little help with stuff, but I can't even begin to write about how my sister and her husband are actually con artists. This is not the first time they have let their lights get cut off. They will run right over to my parents house and get the money from them, and then this sorry for nothing man that my sister married won't even pay my parents back. But oh, you will see him drinking himself a beer and my sister will have a cigarette in her hand. I used to feel sorry for them, but I don't anymore because once again, they can take their tails to work.

They are always poor-mouthing about what they don't have, then they look at us and say we can afford this or, excuse me, I work. I wouldn't have no man in my house who can't help me out and can't do nothing. (I know, bad grammar) True enough, you can do bad with a man, but dog-gone it, not where I am always struggling.  I can surely do bad by myself. So when I see this message from my sister asking me to help her pay a light bill, I said to myself that she has crossed the line for sure. Where in the ham and cheese can I afford her light bill and mine too!! This stuff is not even new to me when she does this, because it's like a game to her and her husband. I just can't do it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Service

I had to miss church today mainly because I take an online class and today was my final exam online. I sent hubby and the kids away to church so that I would not have any distractions while taking this online quiz. I had anticipated the quiz to be about 150 questions and with the house empty, I could focus on taking this quiz. I had looked at my notes quickly before I begun because once I got started, I could not stop it since it was a timed test. I was ready to begin and when I opened up the module to take the test, I looked.....and then I pondered....and then I looked again, really 29 questions? Really! After all the hype that my instructor had put into this exam, there were only 29 questions, not 150. I had a limit of 75 minutes to get this exam taken, and the clock had begun. I began the exam, and I was done in 30 minutes. I am just appalled that I missed Sunday service for 30 minutes of test taking. At least I got it done, and got it done on time, and no one was here to bother me. I will be missing a few more Sundays after today because I begin my weekend classes that consist of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...Yeah, Sunday classes....bummer! But hey, a sista has to do what I got to do, right!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Living

On Saturday, I was in MS and attended two funerals in one day. When we all arrived at the church, we were just happy to see other family members and we embraced each other and laughed and shared memories of the deceased. One of the children exclaimed how their father was gone and left this world too soon. Since we don't know when it will be our last day on earth, it is just best to enjoy life while you can. Children will be born and children will move out of the house, people die, and not just old people or people with failing health. People will die in perfect health, young people will die, skinny folks will die, fat people will die, mothers will die after childbirth, and so forth.

So while you are living, go on vacation. Enjoy life! There will always be some type of bill to pay. We will never have enough money. Go shopping, buy yourself a new outfit. Children will always want or need something. We will never be financially fit. Enjoy life! Spend time reading a good book, go the movies and laugh until it hurts. Run under a sprinkler just because. Eat a steak off the grill. Buy yourself a car that you can't afford, ok maybe that was a bit extreme. Close your eyes and whatever state your finger lands on, plan your next vacation there. By all means, live your life. It is already short, so you might as well enjoy it. Tomorrow could be your funeral. In your eulogy, will it read that you lived life, or that you were just alive? Hmmmm!!!

Stop the madness

I don't think I have a stressful job at all. What makes it stressful is trying to conquer work and school and family and a social life and church. I am stretched out thin. Well the job had been put upon me to do the college catalog. When it came to me, I asked them if they had lost their minds. A college catalog, are you freaking kidding me! Well the job was given to me back in October 2011 and they said they wanted it to be done by May 31, 2012. I asked them who all was going to be involved in this project and they told me it was going to be just me. I looked at them cock-eyed and said, "If I got to do this solo, then you can not have a deadline of May 31."  I guess they thought I was kidding. The catalog was a big deal. If I had to just type up everything, then maybe the deadline would have been ok; but since you had to go to all these departments and make sure that was right, and then the people in that department and then all the degrees and all the courses.....geez, enough already.

Well as time moved on, and I started incorporating information, it was coming together very slowly. I told them I needed help on this catalog. They could not see it my way. This is where my not so stressful job started becoming stressful. Every time I would get to a point where the page looked good, other departments would come and say they needed to make a change to this or that. I wanted to take that catalog and burn it. As the deadline day started approaching, again I asked for help and this time they put several people on this project with me. I was the leader and everyone else followed. It was crazy around my office, no, it was crazy at the college because EVERYBODY knew that I had this project. When I would walk down the hall or go into another building, people would call me out and say, "Barbara, how is the catalog going?" I didn't even know some of them people. I felt that I could not concentrate in my school because of this stupid catalog, but I managed to do what I had to do. The deadline came and we were still not done with this catalog.

One of the problems is that they had us doing it in Word, and we just could not get some of the things lined up like we wanted to. EVERYBODY, and I do mean EVERYBODY kept trying to tell the big shots that they needed to do it in Publisher, but they did not want to listen, which in turn made our jobs harder. Well, after months and months of working on the catalog, the big shots then decided they wanted it in Publisher because it was better. I thought I was going to pull my hair out because it was like extra work. Well in between all of that, I had my regular work to do. Finally after 2 weeks of passing the deadline, that darn catalog went to print. I was one happy camper. I am ready to see the finished product once it has been bound together, and then after that, get that thing out of my face.


The roof is on fire

I am in no way, shape, form or fashion trying to make fun of a serious situation, but laughter is really the best medicine, and I could not let this one go. It would be a shame not to write about it. I got home from work and hubby did not cook that day. No big deal. I just went on in the kitchen to rumble up a little of this and a little of that. I can see from my kitchen window that our 16 year old son is playing basketball in the back yard. Our daughter was in her room studying. Hubby was in the living room talking on the phone.

The doorbell just started ringing ding a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling. I thought, "who in their right mind is ringing our dog gone door bell like that." I slowly walked to the door, because seriously, I thought it was somebody that was trying to sell me something and I was just not in the mood. Then I thought, somebody must be leaning against my doorbell cause it was still ring a linging. When I opened the door, our neighbor across the street nearly pushed the door in and said, "Hurry, quickly, I need a fire extinguisher." He jumped in my house so quickly that I declare if he was a killer, he could have shot me down right there. I wish I had a baseball bat to beat him for jumping in my house like that without being invited.

Hubby hurriedly got off the phone and ran into the kitchen to grab the fire extinguisher and I looked across the street and there is smoke coming from the neighbor's house. Hubby yells to me to call the fire department, but then as anything ever goes, nosey folks start coming out in the street to see what's going on. I can see somebody else is on the phone and I know it may sound ugly but I am not trying to be ugly, but I am glad someone else called, because did you know that they charge you for dialing 911?

Hubby, one of the nosey folks too, goes across the street. I did not go in the street. I was hungry, I was about to cook me something to eat. Not that I didn't care, but there was nothing I could do. The neighbor mentioned that it was a grease fire because all you could see was smoke coming from the roof. The fire truck showed up and then more folks gathered in the street. I was still thinking about this rambunctious man bout to knock me the slap over in my own house. I also got to thinking that there was a house on the left and right side of the neighbor across the mean to tell me, we were the only ones with a fire extinguisher! I did look out the window ever so often to see if the fire truck was still there or if the smoke had gone away because I do not want nobody to lose their home in a fire, but that man had better give me some money for another fire extinguisher or buy me a new one. I'm just saying.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Minor differences make a big difference

There are just some things we do not allow our children to do especially while they are still living in our house. I can't determine what they will do once they move out, but as long as they are living here, it's not going to happen. Such things that are not allowed are tattoos, drinking, smoking, our son can't get an ear-ring and there definitely will not be any body piercings such as lip rings, tongue rings, eyebrow rings...stuff like that.

Hubby has a niece who is the same age as our daughter, but younger by only about 6 weeks. I had never met her but she wanted to come and visit us and so I agreed. When she came, I guess you could say that I was sort of judgemental because when I first saw that tattoo around her neck, I couldn't help but to stare it. When I saw the lip ring and then another tattoo on her arm, I thought if I was being too hard on my children, especially our almost 19 year old daughter who wants a tattoo. I immediately answered no I am not being too hard, I am just being a parent. No offense to those reading this who already have a tattoo, but why on earth does someone want to be all tatted up? Can you even get a good, decent job looking like a thug? Inquiring minds want to know.

So after awhile, hubby asked his niece if she wanted to step outside with him. Ok, stop the press. I already know that if you stepping outside at midnight that she must smoke. I know that hubby don't be stepping outside at that time of night, so when he said it, it was like he was condoning smoking. He doesn't think of it that way. I disagreed. I'm trying to figure out in my mind how does an 18 year old get cigarettes in the first place and who is buying them for her. I really want to ask her all these questions and to tell her that she is cutting her life short already. Hubby's excuse is that she has had a hard life. My reply is "and your point would be what?????"

Even though hubby's niece and my daughter will both be 19 soon, they are both on two totally different levels. One is living the life of an adult while the other one does not want to grow up yet. One has had to live on her own while the other one enjoys living at home and is not ready to move out yet. When I asked our daughter if she was going to talk to hubby's niece and get to know her.....our daughter's response was, "we don't have anything in common." Wow is all I am left with saying.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All I want is bacon

Hubby asked me what did I want for Mother's Day. I told him I didn't want him or the children to go out and get gifts just to say Happy Mother's Day because we are mothers everyday. Not only that, I could not think of anything I wanted or needed, so I told him I didn't want anything....except for one thing, and that was for him to get up and cook me some bacon. The point is not whether I needed it or not, the point is that I wanted bacon. End of discussion. I went in the bathroom and fixed my hair to get ready for Sunday service and when I came out, hubby was just sitting there. Actually he was still stretched out across the bed. I asked him if he had gotten up to fix my bacon. He said he had not. I was like, Really! Really!

I went in the kitchen and put a few pieces of bacon in the microwave and continued doing what I was doing. Hubby came in and asked what was I doing. I said that I am fixing myself some bacon and that I was not about to beg him to do it for me. He said he didn't think I was for-real and so he didn't bother getting up. I told him not to worry about it and that the very next time he ask me to do something, that he should think of this moment when he did not get up. We went on to church and one person came up to me and hubby and said, "So, did you do anything special for your wife for Mother's Day." I just looked over and hubby with a smirk and said, "Well, did you?" He bust out laughing and said that I will not be able to let him live this one down. Everything he said or asked for that day, I said, "But if only you had've fixed my bacon...."

Later that evening, I had to take my daughter to a concert on the beach which was part of her class assignment. When I got back home, I smelled bacon. Hubby said to me that he had cooked me some bacon and that he would even make me a BLT. I accepted his offer and that was one good sandwich. He said when I ask for bacon, he will make sure he get up and cook me some bacon. Afterall, that is all I asked for. He was forgiven.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Did you just cuss?

Someone came in my office and I'm guessing it was good news or shocking news, but I responded by saying, "Shut the front doe!!" And it's amazing when a conversation is not even meant for you, but other people tend to jump in it anyway. With that being said, when the person left out of my office, the girl from across the hall hurriedly ran over to my office and asked me, "Did you just cuss?" I was clueless as to what she was talking about, so I asked her. She said that she saw me talking to someone in my office and couldn't help but overhear the conversation and she thought I cussed. Let's pause for a minute. First of all, if she was focusing on what she was doing and stop being nosy what I was doing, then there would not be no misunderstanding.....Second of all, I do not use profanity. I just choose not to. Now back to our regular scheduled program.....So I said to her, "So what if I did cuss?" She said that she had never heard me cuss before and just wanted to know if I did or not. Again I asked her what difference did it make. She said it wouldn't make any difference. I told her I did not cuss and that I said "Shut the front doe!" She wiped her forehead and said that she thought I said, Shut the F------Up!! She then asked me how do I not cuss? I just told her that I do not use it because I am the one who controls my tongue and I have to have will power not to cuss, even when folks get on my nerves or all up in my business. She looked at me and said, "I guess you want me to go back across the hall." I kindly nodded and said, "Yes, I do."


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who in the world is Gd?

I don't have to believe in what you believe in nor do I have to agree with what you agree upon, but I will say, either be for something or against it. I believe in God and I believe in saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter. Now just because a person or people do not believe what I believe, that does not mean that I have to be afraid to say it. Here is my point:

I was on Facebook one day and one of my friends had put something on her status like she is glad of the power of G_d of how he freely on and so forth. My response was, so if God is so freely giving, what is wrong with you not adding that o to his name? I wasn't trying to be ugly, but if you are gonna talk about the name of the Lord, then why can't you just spell it out...GOD? Or, would you not spell it out because other people will be offended by it?

I'm not going to apologize for saying God's name at work just because someone may not believe in Him. I am also not going to apologize for sending out a Christmas card to someone even if I know they do not believe in Christmas. First and foremost, it ain't about me, it ain't about them. But I do want to know who in the world is Gd? Do I address my prayers by saying Dear Gd, I can't add this o in your name because whoever is listening might take offense to me saying God out loud? Even an atheist says they do not believe in God, they never said they don't believe in this Gd fellow.

Now turn to your neighbor and repeat after me: Ain't God good!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I need a tissue

We have a conference room in our office where other people can reserve for a small meeting of about 6 people. So a group of 5 were wanting to use the room and I agreed that they could. Well, one thing I really hate is for people to throw their titles around, as if that is suppossed to do something for me. So while the group was in the conference room, I was sitting at my desk doing what I do when I hear someone yell out, "I need a tissue!" Well, I really do not respond to peoples beck and call like that, so I just ignored the guy who called it out and kept on typing on my computer. The guy then comes out of the room and said, "Barbara, may I have a tissue, please." Oh certainly, not a problem. I want him to know that just because I work behind a desk does not mean that he can't give a lil respect.

I will never forget the time this guy was in the boss' office and he kept proclaiming how he has a doctorate and then yelled from the boss' office for me to come and get his paperwork and make him a copy. My mind said Excuse me, but I just sat there. My boss told him that first, he do not yell from her office demanding me to go anything and then second, to stop throwing his title around.

Well after everyone else came out of the conference room, I was talking to one of the other people and he said that he knew I heard that other guy ask for a tissue. We laughed and he said, "They must not know about you." I told him I guess not. He said if I start running everytime they demand something, then they will never have respect and they will expect it every time. What a touching moment. Now I need a tissue.


Monday, April 16, 2012

It was all a dream

I had the most craziest dream of all time that I would like to share:
Hubby comes home and told me to sit down because he needed to talk. He said that when I check the bank account, I will see that there is only 15 dollars in the account. I didn't say anything and just proceeded to listen. He began to first say how sorry he was and that he hopes that I can forgive him. He went on to say that he spent 250 dollars on a boy and that he was a good kid and hadn't had much in his life, then he said he spent another 250 dollars on a woman to help make her breast bigger. He said he know he shouldn't have done it and wanted to let me know before I looked at the balance. I didn't even ask him any questions. I just told him to get out. Hubby said he didn't have nowhere to go and wanted to know if we could work things out. I just pointed to the door and told him to get out. As he was walking to the door, the alarm went off and I woke up.

I laughed when I woke up because first, if hubby ever did some crap like that, yes he would probably be out of the door and 2nd, we ain't got no 515 dollars in the bank's much lower, much, much lower. I'm curious as to why I didn't say anything in the dream. What kind of nonsense is that? I'm glad it was just a dream though.

I guess it's a date then

Hubby is not the type to normally go to the movies. When I ask him about it, he'll usually brush it off and say for me to either call up one of my friends or take the children. By the time he has said that, I've really lost interest in going. I told him that he was missing the point and that I wanted me and him to go together. Most times, he'll sigh and then say he'll go, but that is not what I really want. I want him to be willing and joyful to go, not like I'm making him go. Other times, he plans stuff for the whole family, not just the two of us.

Well, I guess you can say I almost fell off my rocker when hubby mentioned to me that he wanted to go and see a movie with me. Ok, that is not a good way to describe how I felt. Let me put in another way. It was the feeling when you eat a peppermint patty and get that cool sensation. So, I asked him if he was pulling my leg. He said no. He had it all planned out. (10 points for hubby, because he normally would just say whatever I wanted to do) He wants to go and see the movie, "Think like a man" on this Friday. He said he will meet me at work when I get off at 4:00, then we will go and have dinner and then go to the movies. I felt like a kid at Christmas time opening up a gift that they have wanted like for-e-v-e-r!

I paused, and asked him what was the catch. He said no catch. I paused again and asked him where were the children gonna be, he said at home. Shut the front doe!!! So the children were talking to each other and said they guess they are on their own on Friday to find something to eat since the parents were going out on a date. I said, "We are not going on a date, we are just going to go and get something to eat and then a movie." Our 18 year old daughter said, "Um, mom.....if a guy picked me up and took me to dinner and a movie, oh yes, it's a date." I looked at our 16 year old son and he nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, mom, she's right." Well, I guess it's a date then and I am so tickled and excited at the same time. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, I am not quite sure if I am in menopause or not, so I'll call it mini-pause until I can get more clarification. I know I'm somewhat young to be going into menopause, but shoot, my mother went into it in her 40's, maybe late 40's and I'm in my early 40's. Well, I hadn't had a cycle in 9 months. Oh no, ain't no pregnancy happening around here. Stop thinking that anyway. I'm not saying it can't happen, I'm saying it ain't gonna happen. I went to the doctor to find out what was going on. My OB-GYN said it was common for women in their 40's to go through it. I am not complaining over here at all. She said it was hard to tell if I was going through menopause or not and that it was going to be a waiting game. A what? I don't think I have ever heard that. So you mean to tell me that I will just have to sit around here on a monthly basis to see if something plops out of nowhere. Hmmmmm!!

Well, the doctor said that if it is not here for a year, then we will see what is going on. Ok, I'm really not complaining on my end.  I don't have to see a cycle ever again in my life. The doctor asked me if I have hot flashes. I responded by saying, "Doc, I'm a plus size chic, of course I be hot all the time." She said yeah, you could be going through the change. She even told me that she could pop something and make my cycle come if I wanted her to. I was like, uhhhh no!!! Shoot, she might make me start bleeding and I may never be able to stop....ever. I told her that I was just gonna let nature take its course and go from there. So I am in a mini stage of menopause to me. Even if it should come tomorrow, it sholl was enjoyable while it lasted.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Booger be gone

Disclaimer: If you are easy offended or grossed out, stop reading right now and come back at another time.
Now that I have that out of the way, I must share something with you. I woke up the other morning and it felt like my right nostril was stopped up and that some alien was trampling all over my nose membranes. I sucked in air but could actually feel something in my nose that was blocking my airway. I don't think it was a spaceship though. I went in the bathroom and got some tissue to see if I could just pick it out, nothing came out. I knew something was in my nose but just could not get it to come out. I took a mirror to see if I could see anything and I could not. Ok, whatever it was had to come out. I figured I would just go in the kitchen and put some pepper in my hand so that I could sneeze, and let me just tell you this...when I had my tissue ready, it was the slimiest snotty booger that I had ever seen. It was lodged way back there in a place, like Star Trek,  the final frontier, where no man has ever gone before. When I say I felt relieved, it was like being at the top of Mount Rushmore and all your hiking gear gets you back down to the bottom safely....considering I have never gone hiking.  The good thing is that I could breathe again, the right way.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is going on around here?

It's hard to find a parking spot here at work unless you get here early enough like I do. So when the President's secretary came from down stairs and announced to everyone that we needed to move out of our parking spaces, I did look at her funny. She said that some senators were coming and wanted everybody to move from their parking spaces and go and park wayyyyyyy (and I must put emphasis on wayyyyyyy) across the street and then walk back to our office. First of all, I'm sure they knew days in advance that the senators were coming. Just like they send all these emails that mean nothing, they could have sent out an email asking us not to park in the front parking spaces on this particular day. That would have been easier instead of going to go and move our cars and then find another parking space. If we had known in advance, then when we got to work, we could have just parked somewhere else.

Second, since the senators were coming, then why do they have to be treated any differently than anybody else. The senators knew they were coming and they should have been informed to get to the college a little earlier in order to get a parking space up front. Here is the crazy part: The lady from upstairs came down at 8:30 to say they would be here at 9:00, which means they were already in route when she said it....DUH!!!  We get to work for 7:30, so don't you think that we could have been warned at that time that they need the parking spots. So, if you can visualize with me for a minute, all these people are going out to their cars at the same time trying to move their cars wayyyyyyy across the street. It was not a pretty site.

Inquiring minds want to know what would have happened if nobody got up to go and move their cars!!!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Gas money

Hubby brought me to work today because his car had a flat and he needed my vehicle to go and get another tire. On our way here, we saw a man standing beside his van on the side of the road. His blinkers were flashing and there was a sign on cardboard that said, "Need gas money."  People and their crazy ways make it hard for someone to stop and help you.  With so much happening in today's society, you really can't help people on the side of the road for what somebody else has done. It is not even the principle if you give the money to help, will they actually get gas with it. That's not it. It's more so the principle of them trying to hurt you when you try to help others. I glanced over at hubby and he knew what I was thinking, that we should at least give this guy some money to get some gas. The question is always should I help, but at the same time, I'm too afraid to help. What if, when we pull this car over, that this man may be crazy and will hold us at gunpoint? Or what if this man has a gang of people in his van that when we pull up, they all gonna jump out and beat us silly and leave us for dead.

All of this sounds weird and no, it is not because I watch too much television either. This stuff is real, and it happens everyday. Yes, Jesus said to help those in need, but I also know that he expects to have some kind of sense too. You never know if, when people say they are in need, that they are really in need....especially strangers on the side of the road. I was torn between what I should do. I even asked myself what would I expect people to do if I was in that situation...honestly, I would not expect them to stop because so many people have made it hard for those who really do need the help. So we did not stop. I will even admit that I was too afraid to stop but I did pray that someone who was not afraid, would stop and give the man some gas money. People will often say what they will or will not do in certain situations, but you really can't say until you are actually in that situation.

Lesson learned

Sometimes it is bad when we have to learn a lesson the hard way, especially if someone has told you over and over again not to do something or they should be doing it a different way. Hubby and I had been telling our daughter not to use her laptop on the edge of the couch. She had been placing it up there when she is working and we kept telling her to put it on a table or better yet, put it on the desk in her room to do her work. She wanted to be stubborn about it and disclaim that it would be ok and that nothing would happen to it. But for the 194,345,234,908th time, I still kept telling her not to sit it there and do work.

Well one of my sisters was visiting for Easter and my daughter decides to put her laptop up there and begin her work, and that is when the laptop fell to the floor and cracked the screen. All of her school work was on the laptop and now she had nothing. It pissed me off so bad, because first, I had told her not to do it. Second, hubby had also told her not to do it. Third, as if she can just go out and buy another laptop like that. Fourth, she can't do her schoolwork. Fifth, now she got to get on my laptop and delay me in doing my work. And 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th go with the 1st and 2nd reasons are because I said don't do it. I could have shaken her silly until her eyeballs popped up and then I would have made her pick them up and put them back in. So she is sitting over in the corner with tears coming out of her eyes. I said that there is no need to be crying and that she might as well get some pen and paper and try to remember what she was writing so she can use my laptop to type up her paper. I was furious too.

So I'm trying to tell her that all she could have done was listen when hubby and I tried to tell her. She gonna tell me, "Mom, not now." Oh heck yeah, right now. I'm gonna fuss about it right now while it is fresh on my mind. I'm gonna make her feel bad about it because the next time, I bet she will listen.  I told her that is the problem with teenagers when they get a certain age that they think they know everything and can't nobody tell them nothing or should I say anything. {Correct grammar ain't really my friend when I'm blogging.} Anyway, I asked my sister if she thought I was wrong for fussing at her, she said no because if I don't do it, then when she get out on her own, the world gonna treat her worse than that. I told daughter to get her tail over there on my laptop and type up her paper and that she better leave it on the table cause I work too darn hard for some 18 year old child of mine to be careless with my stuff.

My sister said that I bet she will learn her lesson from putting it on the edge of the couch again. I hope she looks at the edge of the couch and see it as the devil and will now say, Mama was right. She don't even have to tell me I was, I just want her to acknowledge it in her head that we don't just tell them things because we want to hear ourselves talk. It is for their good.  Now she was all upset because she has to go and pay her money to get it fixed. Parents can't fix everything that their children screw up. They need to be responsible for things that happen in life. That's life.