Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Healing

When I took our 16 year old son to get his teeth cleaned this past summer, the dentists told us that he had some wisdom teeth that were impacted and that they needed to come out. They informed us that I should go ahead and get it taken care of while his insurance would still pay for it. They referred us to an oral surgeon who was about 51 miles from my house. We drove to the place for an evaluation for my son's teeth. When we got there, they showed my son a video of why his teeth needed to be removed, how they were going to get the teeth out and the anestesia that would be used. If anyone knows my son, he is a very inquisitive creature. He will ask questions until he is content knowing every detail from beginning to end. When the video was done, the people at the dentist office asked if there were any questions. I sat and said to myself, "wait for it.....wait for it...." but my son didn't have one single question. He said the video answered all his questions.

Well we scheduled the surgery and the dentist told our son that he will see him back in October. Time passed and October came. I asked our son if he was nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out. He said he was not nervous, but he just didn't know why he needed to be put to sleep. I told him he had his chance back in the summer to ask any and all questions he wanted to. He said that he thought the dentist would change his mind. Our son asked me what he they put him to sleep and he didn't wake up. I did not sugar coat it. I simply said that if he did not wake up, then it was God's will for him to leave this earth and that I will see him in Heaven when I got there. He said, "Good answer, Mom."

On our drive to the oral surgeon 51 miles away, our son talked basically non stop. He could not eat or drink anything several hours prior, so he said he was talking so he could not think about food. He did not bother me with the talking. He brought along some paper to draw along the way. He said that when he get to the dentist and they try to put him to sleep, that he was gonna fight it and not go to sleep. I said, "sure, whatever you say." When we finally arrived in the dentist office, that is when my son said that he was actually scared and nervous. I told him that God has got him and that there was nothing to worry about. I was actually feeling the same way for him, but I never showed it and he never knew it. But something hit me and said, "Why worry if you gonna pray." That is so true. Why ask God for deliverance and then worry if he is gonna do it or not. I calmed my nerves and shook it off.

About an hour later, they were calling me in to tell me that our son was done and ready to go. He looked as if he had the best sleep ever, with gauze packed in his mouth. They wheeled him out to the car in a wheelchair and when he got in the car, he asked for his notepad that he had brought with him. He wrote: I don't remember anything except them asking me about school and that was it. He also wrote that he felt woozy and sleepy. I told him to go to sleep and just enjoy the ride back home.

Fastforwarding to the day after surgery, our son woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I asked if he was hungry and he said yes. I fixed him eggs and grits. He said he felt much better than the day before. Oh and another thing, he is not a pill taking person, but I did persuade him to take the pain medicine before the feeling came back in his mouth. He was obedient and took the pills the night before. So when I fixed him breakfast, he said his mouth was sore but not as bad. He was even up talking. I let him stay home from church on Sunday, and after seeing him just two days after getting wisdom teeth pulled, you would not think this was the same person. He was just himself all over again, talking and bouncing off the wall, and pulling his sister's hair and everything that he normally does. I said, "Thank God for healing, cause come Monday, your tail will be back in school".


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  1. Glad everything came out okay - no pun intended. :)