Wednesday, September 24, 2014


My 21 year old daughter comes to work with me so she can use the free workout equipment for students in the gym and so that I can take her to work at her part-time job later. Once she completes her workout, she'll shower and get dressed and wait for me to take her to work.

I was sitting in my office and I see on the caller ID that she is calling me. The first thing she says is heyyyyy mom, you busy? I immediately know that she wants something, but I just can't figure it out yet. She is speaking in her 13 year old voice as if she is going to get scolded about something. I say that I'm not too busy and what does she want. She is beating around the bush at this point and says that she was wanting to know if I could leave work a little earlier than usual to take her to work. Again, I ask her what's up. She still does not come out and say what she wants, but instead she says that something came up and she wants to know if I could do her a favor. I instantly thought her cycle came on and she was unprepared as usual and needed me to stop at the store and get some pads for her.

So without me assuming, I told her why don't she just say what she called me for. She took a deep breath and says in a soft spoken voice, that she forgot her bra at home. I just sat at my desk and shook my head. I asked her if she came to the gym without a bra on and she said no and that bra that she wore to workout was wet and sweaty and that she needed a bra to put on to go to work in. I don't know how many times that I have told her to get her stuff together the night before and stop trying to wait and grab stuff 10 minutes before I walk out the door.

So here we are at our usual time of 11:30 leaving the college in order to make it downtown by 12. We normally are on time, but since I have to stop, this may delay her in getting to work on time. So I stop at Family Dollar since it was on our way and instead of her getting out and just going for a bra, she pauses and says, "Mom, aren't you getting out to come and help me pick out one." I almost said no and shut the door, but I get out the car and help my 21 year old daughter to go and get a bra.

She had to put it on in the car and we even made it to her job just in the nick of time, probably because I was flying around every corner just for her to make it on time.


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