Wednesday, September 24, 2014


My 21 year old daughter comes to work with me so she can use the free workout equipment for students in the gym and so that I can take her to work at her part-time job later. Once she completes her workout, she'll shower and get dressed and wait for me to take her to work.

I was sitting in my office and I see on the caller ID that she is calling me. The first thing she says is heyyyyy mom, you busy? I immediately know that she wants something, but I just can't figure it out yet. She is speaking in her 13 year old voice as if she is going to get scolded about something. I say that I'm not too busy and what does she want. She is beating around the bush at this point and says that she was wanting to know if I could leave work a little earlier than usual to take her to work. Again, I ask her what's up. She still does not come out and say what she wants, but instead she says that something came up and she wants to know if I could do her a favor. I instantly thought her cycle came on and she was unprepared as usual and needed me to stop at the store and get some pads for her.

So without me assuming, I told her why don't she just say what she called me for. She took a deep breath and says in a soft spoken voice, that she forgot her bra at home. I just sat at my desk and shook my head. I asked her if she came to the gym without a bra on and she said no and that bra that she wore to workout was wet and sweaty and that she needed a bra to put on to go to work in. I don't know how many times that I have told her to get her stuff together the night before and stop trying to wait and grab stuff 10 minutes before I walk out the door.

So here we are at our usual time of 11:30 leaving the college in order to make it downtown by 12. We normally are on time, but since I have to stop, this may delay her in getting to work on time. So I stop at Family Dollar since it was on our way and instead of her getting out and just going for a bra, she pauses and says, "Mom, aren't you getting out to come and help me pick out one." I almost said no and shut the door, but I get out the car and help my 21 year old daughter to go and get a bra.

She had to put it on in the car and we even made it to her job just in the nick of time, probably because I was flying around every corner just for her to make it on time.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Hype

I am not a sports person and I don't watch any news, but when you hear the hype about this and this, you tend to want to find out what is the hype about. The media, whether it's social media or the news, or just talk tends to focus on Ray Rice hitting his then fiance and knocking her out. I'm not one to go and find out what the real story is, but I will put my two cents in about the whole thing. Just from watching a small smidgen of the video and hearing that he knocked her the slap out, let's first examine this with a microscope. I can't say that Ray has hit her before, I don't know. I can't say that she (Ray's wife) hit him before, I don't know. But what my eyes saw is that she hit him first and provoked him. I know I can hear the rants in the background saying that no man should put his hands on a woman.....well no woman should put her hands on a man either. I'm not condoning domestic violence, but if you get me to the point of anger where I want to hit you, then somebody needs to step up and step out. I'm not saying Ray was wrong or right, but I'm only speaking from QueenBee's opinion. If somebody, anybody, the gardener, the security guard, the person who takes up tickets at the movies, the maid, the babysitter, the pastor hit me, you best believe that I am hitting him, her, it, them back. It doesn't matter if what I said to them made them want to hit me, then you have a right to get hit back.

Another thing that is such hype is that not only did she get knocked the slap out, she went on and married him, so therefore, that means he did this and I accept it is basically what she said without saying it. I don't see what the big deal is if that was her choice. Not my choice though. But if she chose that life, then that's her. I've seen people who have been through domestic violence and they, whether it be man or woman, have chosen to stay for different reasons that I can't even fathom. Some stay for love, others stay for security. Well why would a woman stay for security if she just got beat up by the man she suppose to love. The answer is simple. They fear of having to go out and take care of themselves because someone has always been there to do it for them. They fear having to go out and get a job and struggle. They stay because they are comfortable, and having to pack up everything you have and look for somewhere else to live is just unheard them.

I would prefer to just suck it up and do things my way if I had a husband or boyfriend who beat me up. All it would take is one time. That's what the real hype should be about. Stand on your own two feet. I know it sounds easier said than done, but I would rather find me somewhere else to go for a peace of mind and not having to sleep with one eye open. So ladies and men, just keep your hands to yourself unless you caressing me to give me a massage and holding me in your arms. If not, you hit me and live to tell about, you best believe I'm coming at you with every force in my body. Have a marvelous ending to your week.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's who you know

My daughter's phone has been acting up by randomly calling people by itself and playing music out the blue. My daughter said that she thinks her phone is possessed. When I got about five calls from her, I thought something was wrong at first. It kept dialing my number and then no one was there. When I went to pick her up, I asked her if she was ok because I had five calls from her. Her reply, "THIS STUPID PHONE" made me know that her phone had a mild case of poltergeist.  She said that her phone just keeps doing that and she doesn't know what to do. I told her to call AT&T to see if there was something they could do.

She calls AT&T but they told her that since it is an Apple phone, that she needed to Apple for support and so she did. She calls Apple to find out if they can troubleshoot her phone for her. Whoever she talked to told her that she needed to pay $19.00 just for them to troubleshoot it. That sounded ridiculous to me. So I told her to give me the number and let me call them. She tells me that there isn't anything I can do because she already tried that. Again, I told her to give me the number. She said, "Mom, what is it that you are going to get done that I can't get done." Again I said give me the number.

She gives me the number and I began to call Apple. In the beginning when you get through, an automated voice comes on saying that if you need help troubleshooting your phone, it will be $19.00 and to stay on the phone if you want to talk to an assistant or an agent to pay your $19.00. So I stayed on the phone until someone came on the line. When the guy gets on the phone and asks for my name, I told him who I was and that I need them (Apple) to troubleshoot my daughter's phone and that paying $19.00 was not going to be an option. The guy on the other end says to me, "Did you say that paying $19.00 was NOT an option?" I said that is correct. I will not be paying $19.00 for tech support to troubleshoot your own product. There was a brief pause in the conversation and the guy says to me that he will give me a one time pass then and not charge the $19.00. He said ma'am, all you are going to do is pay that amount and I tell you how to fix it. I was like, so I'm paying you the money to tell me how to fix it!!! He said yes.

So he goes on and tells me how to troubleshoot it and I'm writing the instructions down as he is telling me. After that, he then tells me how to go online and troubleshoot also. So I go online and print out the instructions as well as give my daughter the written instructions also. When she asked me how did I do that without paying the money, I looked at her and said, "It's who you know."