Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lunch plans for two, but not for three

My daughter usually hangs out with me at work on Wednesdays and Thursdays after she gets out of class so that we can ride home together. Some days we will take our lunch and some days we don't. She mentioned to me on Wednesday that she wanted to do something different and to go to Panera Bread for lunch because she had never been. I told her that it may be a little pricey for her short budget but she said that she was good and wanted to go and so we drove over to Panera Bread and had a mother/daughter lunch. She was so fascinated by everything there and and as we sat and ate, one of the workers kept looking at us every now and then. She asked me if I knew this man and I said no but ever so often, he would find his way over to our table asking if we were ok and all that good stuff. Not a problem!

My daughter and I laughed while we ate and she was just looking around saying that she love the atmosphere of Panera Bread and would like to come again. I said ok. She asked if we could do it again tomorrow and I said yes. So on the next day, we decided to eat again at Panera. When we walked in, her face just lit up and I was happy that she was enjoying herself. Well just as we were getting into our lunch, the same worker from the day before came over to our table and said that he was glad that we came back again and hope that we enjoy our lunch. I tried not to pay him any mind because I am almost certain he saw this wedding ring on my finger. I looked over to my right and there sat two of my co-workers and so I waved at them, trying to ignore this man.

My daughter laughed and said, "Mom, you have a stalker." I laughed, too, on the outside but I was really beginning to wonder if this man was coming on to me. I noticed that he wasn't going to anyone else's table asking if they were ok, just our table. My daughter said that maybe he was just happy to see some black people such as ourselves. I kept telling her that wasn't it. He was just too happy when it was time for him to come on our side of the room to clean a few tables. Finally, he came out and said it....He said, "I just can't help myself. I have to tell you how beautiful you are and you are so gorgeous." Sure, I was flattered and I even said thank you....but then I was thinking, now you've said it, now go away.

Does he not see that I am trying to have lunch with my daughter so I can get back to work! He came back again and said that I didn't have to get up and that he would get my plate for me and wanted to know if he could get me anything else. I said no, and thanked him, but in my mind, I was thinking if he just left me alone, I would be so much better. I told my daughter that just as soon as he leaves and go towards the back, that we were gonna make a bee-line straight to the door and that is just what we did. As soon as this guy turned his back to go and empty his tray or something, we were out of there. I couldn't even find my keys at first but I said that I could try and find them once we were out of the door. I was praying hard in my head that my keys were not left on the table because I could not go back in there.

Once we were outside, my daughter and I paused for a deep breath because we were walking so fast to get out of there. She laughed so hard and we had to stand up against a wall just so I can find my keys that had fallen down to the bottom of my purse. I told her that I probably won't be going back there no time soon. She agreed but still couldn't stop laughing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the heck!!

After I came home from my classes last night, I grabbed a magazine and just wanted to relax in bed before falling asleep. I was skimming the pages when a small article caught my attention. The headlines said..."She got an her throat" I was like what the heck and the title itself made me want to read a little further, even though I knew I should have been trying to go to sleep. So as I read on, the article talked about how this woman got an STD from giving oral sex. I read on and the STD wasn't even the most shocking part, it was the part when the article said "that is what flavored condoms are for"....that was my "What the heck" moment.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Life Lessons

It was indeed sad that Whitney Houston passed away and so many of her fans loved her dearly, but truly, that is not the end of the world. I loved Whitney too and her music but in due season, we all are gonna leave this world and then you know what else will happen after goes on. Living ain't for the dead, it is for those of us who are still living. I guess it was probably weeks before Whitney passed, I posted a status on my facebook page that said something like, "What if you woke up dead only to find that you haven't lived." Some people got it, while others wanted to inbox me to ask what I meant. They said, Barbara, you can't wake up dead. Really, you can. Your eyes are open, your arms are moving, your heart is beating but there is no life inside you.

Everything around you is dead, your conversation is dead, you feel that you have no meaning or purpose here on earth, you don't want to talk to anybody and furthermore, feel that you don't need nobody (or should I should proper English and say that you don't need anyone) and you view life as if it means nothing to you. So yeah you wake up dead. I read status after status saying how much they are gonna miss Whitney and they feel that they can't go on. Well, as cruel as it may sound....I am gonna keep going. I have so much life to live because I am still here living. I enjoy laughter and making others laugh, so I have a purpose here. I have to make someone laugh who hasn't laughed in some time. I guess there is nothing wrong with flowers at a funeral and a eulogy, but I would really prefer if you tell me what you wanted me to know while I am still here. I can't hear it when I leave this place. It doesn't matter if you are mad at me, tell me you are mad so we can talk about it and get through it together, then laugh about it later because I'm sure it would be something stupid anyway the reason why you are mad.

I've never had a desire to do drugs, nor drink alcohol, nor smoke cause I feel that those things would be taking away from what I enjoy doing.....LIVING! Not just grateful for my life, which I am, but doing the things I enjoy doing like carrying my camera everywhere and taking pictures or stopping by my blog to write a bit here and there, and making others laugh. I asked my daughter the other day to let me take her picture. She said she don't like taking pictures because they don't come out right. I then said to her, "when you are gone from this place, what will others look at to remember you by?" She didn't like that I said that but it's truthful. Pictures don't have to be perfect, that's the funny part about lots of pictures. You don't have to have your hair all curled up nor your best make-up on. Just enjoy living and what life has to offer. Life doesn't have to be all serious all the time.
Go on vacation. Laugh, Love and for goodness sake...LIVE!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Diary Thoughts

Dear Diary:
Today is an awesome day. I am in the office alone and it feels great. The phones haven't rung much and not too many visitors either. I see the same ole crew walking down the hall past my office, but one or two have actually stopped by and they see the door to my boss office is closed and the lights off and they say, "Ohhhhh your boss ain't here today?" I reply with a simple, "No she is not here." They ask if I'm enjoying the time to myself. Duh, can't they tell! This would be perfect if I had a television in the office at this time to watch a marathon of movies on Lifetime, in betweeen working of course. The only thing that is different about this day compared to a day when the boss is here is that the time is flying by today. Any other day, I'd me saying in my mind how much I wished it would be 11:00 a.m. Now it is actually 11:00, but it seems as if I just got here. I may not get another day like this so I want to savor and enjoy it to the fullest. There is nobody coming in saying they have a problem with this or that and nobody constantly coming to my desk asking me if this document is ready or not. I love it! I would like to bottle up this day and use it for a rainy day when I absolutely need it. Now if only I didn't need to have this bra on, this would be an almost perfect day. WOOSAH!