Monday, February 6, 2012

Diary Thoughts

Dear Diary:
Today is an awesome day. I am in the office alone and it feels great. The phones haven't rung much and not too many visitors either. I see the same ole crew walking down the hall past my office, but one or two have actually stopped by and they see the door to my boss office is closed and the lights off and they say, "Ohhhhh your boss ain't here today?" I reply with a simple, "No she is not here." They ask if I'm enjoying the time to myself. Duh, can't they tell! This would be perfect if I had a television in the office at this time to watch a marathon of movies on Lifetime, in betweeen working of course. The only thing that is different about this day compared to a day when the boss is here is that the time is flying by today. Any other day, I'd me saying in my mind how much I wished it would be 11:00 a.m. Now it is actually 11:00, but it seems as if I just got here. I may not get another day like this so I want to savor and enjoy it to the fullest. There is nobody coming in saying they have a problem with this or that and nobody constantly coming to my desk asking me if this document is ready or not. I love it! I would like to bottle up this day and use it for a rainy day when I absolutely need it. Now if only I didn't need to have this bra on, this would be an almost perfect day. WOOSAH!

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