Monday, June 25, 2012

You have crossed the line

I love my family dearly, I really do, but there are some things that just can't be tolerated. I get a message from my younger sister saying that their lights have been cut off and she wants to know if I can go online and help them pay their bill. The answer is no I can not. It may sound harsh, but I can not be taking care of two households, mine and theirs. My bills are hubby and my responsibilities to pay. Her no good for nothing husband won't go to work. It's not that he can't work, he just won't go. The both of them are able bodied people and she won't go to work either. I'm not hating, but if people got it like that, then good for them, but my sister don't have it like that.

Sure enough people fall on hard times and may need a little help with stuff, but I can't even begin to write about how my sister and her husband are actually con artists. This is not the first time they have let their lights get cut off. They will run right over to my parents house and get the money from them, and then this sorry for nothing man that my sister married won't even pay my parents back. But oh, you will see him drinking himself a beer and my sister will have a cigarette in her hand. I used to feel sorry for them, but I don't anymore because once again, they can take their tails to work.

They are always poor-mouthing about what they don't have, then they look at us and say we can afford this or, excuse me, I work. I wouldn't have no man in my house who can't help me out and can't do nothing. (I know, bad grammar) True enough, you can do bad with a man, but dog-gone it, not where I am always struggling.  I can surely do bad by myself. So when I see this message from my sister asking me to help her pay a light bill, I said to myself that she has crossed the line for sure. Where in the ham and cheese can I afford her light bill and mine too!! This stuff is not even new to me when she does this, because it's like a game to her and her husband. I just can't do it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Service

I had to miss church today mainly because I take an online class and today was my final exam online. I sent hubby and the kids away to church so that I would not have any distractions while taking this online quiz. I had anticipated the quiz to be about 150 questions and with the house empty, I could focus on taking this quiz. I had looked at my notes quickly before I begun because once I got started, I could not stop it since it was a timed test. I was ready to begin and when I opened up the module to take the test, I looked.....and then I pondered....and then I looked again, really 29 questions? Really! After all the hype that my instructor had put into this exam, there were only 29 questions, not 150. I had a limit of 75 minutes to get this exam taken, and the clock had begun. I began the exam, and I was done in 30 minutes. I am just appalled that I missed Sunday service for 30 minutes of test taking. At least I got it done, and got it done on time, and no one was here to bother me. I will be missing a few more Sundays after today because I begin my weekend classes that consist of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...Yeah, Sunday classes....bummer! But hey, a sista has to do what I got to do, right!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Living

On Saturday, I was in MS and attended two funerals in one day. When we all arrived at the church, we were just happy to see other family members and we embraced each other and laughed and shared memories of the deceased. One of the children exclaimed how their father was gone and left this world too soon. Since we don't know when it will be our last day on earth, it is just best to enjoy life while you can. Children will be born and children will move out of the house, people die, and not just old people or people with failing health. People will die in perfect health, young people will die, skinny folks will die, fat people will die, mothers will die after childbirth, and so forth.

So while you are living, go on vacation. Enjoy life! There will always be some type of bill to pay. We will never have enough money. Go shopping, buy yourself a new outfit. Children will always want or need something. We will never be financially fit. Enjoy life! Spend time reading a good book, go the movies and laugh until it hurts. Run under a sprinkler just because. Eat a steak off the grill. Buy yourself a car that you can't afford, ok maybe that was a bit extreme. Close your eyes and whatever state your finger lands on, plan your next vacation there. By all means, live your life. It is already short, so you might as well enjoy it. Tomorrow could be your funeral. In your eulogy, will it read that you lived life, or that you were just alive? Hmmmm!!!

Stop the madness

I don't think I have a stressful job at all. What makes it stressful is trying to conquer work and school and family and a social life and church. I am stretched out thin. Well the job had been put upon me to do the college catalog. When it came to me, I asked them if they had lost their minds. A college catalog, are you freaking kidding me! Well the job was given to me back in October 2011 and they said they wanted it to be done by May 31, 2012. I asked them who all was going to be involved in this project and they told me it was going to be just me. I looked at them cock-eyed and said, "If I got to do this solo, then you can not have a deadline of May 31."  I guess they thought I was kidding. The catalog was a big deal. If I had to just type up everything, then maybe the deadline would have been ok; but since you had to go to all these departments and make sure that was right, and then the people in that department and then all the degrees and all the courses.....geez, enough already.

Well as time moved on, and I started incorporating information, it was coming together very slowly. I told them I needed help on this catalog. They could not see it my way. This is where my not so stressful job started becoming stressful. Every time I would get to a point where the page looked good, other departments would come and say they needed to make a change to this or that. I wanted to take that catalog and burn it. As the deadline day started approaching, again I asked for help and this time they put several people on this project with me. I was the leader and everyone else followed. It was crazy around my office, no, it was crazy at the college because EVERYBODY knew that I had this project. When I would walk down the hall or go into another building, people would call me out and say, "Barbara, how is the catalog going?" I didn't even know some of them people. I felt that I could not concentrate in my school because of this stupid catalog, but I managed to do what I had to do. The deadline came and we were still not done with this catalog.

One of the problems is that they had us doing it in Word, and we just could not get some of the things lined up like we wanted to. EVERYBODY, and I do mean EVERYBODY kept trying to tell the big shots that they needed to do it in Publisher, but they did not want to listen, which in turn made our jobs harder. Well, after months and months of working on the catalog, the big shots then decided they wanted it in Publisher because it was better. I thought I was going to pull my hair out because it was like extra work. Well in between all of that, I had my regular work to do. Finally after 2 weeks of passing the deadline, that darn catalog went to print. I was one happy camper. I am ready to see the finished product once it has been bound together, and then after that, get that thing out of my face.


The roof is on fire

I am in no way, shape, form or fashion trying to make fun of a serious situation, but laughter is really the best medicine, and I could not let this one go. It would be a shame not to write about it. I got home from work and hubby did not cook that day. No big deal. I just went on in the kitchen to rumble up a little of this and a little of that. I can see from my kitchen window that our 16 year old son is playing basketball in the back yard. Our daughter was in her room studying. Hubby was in the living room talking on the phone.

The doorbell just started ringing ding a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling. I thought, "who in their right mind is ringing our dog gone door bell like that." I slowly walked to the door, because seriously, I thought it was somebody that was trying to sell me something and I was just not in the mood. Then I thought, somebody must be leaning against my doorbell cause it was still ring a linging. When I opened the door, our neighbor across the street nearly pushed the door in and said, "Hurry, quickly, I need a fire extinguisher." He jumped in my house so quickly that I declare if he was a killer, he could have shot me down right there. I wish I had a baseball bat to beat him for jumping in my house like that without being invited.

Hubby hurriedly got off the phone and ran into the kitchen to grab the fire extinguisher and I looked across the street and there is smoke coming from the neighbor's house. Hubby yells to me to call the fire department, but then as anything ever goes, nosey folks start coming out in the street to see what's going on. I can see somebody else is on the phone and I know it may sound ugly but I am not trying to be ugly, but I am glad someone else called, because did you know that they charge you for dialing 911?

Hubby, one of the nosey folks too, goes across the street. I did not go in the street. I was hungry, I was about to cook me something to eat. Not that I didn't care, but there was nothing I could do. The neighbor mentioned that it was a grease fire because all you could see was smoke coming from the roof. The fire truck showed up and then more folks gathered in the street. I was still thinking about this rambunctious man bout to knock me the slap over in my own house. I also got to thinking that there was a house on the left and right side of the neighbor across the mean to tell me, we were the only ones with a fire extinguisher! I did look out the window ever so often to see if the fire truck was still there or if the smoke had gone away because I do not want nobody to lose their home in a fire, but that man had better give me some money for another fire extinguisher or buy me a new one. I'm just saying.