Monday, November 5, 2012

Pet Peeve

I have a list of pet peeves that just really irk me, but for today, I will name this one pet peeve number 271. I can't stand it, I absolutely hate it when someone tries to determine how I should spend my time. Hubby took it upon himself and invited some guy to the house so that he can talk to us about saving money on hubby's prescription. I don't see why I needed to be there. It's hubby meds. I don't take no pills. So instead of asking me what I had to do, hubby says, "On Monday when you get off, this guy coming to the house so we can discuss how to save money." I could have been going with a few friends after work, or I may have had plans to work later in order to get off early one day. Whatever it was, hubby didn't ask if I had anything to do.

So once I get off from being at work all day, then swing by and pick up our daughter from work, then swing by and go and pick up son from his after school activity, the last thing I want is to walk in my house and some random dude is sitting there getting on my nerves. When hubby mentioned this to me, I asked him had he considered asking me first what I was gonna be doing and if it was alright if he came when I got off work. And do you know he said that he didn't think about that. He just figured I wasn't doing anything. That is typical of a guy to say that. Even if I didn't have anything to do does not give him the right to say well this is what you're going to do with the time that you're not doing anything with.

I told hubby that he is so inconsiderate and that he only thinks of himself. He is not thinking that work just by itself drains ya and then to drive around and pick up folks after work, and then by that time, it's like 5:30 or 6:00 and when I get in my house, I am mostly ready to sling this bra off and let these basketballs dribble and be free. I told hubby that this guy really does not need to come to the house and that I could look the information up online. I think I will act like a teenager and just pull out my cell phone and start texting people when this guy comes. I told hubby he should be the one listening to what the guy has to say. He could have this guy over while I'm at work.  It's his prescription plan, not mine. Uggggghhhhhh!!!!!