Sunday, July 8, 2012

When summer was but a memory

When I was much younger, still living at home, my mother had a routine on most Saturday mornings. She would get the four of us girls up because she said we could not stay in the bed, we had work to do. We had a washer and a dryer and....the infamous clothesline. My mother felt that she was not going to run her dryer in the summer and that after she washed them clothes, the four of us would go and hang them on the line to dry. I hated those days because you couldn't just hang them clothes any kind of way, they had to be hung right or she'd make us re-hang them.

Then my mother had to mop her kitchen. Whenever we saw her filling that bucket up with soap water, we knew what the deal was. We couldn't be inside when she mopped because she said that she did not want us to track water all over the house, so we had to go and sit under the shade tree when she mopped. She always kept a jug of water in the freezer, not to freeze it, but just enough where it would be icy. She sent the four of us outside and told us that when we all drank that jug of water up, then there would be the hydrant we could drink from. She would say that we just had breakfast so we shouldn't be hungry for quite some time. Her main two rules were: Don't run under them clothes on the clothesline and don't go in the front yard.

We couldn't go in the front yard because mainly, that is where all the boys were, the ones who lived across the street from us, down the street and next door. We could see them all in the front yard and they could definitely see us. My mom only had to tell us one time: "If I see that you went in that front yard, I'm gonna whup your tail." My mother didn't just whup us, we had to go and fetch our own switch, so it was just better to stay in the backyard like we were told. Being in the backyard, we played school, as if we didn't get enough of it when we were in school. Now that summer was here, who wanted to think of school? We did! Everybody had their different name in school and each girl took turns being the teacher. When we got tired of playing school, we played cheerleaders and the four of us girls would make up cheers and have fun doing it.

We didn't need cups, we just drank from the same jug as if we were country westerners. We didn't care nothing about no germs. Sometime later, dad would come home cause he worked on some Saturdays and even though we were all girls, he played softball with us and it was so much fun making the willow tree first base. We played games like Red Rover, Red Rover, send Barbara right over; this the way you billy billy all night long; little sally walker sitting in a saucer; mother may I. We found things to do to entertain ourselves. We had been outside playing and enjoyed it. We didn't realize how much the time had passed when our mother would call, "Girls, it's time to come in and have some lunch."

We didn't have a computer or any other electronic device. We could not sit around and watch television all day. Even in the summer, our parents made us go to bed at a certain time. We may not have gone to sleep but we had to go to bed. We were made to get up and go to church every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night for Bible study. We did not have a choice if we wanted to sing or not. My parents thing was if it's a children's choir, then children should be singing in it. We played hopscotch and jumped rope. Children of today know nothing about any of these things. These are the things that linger with memories.

As we got older, this is something we could laugh and talk about when we all went home. My parents no longer have a clothesline, but when we asked our mother why did we have to get up and hang out them clothes when we had a dryer. She said because she wanted us to learn how to do something without something being done for us. She wanted us, as ladies, to know how to do things without relying on somebody to do it for us. We understood her concept as to what she was getting at, which is it is ok to have someone to rely on, but be self-sufficient too.


Ride or Die

Back in the day when all four of us girls were at home, my oldest sister and I enjoyed going to the library and check out as many books as we were allowed to check out. It was fun and we enjoyed it. Especially in the summer when we wanted to go to the library more than usual, we did not bother our parents to take us, instead, we walked. We had it figured out. We knew what time the library opened and we knew what time we needed to be out the door before the sun beamed heavily on us. The library wasn't just around the corner either, it was a nice little hike. The two of us sometimes stayed in the library for hours. When it was time to go, we got our stack of books and hiked back to the house. We could have asked our parents to take us to the library, but we were trying to be considerate because they had been to work all week and we knew they were tired.

The same principle applied when we wanted to go to the store TG&Y. We took that hike across the railroad track, over the river and through the woods, ok maybe not over the river nor the woods. We got what we wanted to buy with our little change and footed our way back to the house. We were content. We didn't mind walking. Shoot, I even walked to my boyfriend's house when we were dating. But not these children of today. They want you to take them everywhere. Mom, can you take me here? Mom, can you take me there? Oh mom, yeah whenever you rest from just now coming in from work, can you take me over so and so house? Everytime my kids ask me to drive them somewhere, I think about how me and my sisters just walked wherever we wanted to go.

I hear them say that if they have to walk, they would rather not go. Fine by me, stay your tail home then. Or I hear this, If I have to walk in that sun, I'm gonna just die. When I tell the kids how me and one of my sisters walked here and there, their reply, "Mom, this ain't the 1600's." I really should make them walk because of that comment.


Unworthy News

I see lots of things on television and the internet about who has admitted to being gay or lesbian. Frankly, I do not care who has "come out of the closet" because I do not have a Heaven or a Hell to put anybody. Why should that even be news worthy? Their lifestyle is their lifestyle. I was trying to read one article regarding some athlete saying she likes women and that she is encouraging all athleted to admit to their different lifestyles of sexuality. I thought it was going to be something that I wanted to read, but later on down in the article, it started talking about her sexual preference. So? And?

I just don't see the point of someone having to announce they are gay to the world. Do you see me announcing that I, a woman, likes men? Why don't heterosexual announce they like someone of the opposite sex. Really! What does "coming out of the closet" really mean anyway? To me it means that you were hanging up some clothes in your walk-in closet and the door got stuck and now that it has been sprayed with some WD-40, you are now coming out of the closet....or it could mean this: a hurricane was coming and you went inside your closet for shelter and now that the storm is over, you are now coming out of the closet. Who in world termed closet with gayness? Yeah, I know what it means that they were in hiding or trying to The scriptures say that I am suppose to love everybody, regardless if you are gay, straight, crooked, bent over, black or white. It doesn't matter what you are or what you think you are, the love has not changed, but keep it to yourself, because what you think is news, really is not news at all.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Relaxation Mode

I haven't taken off work in quite some time, which means I have tons of leave I needed to use. The last time I didn't use my leave, Human Resources took some of it and put it in a special sick leave pool. This pool is for those who may need to use some time but have used all of theirs up. I don't mean to sound selfish, but my leave is my leave.(with pay) I can't be responsible for people who use up all of their leave and if I want to donate some of my leave, then that should be my perogative and done at my discretion, not forcibly.

It doesn't matter how much leave we accumulate throughout the year, but by that 2nd week in December, it needs to be at or under 330 hours. So last year, I had 350 hours and therefore lost 20 hours of my leave. I told my boss then that I won't allow that to happen again and that I will try to at least take one day off a month. She said that was a good idea and that she wanted me to use my leave and not for it to go to the sick leave pool. Things had been really busy around work and I had already gained more leave than what I thought I had. I told hubby about it and he said for me to just choose when I wanted to take off and just do it.

So I finally put it on the calendar where I would be off for five days straight to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. That's right. I will be in relaxation mode. I even did my homework for a whole week in advance. My daughter said I was nuts for doing it all, but I didn't want to do anything while I was off work for a whole week. My daughter has planned out movies for me to sit and watch all week. I will be in Lifetime Movie Network heaven. Before my last day prior to my leave, my boss said to me that she will be lost for that whole week while I am gone and will not know what to do while I am gone. I told her that she will be fine and that I had majority of everything taken care of before I left. This break will be a much needed one, because it is my leave and this is how I choose to enjoy it.


Being grown vs. being an adult

I had a conversation with my niece who is 18 and she talked about how she was grown and she could basically do whatever she wants.  I overheard a conversation where there were several youth standing outside the church and when an adult came and asked them to come in, one of them, also 18, said that she was grown and could come in when she wanted to. Stuff like that irks me. There is a difference in being grown vs. being an adult. There are four year olds who are grown with their smart mouths because parents allow them to talk any kind of way and think it is cute. Well, it is not.

My perception is this: If you have to tell people you are grown, it is most likely you are not. My opinion is that if you are grown, that means that you have learned some type of lesson and matured from a result of it. You have grown from the childish you into a more responsible you. Being 18 does not, and I repeat, does not make you grown. Their frontal lobes aren't even fully developed yet and won't be until they are like 25, so their thinking ability is still in a childlike stage. They want to be an adult but do not want the responsiblity in being an adult. Why in the ham and cheese do young people think that when they turn 18, they can go around and do whatever they want to do! Shoot, I can't even do what I want to do. I can't stay out and hang with my friends all day and night and never come home. Really?

Being an adult deals with responsiblity and pays their own bills, and gets the heck out of your parents house, and oh, did I say pay their own bills. They don't sit around and proclaim how bored they are. They buy groceries and do things for their parents, if they do live at home without being told, like washing dishes and sweeping and mopping. Did I say they pay bills! Just checking. When people say they are grown, I look at them and say, "I don't see it." Why would one even think that just because they say that, that no one can tell them what to do anyway? Duh, even adults have to deal with people telling them what to do, mainly because adults have jobs they have to go to, whether you leave your house and work or work from home. I really wanna slap the life out of someone the next time they tell me they are grown. Would that be childish of me! Just wondering.


Leave your key at the door

Hubby was watching Jerry Springer the other night and I guess he finds all that crap hilarious. I was sitting in the same room as he was while I was trying to do homework. The television does not bother me at all when I am working. One of the ladies on the show made a comment about how she works at the strip club and that she do it for the money but her husband is not allowed in there. I kept on doing my work when my hubby blurts out that there are probably plenty of strip clubs around here and that he has not been in any of them. I told him first and foremost, I am more than enough woman for him if he wanted a stripper, all he had to do was ask. I said that secondly, you might not be able to handle all of this jelly because I am more woman than he will ever need, and thirdly, I said that if he did go out to the strip club, be my guess, just leave your key at the door cause you won't be coming back home.

I wasn't even upset when I said it. I told him there won't even be any hard feelings when he decides to go, and to make sure that whatever woman gives him a lap dance to let her know that she may have him at her house, but he still gonna be paying bills at this one. Hubby said, "Girl you know I was playing right." Yeah, I knew he was, but I wanted him to know the consequences just in case his fantasy turns into reality. You handle your business and I'm gonna handle mine, but just leave your key at the door just so there won't be any misunderstanding and I went right on doing my homework. HeHeHe


Sunday, July 1, 2012

On toilet paper

We ran out of toilet tissue before I got paid. I knew we were almost on the last roll, but I was just hoping that those last two rolls would take us to the following week. Hubby was in the bedroom and sent a message by one of the children to tell me to pick up some tissue when I got off work. I asked him to send me some money and he said he didn't have any. So I was like, "well how in the world do you expect me to pick up some tissue?" I looked inside that tray in the car where all the change is thrown and found a few dollars worth of change. Perfect.

When I got off work the next day, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up two packs of tissue. I was not sure how this tissue was gonna work, compared to the Cottonelle that hubby likes, and besides each time we buy Cottonelle, it cost like 7.00 a pack. I took the Dollar Tree tissue and put it on the roll in our bathroom. It did a good job. Hubby did not even know that there was a different tissue on the roll. It was two ply just like he likes it and it held up, even under pressure. I have it set in my mind now that by the time we spend 7.00 on a pack of tissue that has 9 double rolls in it, we are gonna switch to dollar tree brand at 1.00 a pack with 4 rolls. So if we get seven packs, and I add up the math correctly, carry the one, borrow a number, that will give us 28 rolls of tissue...and if we get technical with it, that will be 14 double rolls. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.