Thursday, July 5, 2012

Relaxation Mode

I haven't taken off work in quite some time, which means I have tons of leave I needed to use. The last time I didn't use my leave, Human Resources took some of it and put it in a special sick leave pool. This pool is for those who may need to use some time but have used all of theirs up. I don't mean to sound selfish, but my leave is my leave.(with pay) I can't be responsible for people who use up all of their leave and if I want to donate some of my leave, then that should be my perogative and done at my discretion, not forcibly.

It doesn't matter how much leave we accumulate throughout the year, but by that 2nd week in December, it needs to be at or under 330 hours. So last year, I had 350 hours and therefore lost 20 hours of my leave. I told my boss then that I won't allow that to happen again and that I will try to at least take one day off a month. She said that was a good idea and that she wanted me to use my leave and not for it to go to the sick leave pool. Things had been really busy around work and I had already gained more leave than what I thought I had. I told hubby about it and he said for me to just choose when I wanted to take off and just do it.

So I finally put it on the calendar where I would be off for five days straight to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. That's right. I will be in relaxation mode. I even did my homework for a whole week in advance. My daughter said I was nuts for doing it all, but I didn't want to do anything while I was off work for a whole week. My daughter has planned out movies for me to sit and watch all week. I will be in Lifetime Movie Network heaven. Before my last day prior to my leave, my boss said to me that she will be lost for that whole week while I am gone and will not know what to do while I am gone. I told her that she will be fine and that I had majority of everything taken care of before I left. This break will be a much needed one, because it is my leave and this is how I choose to enjoy it.


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