Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ride or Die

Back in the day when all four of us girls were at home, my oldest sister and I enjoyed going to the library and check out as many books as we were allowed to check out. It was fun and we enjoyed it. Especially in the summer when we wanted to go to the library more than usual, we did not bother our parents to take us, instead, we walked. We had it figured out. We knew what time the library opened and we knew what time we needed to be out the door before the sun beamed heavily on us. The library wasn't just around the corner either, it was a nice little hike. The two of us sometimes stayed in the library for hours. When it was time to go, we got our stack of books and hiked back to the house. We could have asked our parents to take us to the library, but we were trying to be considerate because they had been to work all week and we knew they were tired.

The same principle applied when we wanted to go to the store TG&Y. We took that hike across the railroad track, over the river and through the woods, ok maybe not over the river nor the woods. We got what we wanted to buy with our little change and footed our way back to the house. We were content. We didn't mind walking. Shoot, I even walked to my boyfriend's house when we were dating. But not these children of today. They want you to take them everywhere. Mom, can you take me here? Mom, can you take me there? Oh mom, yeah whenever you rest from just now coming in from work, can you take me over so and so house? Everytime my kids ask me to drive them somewhere, I think about how me and my sisters just walked wherever we wanted to go.

I hear them say that if they have to walk, they would rather not go. Fine by me, stay your tail home then. Or I hear this, If I have to walk in that sun, I'm gonna just die. When I tell the kids how me and one of my sisters walked here and there, their reply, "Mom, this ain't the 1600's." I really should make them walk because of that comment.


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  1. Things sure have changed. Every now and then Secondborn and his little friend will walk to the corner Circle K, but you know how far that is...any further and the idea is out the window! Firstborn isn't walking ANYWHERE!