Sunday, July 1, 2012

On toilet paper

We ran out of toilet tissue before I got paid. I knew we were almost on the last roll, but I was just hoping that those last two rolls would take us to the following week. Hubby was in the bedroom and sent a message by one of the children to tell me to pick up some tissue when I got off work. I asked him to send me some money and he said he didn't have any. So I was like, "well how in the world do you expect me to pick up some tissue?" I looked inside that tray in the car where all the change is thrown and found a few dollars worth of change. Perfect.

When I got off work the next day, I stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up two packs of tissue. I was not sure how this tissue was gonna work, compared to the Cottonelle that hubby likes, and besides each time we buy Cottonelle, it cost like 7.00 a pack. I took the Dollar Tree tissue and put it on the roll in our bathroom. It did a good job. Hubby did not even know that there was a different tissue on the roll. It was two ply just like he likes it and it held up, even under pressure. I have it set in my mind now that by the time we spend 7.00 on a pack of tissue that has 9 double rolls in it, we are gonna switch to dollar tree brand at 1.00 a pack with 4 rolls. So if we get seven packs, and I add up the math correctly, carry the one, borrow a number, that will give us 28 rolls of tissue...and if we get technical with it, that will be 14 double rolls. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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  1. Hahaha, I didn't even know toilet paper was sold at the Dollar Tree. What don't they sell? I love the place.