Monday, August 13, 2012

Telephone wars

Our home phone has been acting kind of weird lately. I didn't know it was out because I hardly ever get phone calls. The very few people that I do know either contact me through email or by work phone. I hardly ever use my cell phone. As a matter of fact, it is normally down in the bottom of my purse and every fifteenth day, I may check it to see that I have a text message or 15 missed calls....all from telemarketers of course.

Anyhoo, back to the home phone. We were able to call out, but no one was able to call in. We didn't realize this until a few days ago. One evening, hubby and I were at the grocery store and I called the house to ask one of the kids what kind of cereal they had wanted. The phone rung and rung and rung. I told hubby that they must have headphones in their ear so I'm going to just get whatever kind I think they will eat. Then I had a thought to dig in my purse and find my cell phone, text them and tell them to call me back. Sure enough when I got the text message, child number two said that the phone had not rung at all. Hmmmm, interesting.

So later on, hubby called the phone company and said that we can call out but nobody can call us. When they do call, all they get is a constant ringing. They said they would fix it. I then texted my sister in another state and told her to try calling the house, sure enough when she called, we heard the ring and answered it. Ok, let me try someone else. I had someone else to call and the phone rang. I was happy for the simple two facts: Hubby loves the phone and hubby loves himself some tv. So as long as those two things are working, then we may have some type of contentment AND peace in the house....sometimes.


Oh no you didn't

I was at church the other day minding my own business when this woman came up to me and said, "Oh no you don't have on a watch to match your outfit." Instantly, my mind wanted to scream HATER!!! But instead I said, "Oh yes I do." She said that she had been noticing me and see that I have on a different watch with my outfits. Wow! I am being watched? In church? Really? Where they do that at? I said yes I do have a watch to match every outfit, is that a problem? She said no and just wanted me to know that she be checking me out.

Did I mention that I was in church? Her mind is all up on what QueenBee is doing and wearing. Not Jesus, but me. Geez lady, back off with your creepy self. I saw this same lady at another service and she said to me, "I see that you have ear-rings to go with your outfits as well as a matching watch."  She then mentioned that she was at some store and saw some colorful watches and started to get them for me. LYING!! Hoping that my next comment would shut her up, I said, "Well next time you see them, then buy them for me." She said, "I heard that.....Oh noooooo you didn't." I paused and said, "But, yes, oh yes, I did." She went on her merry little way after that.


I'm just saying...

I didn't know that there was someone I work with who lives about 2 blocks from me. I didn't know that until about four weeks ago. Her car had broke down and she called me and said that she had seen me going in the same direction and wanted to know how far I had lived from her because she needed a ride to work. When I told her where I lived, she said she didn't know I lived that close to her. Neither did I. She needed a ride to and from work and it had not been a problem since we both were going to the same place.

Each morning I never had to blow when I pulled up at her driveway, she was already waiting outside, and each day turned into four weeks. I can relate to not having a car when my car was down. So each morning, I pulled up and she got in, and we drove off.....until this morning. I pulled up and she was not sitting outside. But her blinds were open and I could see her walking around. I asked myself if she saw me or should I blow. Right before I could push the horn fast enough, here she comes outside....with her sleeping clothes on. At first I thought she was running late and was gonna bring her clothes and just change at work. Really, I did think that.

She said that today she is not going to work because she was babysitting her 4-year old granddaughter who came over last night. Now here are my questions: Why didn't you call me last night and say that I didn't need to come over this morning OR why didn't you call me this morning before I left the house? All I'm saying here is just be considerate when someone else is doing you a favor. I could have saved my pennies of gas from going those two blocks and just headed straight for work. I'm just saying.


Monday, August 6, 2012


Sometimes men can be such anal creatures. Instead of always having a headache, I have a butt ache from annoying stuff from hubby. Why is it that everytime I think I am getting ahead, there comes someone by the name of hubby to knock me down. No, not in a really bad way, but his opinions are so far from mine that no wonder men are from another planet.

Scenario number 1: Our daughter, who is now 19 and attends the local college has morning classes. Well when I get up at 5:30, she has to get up at 5:30 because we ride out together. Hubby tells me one night around 11:00 p.m, when I should have been sleep, to go and tell our daughter to go and wash dishes. Now, I normally would not have a problem telling her that, but I looked at the clock and said, "It's freaking 11:00 at night and you know she has to get up and go to class." Why in the hill of a bean would he request that dishes be washed then, when he had all that day to say he wanted the dishes washed. I told him to go to bed and if the dishes had been in the sink that long, then one more day couldn't hurt.

Scenario number 2: We are trying to let our daughter make decisions and be responsible. So whenever we go somewhere, I always ask her if she has money and if she say no, well guess what, we are not going to get it for her. I should make a correction and say when I (not we) ask her that, cause hubby always feel that he has to pay for everything for her. So we are planning a trip for some time next year and hubby has it in his mind that he and I will need X amount of money to cover the trip and then he says, "cause the kids might want this or that...." Ummm, who is he in reference to? My job is to take care of the 16 year old, and yes the 19 year old still lives at home, if she don't have any money, she needs to stay her tail at home. If he continues to do that, I told him that she will never leave him. He says that is still his baby. So what? Your baby needs some green.

Scenario number 3: Hubby wanted our 16 year old to wash the car. Not a problem. But why would he have him to wash the car when he is about to take it in the country with red dirt? Really? This is already self-explanatory. Shaking my head.