Monday, August 13, 2012

Telephone wars

Our home phone has been acting kind of weird lately. I didn't know it was out because I hardly ever get phone calls. The very few people that I do know either contact me through email or by work phone. I hardly ever use my cell phone. As a matter of fact, it is normally down in the bottom of my purse and every fifteenth day, I may check it to see that I have a text message or 15 missed calls....all from telemarketers of course.

Anyhoo, back to the home phone. We were able to call out, but no one was able to call in. We didn't realize this until a few days ago. One evening, hubby and I were at the grocery store and I called the house to ask one of the kids what kind of cereal they had wanted. The phone rung and rung and rung. I told hubby that they must have headphones in their ear so I'm going to just get whatever kind I think they will eat. Then I had a thought to dig in my purse and find my cell phone, text them and tell them to call me back. Sure enough when I got the text message, child number two said that the phone had not rung at all. Hmmmm, interesting.

So later on, hubby called the phone company and said that we can call out but nobody can call us. When they do call, all they get is a constant ringing. They said they would fix it. I then texted my sister in another state and told her to try calling the house, sure enough when she called, we heard the ring and answered it. Ok, let me try someone else. I had someone else to call and the phone rang. I was happy for the simple two facts: Hubby loves the phone and hubby loves himself some tv. So as long as those two things are working, then we may have some type of contentment AND peace in the house....sometimes.



  1. Glad to hear you got those two things working. Some type of contentment AND peace in the house... sometimes works for me. I like that.

    Just coming by to say hi and see how you're doing. Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL. My two things are Internet and cell phone. I don't have a home phone. Only need one. And I use Internet everyday, all day. LOL... Sometimes I wish I had a home phone to send the telemarketing calls too, but I would probably forget the number. Hope you had a great weekend.