Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That is not what you said

I told our 16 year old to get in the kitchen and wash the dishes. Back when I was living home, when mama said to wash the dishes, it was understood to clean up everything in the kitchen. Clean off the table, the counters, the stove, sweep the floor....everything.

So when I went in the kitchen and saw where our son did indeed wash the dishes, there was stuff all over the table. I called him right back in there and asked him what was going on with this table. He said, "That is not what you said. You said to wash the dishes." Ok I see he is trying to be smart. Uh-huh!

Well when Sunday rolled around and Labor Day would be that Monday, the very same 16 year old asked if he could go over one of his friends house. I said, "Well of course you can, but only for ten minutes." He said, "Moooooooommmmmm, I can't play basketball in ten minutes and laugh and joke." I said to him, "But that is not what you said, you said you wanted to go over there." He said that I knew what he meant. I reminded him about the kitchen. He said I got him, but in the end, the final answer became no because he said that he rather stay at home if he only had ten minutes. I said fine by me, then get in there and get to cleaning.


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