Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No, I do not mind.

How considerate of my boss to ask me this but she brought me some work and asked me if I mind doing it. Now let's pause for a minute, maybe two. How in the ham and cheese am I going to tell my boss that I mind doing work...simply the answer is: No, I don't mind doing it. But just for curiosity sake, let's just say I had the option of saying I didn't want to do it, here are my choices I could tell her:

1. Sorry hun, I'm busy.
2. Umm, and the reason you are not doing it is because what?
3. I have a headache
4.Can't you see that I am playing a game?
5. Really, as if you didn't see me on Facebook!
6. Give me a sec, let me finish this email.
7. I am on the phone!
8. Get back with me after lunch.
9. You want me to do it right now?
10. Can't you get someone else to do it?
11. Why me?
12. It's not that serious.
13. Let's get this straight...You want me to stop doing what I am doing and work on your problem?
14. It's too close to quitting time.

Can you hear it in the background....FIRED or PROBATION!

1 comment:

  1. Lol!!! Love this post! I'm still laughing at "What in the Ham and Cheese!"