Friday, September 21, 2012

Leave me the slap alone

I'm sure I am the only one with an annoying relative. If you have someone in your family who just annoys the pure-dee living crap out of you, just raise your hand. Well, I have this relative that I just want to slap backwards, then pick them up and slap them forward. When we were younger, we would call each other often just to talk about stuff, nothing important, just stuff. When we grew older, the conversations started to fade more and more away. As we found ourselves moving away, we probably didn't hear from one another until holidays. I was ok with that up until this relative moved back to our hometown in Mississippi.

It is my cousin, and he and I have just always been close throughout life. Well when he moved back to MS and I went home to visit, he was at our home church. He came up to me and asked why I haven't called him since he been back home. The old okie doke of me saying well I just didn't have your number would not fly, so I didn't use that. I just said, "I just didn't want to call." He was astonished and said, "You didn't want to call ME?"  I told him that I just got plenty of things going on in my life and he was not my first priority to call. Wha Wha Wha....He pouted like a lil baby and reminded me of how much we used to talk. I told him I really don't have anything else to talk about. He asked how long I would be in town and I said for one day and I was going back to FL. He wanted to know if we could hang out. I said no. He asked what had he done to me. I just told him that he was annoying me now and that if I wanted to talk, I know his number.

Well I didn't call for months and he finally called me and asked what was going on in my life where we no longer talk the way we used to. I kept it as simple as I could and said that we have just outgrown each other. I know it may sound harsh, but every conversation with my cousin has to reflect on the past and what we used to say or what we used to talk about. There is no present or future conversation. When I speak of hubby or the kids or work and school, he always jumps in with a....but you remember....We will forever be cousins, but I just don't have anything I really want to talk to him about anymore. He and I are not on the same level anymore and I know family is important, but he is driving me insane. I'm not going to change my number because of one annoying family member, I just don't answer when he calls.  Just go away, already!


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