Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Attitudes don't work with me

A student came into the office today complaining that the class she just registered for is not the class for her. She said that the instructor was rude and she wasn't going to take any rudeness from anybody. Well the class actually started on Thursday, which means that if you miss the first day of class, it is at the instructor's discretion to keep you or not. I asked her why she didn't come to class on the very first day. Not only that, she didn't come on the second day either. With this being a six-week class, it's going to move rather fast and the instructor doesn't have time to stop and start over. It just wouldn't be fair to the other students who were actually in class on time.

Well this young heathen, so naive, gets all loud in my office and wants to know why she can't get special treatment because today is her first day. I'm trying to tell her once again that class started on Thursday and that she had the option to either drop the class or stay in it and deal with it. Oh my gosh, the head rolling started. What is the purpose of rolling your head when you talk...I already see right now that this is a situation for my boss to handle. After I get my boss, the student is already on her cell phone talking so loud. She goes in to the same story she told me but my boss basically told her the same thing. The student is all up in my boss' face and my boss actually had to tell her to back up off her.

There were a few confrontational words the student had because my boss would not let her go back into the class. After the student left, my boss looked at me and I was like, these folks don't understand that this is college, this is not high school. I then said, "I should've slapped her in the mouth and told her to put her big girl panties on and deal with it." We both laughed hysterically because my boss knows that my 16 and 13 year old had better keep attitudes away or I will get one myself and still be giving God all the praise at the same time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Five days and counting

Today I found out that my boss is retiring very soon....like in five days. Normally when you hear news like this, you think ok, they won't actually be leaving until like 6 or 7 months. Well when she told me the news, I asked her when was her last day and she tells me that it will be June 30. I said, "of this year?" She said yes and that if she go on and retire before December (which would have been the original plan), she will get the incentive that the college is offering. I was in total shock. I so declare I didn't know what to say. It was so sudden.

My boss is a very hard worker and she has treated me very well as her Administrative Assistant. She has cared about our family and she is very kind and giving. She jokes occasionally and every now and then whenever I have to take off for something, she is so lenient and understanding. I couldn't have been been given a better boss than the one I work for right now. And now, she is leaving and I am somewhat hurt, not that she's leaving, but leaving like this. It was sprung on me just today and I know that when I go back to work on Monday that she will have only three days. What will another boss bring? Will he or she be easy to work with? Does this put my job in jeopardy? These questions ponder me. My boss now isn't always over my shoulder because she knows I do my work and will get it done. She and I have that type of work ethic where when she goes out of town for some conference, or for something personal, that I am still at work alone doing what I have to do. She never has to "boss" me around.

As I thought about what I was going to blog about, I thought about how we don't know the time or the hour when Jesus will return. He has left us here on Earth to take care of the necessary things until he returns. He doesn't come down and check on us since we know what we have to do. Even though we may screw up every now and then, we know what precautions to take in order to get back on track. Just like my boss, Jesus is also very lenient because he keeps forgiving us over and over again even when we know we don't deserve it. If you found out that you had five days to live your life anyway you wanted to, I wonder how many of us would take that opportunity to clean up our act before showtime actually came, knowing that Jesus' coming was five days and counting. That's something to think about.

Monday, June 22, 2009

...but you don't mean that...

This weekend was pretty hectic for me. I decided to drive over to MS to see my parents and to wish my father a Happy Father's Day. It was a family reunion going on too, so I decided to go to that as well, but that wasn't my main purpose for going. While at the family reunion, I saw people that I haven't seen in ages and some of them look good for the better and some of them...well... need to just try and look good. One of my cousin's husband asked me how old the children were and I said they were 16 and 13. He said that I would miss the kids when they leave home because they grow up so fast. I did agree with him but at the same time I told him that me and hubby were going to celebrate when the kids did move out, and his reply was, "but you don't mean that."

Now how in the great waters of the yazoo river is he gonna tell me what I mean and don't mean. Heck, I do mean it. Hubby and I have already talked about that when both children get out the house, that he and I are going to Hawaii and then on a Tom Joyner cruise. So I told cousin's husband that yes we love our children but when the time comes for them to go, I want them to go. Once again he said, "but you don't mean that". Now why wouldn't I want them crumbsnatchers to get out of my pocket and be productive adults doing their own thing?

Go with me for a minute and just imagine your spouse saying I love you and your reply is..."but you don't mean that." You tell your children to go wash the dishes and clean up their room, their reply...."but you don't mean that." I already know that my kids will get slapped right in the mouth if they told me that and if I told my husband I loved him and he gave me that reply, well he wouldn't have to worry about me saying it again......and I do mean that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I'm being punked

Today at work, a massive e-mail came through over all the college where I work. Sometimes when e-mails come through, if it has nothing to do with me, my finger will easily hit the delete button and in the trash it goes. Well this one e-mail had the subject of 'payroll'. So for a brief second, I thought that maybe it should be going to payroll department, but none the less, I opened that e-mail.

In this e-mail it said that our checks were not direct deposited last night at midnight like they were suppose to. Ok, I sat for a brief moment and thought that I was being punked and that Ashton Kutcher would pop out from around the corner and all my friends would laugh hysterically until their stomachs hurt. Well nothing happened. I couldn't find any hidden cameras and nobody jumped out from no where.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself. I wonder if this e-mail went out campus wide, so I called another lady in another department just to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. You mean, I am not going to be paid on payday!!! You mean I've worked for two whole weeks and then somebody tells me that I can't get any money. Oh snap!!!

Sure enough my eyes had not deceived me. I did read it right. So we all want to know when will this issue be resolved cause a sista needs her check. Well lo and behold, another e-mail comes through saying that they are working on the issue as soon as possible and that HOPEFULLY, it will be resolved by Friday....AND that MOST of the employees will PROBABLY get their money in their banks on Friday. I didn't like those words they were using. Yeah they must be talking about the ones who consider themselves the big wigs. I should just not do any more work until I get compensated for my labor and who is included in the "most" category?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is stupid written on my forehead?

A student came in about two weeks ago saying her car got stolen and that her books were in the car and then the car was set on fire. She came to my office to tell me this and to ask if she could use one of our books. Well, I don't order student books or the textbook publishers would never make money; so the only books that are in my office are instructor books for them to teach from.
With that being said, I told the student that I don't have any student books for her to use and that as bad as it sounds, that she would have to go and buy another book. That's what I'm supposed to do - I just work here.

Anyway, it's appalling at some of the excuses that come through my office. Some may be legit, some may be fake. I don't know. I don't ask. Would it be wrong to say I don't care? Well lo and behold, this very same student (whose car was stolen and set on fire) comes in my office with a book in her hand. I don't know if she went and bought another book or if this was her actual book. Some things I just choose not to know. She comes in telling me that page 391 of her book was missing and that she needed that page to do her homework that was assigned over the weekend. Sure, whatever you say. She then asked me if I could make her a copy from the book that we have in the office. Keep in mind that the books we have in the office all have the answers in them.

Ok, I thought to myself. She must think I'm stupid or that it's written somewhere on my forehead. I made a copy of page 391 from the office book, but then I marked through all the answers with a permanent black marker and then made another copy from that and handed it to the student. She looked at that paper like she had seen a ghost and with a slow utterance of a stumble to say thank you, she accepted the paper and left. Like Beyonce's song says, "she must not know 'bout me."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today, June 12, 2009, is my parents 44th wedding anniversary. That's a lot of years!! I called my parents to wish them a happy anniversary and my mom was telling me how much my dad was being all romantic, which I thought was great. My mom loves going to Olive Garden restaurant, but there isn't one near where she lives, so my dad drove 30 miles just to take my mom out to Olive Garden. She was telling me how much of a great time they had. As I held the phone up to my ear and listened to my mom go on like a teenager, I thought of my own marriage and how my hubby spoils me above and beyond.

My parents never got to go anywhere much when we were younger. I have three sisters, no brothers and they spent the majority of their time taking care of us and going without things for themselves. So when my mom talked, even after 44 years, how much my dad had the romantic bug in him, I chuckled because it was rather cute. What in the world could they talk about after so many years? Mom said that there was always something to talk about.

So while my mom is telling me about her Olive Garden adventure, she said that she even drunk some wine there. WHAT!!! My mom!! No way!!! She said, "Yes way." My parents, especially my mom, are always giving and giving and never expecting anything in return, so I was soooooo happy when she said that she and my dad got a chance to, (in her words), go on a date.

My mom said that she told my aunt about her romantic rendezvous and my aunt said that since my dad is being all romantic, that he had better go and get some Viagra. My dad told my aunt that how does she know that he doesn't have any. Oh snap!! So I told my mom jokingly, that if dad had Viagra that she had better go to the health department and get some birth control pills. We laughed so hard that I almost peed on myself. Mom then said that if she had to get some birth control after all these years that she couldn't take them daily, she would have to chew the whole pack at one time. I hollered until tears rolled out of my eyes.

It was time to hang up the phone and before I said good bye. Mom said once again how much she enjoyed her and dads date. I told her that they deserve it and much more. I could actually feel her smile from the other side of the receiver. How wonderful!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friend or Foe

My daughter's friend, KeKe, is visiting with us for the summer from GA. Her mom didn't send any money with KeKe for anything. KeKe's dad lives here, also her grandmother and her aunt, but she wanted to spend the summer with us since she and my daughter are real close friends. I didn't have a problem with that, but before KeKe came, I plainly told her that my rules apply if you come to my house. Considering that she has been to my house before, she should know how I am. Well KeKe had a problem with me last night. When I say get off the phone at a certain time, that is what I mean. I don't mean it to be one minute later. I can't have someone come in my house and I treat them any differently than I do my own children.

Ok, here's the situation. KeKe and this guy named DJ have been talking in GA. She is here for the summer and he is in Indiana somewhere. She wants to call him every night while at my house and run up my phone bill. First and foremost, that's not going to happen. I told her that I didn't mind her calling him maybe on the weekend, but that she is not going to call this guy every night from my phone and then wants to stay on the phone. She tells me that she talks to him every night when she is at home. Ding, ding - excuse me - reality check, you ain't at home miss lady. What you do in GA is one thing but when in Rome, you do as the Romans do. She said, "But Ms. B, I'm 17." Oooookkkk, and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China! I don't give a flying rats behind how old you are. I say you are not doing it, then that is what I mean.

Why can't she go over her dad's house or any of her other relatives and talk to DJ from their phone? Well I really don't care if she likes it or not because she can pack up her clothes and either go back to GA, or spend the remainder of the summer at the other relatives house. So KeKe goes in the room after church last night, and doesn't come out for the remainder of the night. My hubby asked what was wrong with her. I told him that I have two children that are my care and concern and that I don't have time to be dealing with drama from nobody else kids. She can get mad, then scratch her tail and get glad. I won't even be offended if KeKe decided that she was going to pack her bag and tell her dad to come and get her. But since her mother trusted me to have her in my care, she do as I say do or get to steppin'. I'm not trying to gain any friendship status from a 17 year old because I do not have no teenage friends.

So for all of my children's friends, as well as the cousins, or who enjoy coming to my house, here are the rules: You can either abide by the rules we have at our house,whether you like them or not or just stay your tail at your own house and don't come. Ok, catch you all on the next blog. Holla!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But God is still good

After the toilets overflowed in my house, we found out that we have some bad pipes that need to be fixed. We were going to go to Home Depot and get one of them tools to flush it out, but hubby's friend came over and did it for us. But that wasn't the whole story. The friend told us that to get the pipes fixed, it would cost us about $1,000, but that he could do it for $425. I was like, what!! I was in a panic mode, but thought that it could be worse than that.

Then I found out that about 25 custodial personnel from work will be losing their jobs on June 30. The college where I work is trying to cut back and save money. I don't have a problem cleaning my own office, but just so they know that I am a bleach fanatic and I will run everybody up out of here too. If they wanted to save money, heck, cut the salary of the President of the college. He don't do anything. Speaking of which, I saw him walking across the campus the other day talking on his cell phone with his head in the air. He didn't even stop to acknowledge a hello or anything. I wish I could have taken my "good morning" back.

In spite of our situations or our circumstances, God is still good. Thank God for just the plumbing, I could have not even had a house to be in. Thank God for jobs being lost, it could have been their life being lost in a senseless act of gunfire. Thank God for stuck up folk, it makes you just be kinder to other folk and appreciate the goodness that life has to offer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As Requested

I was asked to put some pictures on here of my before my hair was cut and after it was cut,well, here we go. This is my before shot:

AND......this is my after shot:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally, some ME time

I had been wanting to get my hair cut for quite some time, and each time I wanted to do it, there was always something that stumbled in my way that postponed me from accomplishing what I wanted to do. I told hubby that I wanted it cut. He said that he didn't have a problem with it, but honestly, I hope he wasn't thinking that I was asking for permission. HaHa. Ok, so I had made the appointment because I figured once it was made, then there would be no turning back. Everybody else's needs would have to be put on hold. I was going to take care of me.

I had been anticipating this day and the closer my hair day came, the more excited I got. It was like being a kid at Christmas. When I walked in the salon, Yen, the lady who did my hair, told me that I had a nice grade of hair and if I really wanted to cut it. I had already mustered up the nerve to be like Nike and just do it. I told her in my very calm and very nice voice that was my goal to have my hair cut. She said that she had a problem cutting it since it had grown to a nice length, but she said that if that's what I wanted, then she would oblige.

Not only that, I also got some golden hi-lites put in. Oh wow. This felt soooo good. I felt like a new person. I looked like a new person. I felt like I should have a new attitude and work this new hair style. I am very happy with my new do. When I walked in, hubby was like, "WOW". Watch out world, QueenBee is super fly now and I'm ready to take over Diva Central, well at least in my dreams anyway.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You took my spot

I stopped by a small store just to pick up some hot dog buns and a case of water. There were two ladies and I will call one Jill and the other one Jilly. Well I went to the check out line and Jill was standing in front of me, no problem. As the line moved up, I moved right along with it. About two seconds after that, Jilly comes up to me with a buggy full of grocery that probably could have fed six armies and said that I took her spot. I thought she must have been talking to someone else, so I just turned around to see who she was talking to. She said, "excuse me ma'am, she (referring to Jill) was in front of me." I said, "Ok" and just continued to stand in the same spot behind Jill. I was like, why is Jilly telling me that because I really didn't care.

Duh, it hit me. Now Jilly had moved from the line with her shopping cart full of grocery to go and get something else and did she really think that I was actually going to move in order for her to retain her spot in line? I think not!! I guess that was her intention for me to do. I then heard Jilly tell someone behind her that lady (referring to me) took her spot. I just moved on up in line as it moved closer to the register. I didn't turn around or anything. I was not about to get in to any altercations with Jilly. She really should have stayed where she was. Now I don't know how they do it here in Florida, but the Mississippi rules are if you move, you lose.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessed Assurance

Today is a great day. There is always something to be thankful about. Where should I begin? First, hubby is doing awesome. He is getting around with better movement. He is now doing cardiac rehab three times a week to help him get all strenghtened up. That will probably have to continue for the next 18 weeks or unless the doctors say he doesn't need it anymore.

My daughter turned 16 on yesterday. What!! Oh yes! She was grinning from ear to ear from the moment she woke up. I told her now that only makes 24 more months until she is out the house...LOL, I couldn't help myself, I just had to go there. Thank you laVender for the cake. She did share very small pieces....but the rest of it...she ate it ALONE. My daughter did ask what I was getting her for her birthday. Well, you see what had happened was is that she wanted contacts for her birthday, so hubby and I paid for that plus the eye exam, and then she wanted a new dress to wear to church and we got that. She didn't decide until the day before her birthday that she wanted to go to the beach....I told her that I could go and drop her off and pick her up later...she was ok with that idea but then her friend came from GA to spend a few weeks with us and she was content just being at home. Thank you, Jesus. It's hot here in Florida!!

My 13 year old son will has been selected to attend a Math Summer Camp for the next six weeks. It's one of those things where he has to get picked up and dropped off each day, but I'm sure he will have fun because his plans are to go to Harvard and become a chemist....oh yeah, and to be rich. He says that he wants to take care of his mom when he gets out of college. I'm all for that. You go son!!

As for me, if you don't see a blog for a while, it's because it does get hectic every now and then. I just thank God for his favor, his mercies, and his many blessings. Thank you to my readers, whether you leave a comment or not, thank you to my handful of friends, you know who you are.