Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I'm being punked

Today at work, a massive e-mail came through over all the college where I work. Sometimes when e-mails come through, if it has nothing to do with me, my finger will easily hit the delete button and in the trash it goes. Well this one e-mail had the subject of 'payroll'. So for a brief second, I thought that maybe it should be going to payroll department, but none the less, I opened that e-mail.

In this e-mail it said that our checks were not direct deposited last night at midnight like they were suppose to. Ok, I sat for a brief moment and thought that I was being punked and that Ashton Kutcher would pop out from around the corner and all my friends would laugh hysterically until their stomachs hurt. Well nothing happened. I couldn't find any hidden cameras and nobody jumped out from no where.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself. I wonder if this e-mail went out campus wide, so I called another lady in another department just to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. You mean, I am not going to be paid on payday!!! You mean I've worked for two whole weeks and then somebody tells me that I can't get any money. Oh snap!!!

Sure enough my eyes had not deceived me. I did read it right. So we all want to know when will this issue be resolved cause a sista needs her check. Well lo and behold, another e-mail comes through saying that they are working on the issue as soon as possible and that HOPEFULLY, it will be resolved by Friday....AND that MOST of the employees will PROBABLY get their money in their banks on Friday. I didn't like those words they were using. Yeah they must be talking about the ones who consider themselves the big wigs. I should just not do any more work until I get compensated for my labor and who is included in the "most" category?


  1. I understand what you are saying QueenBee, however, think of it from this point:

    Aren't we sometimes late with God's compenstion? He answers a prayer that we have longed for, but we "deposit" thanks later.

    He wakes us up from a well rested night but we do not make our "deposit" of praise, acknowledgement or first-fruits to God.

    On top of all that, we don't make timely "deposits" on growing in Christ!

    Still, I understand that you want to be compensated for your labor.


  2. Larie, you are so right. Sometimes we don't think of things the way someone else sees it. You have a point and I truly respect that. I love that comment.

    Momsweb, girrrrlllll, yes I finally got paid. I had to go to the grocery store because the cupboards were bare, and I saw just about every body that works at the college doing the same thing I was doing.

  3. Ouch. That is a scary situation. That is why I don't care too much for automatic withdrawals out of the account for rare instances just like the one you described.

    Glad you got your check!

    By the way, I found your blog from MomsWeb

  4. Ooh chile I woulda been carazy!!!!!!! No money when expected, oh hellz naw!!!!!! Glad you got your money Queen!