Monday, June 22, 2009

...but you don't mean that...

This weekend was pretty hectic for me. I decided to drive over to MS to see my parents and to wish my father a Happy Father's Day. It was a family reunion going on too, so I decided to go to that as well, but that wasn't my main purpose for going. While at the family reunion, I saw people that I haven't seen in ages and some of them look good for the better and some of them...well... need to just try and look good. One of my cousin's husband asked me how old the children were and I said they were 16 and 13. He said that I would miss the kids when they leave home because they grow up so fast. I did agree with him but at the same time I told him that me and hubby were going to celebrate when the kids did move out, and his reply was, "but you don't mean that."

Now how in the great waters of the yazoo river is he gonna tell me what I mean and don't mean. Heck, I do mean it. Hubby and I have already talked about that when both children get out the house, that he and I are going to Hawaii and then on a Tom Joyner cruise. So I told cousin's husband that yes we love our children but when the time comes for them to go, I want them to go. Once again he said, "but you don't mean that". Now why wouldn't I want them crumbsnatchers to get out of my pocket and be productive adults doing their own thing?

Go with me for a minute and just imagine your spouse saying I love you and your reply is..."but you don't mean that." You tell your children to go wash the dishes and clean up their room, their reply...."but you don't mean that." I already know that my kids will get slapped right in the mouth if they told me that and if I told my husband I loved him and he gave me that reply, well he wouldn't have to worry about me saying it again......and I do mean that.


  1. I love it! Althoooooooough.. My daughter is 15 and I'm single parenting.. I guess that's why I don't really want to look so far into the future.. when she'll be on her on. But at the same time, I know.. This feeling, too shall pass. Almost every other day I'm like.. Lordy! I'll be so glad when she's on her own! But I don't meant that!



  2. My son is 2 and I'm already wondering about the days when he leaves and my husband and I can be alone again! :-) LOL