Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You took my spot

I stopped by a small store just to pick up some hot dog buns and a case of water. There were two ladies and I will call one Jill and the other one Jilly. Well I went to the check out line and Jill was standing in front of me, no problem. As the line moved up, I moved right along with it. About two seconds after that, Jilly comes up to me with a buggy full of grocery that probably could have fed six armies and said that I took her spot. I thought she must have been talking to someone else, so I just turned around to see who she was talking to. She said, "excuse me ma'am, she (referring to Jill) was in front of me." I said, "Ok" and just continued to stand in the same spot behind Jill. I was like, why is Jilly telling me that because I really didn't care.

Duh, it hit me. Now Jilly had moved from the line with her shopping cart full of grocery to go and get something else and did she really think that I was actually going to move in order for her to retain her spot in line? I think not!! I guess that was her intention for me to do. I then heard Jilly tell someone behind her that lady (referring to me) took her spot. I just moved on up in line as it moved closer to the register. I didn't turn around or anything. I was not about to get in to any altercations with Jilly. She really should have stayed where she was. Now I don't know how they do it here in Florida, but the Mississippi rules are if you move, you lose.


  1. LOLOLOLOL. Okay, I'm taking your spot in your favorite pew on Sunday. LOLOLOL

  2. Mississippi rules? that's nature. SHe must have been off her rocker to think someone was going to move. That's crazy

  3. I was in a store one time, loading my groceries (probably about 10 things) onto the conveyor belt, and the cashier told me to wait because my stuff was going to run into the stuff belonging to the lady ahead of me. That lady was *already checking out* and she decided to do more shopping! After a couple minutes she came back to the cashier with another armload of stuff. Ugh! I think the rules are the same here in New York. I'm sure my husband (who spent the first 12 years of his life in Mississippi) would agree--you move, you lose!