Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friend or Foe

My daughter's friend, KeKe, is visiting with us for the summer from GA. Her mom didn't send any money with KeKe for anything. KeKe's dad lives here, also her grandmother and her aunt, but she wanted to spend the summer with us since she and my daughter are real close friends. I didn't have a problem with that, but before KeKe came, I plainly told her that my rules apply if you come to my house. Considering that she has been to my house before, she should know how I am. Well KeKe had a problem with me last night. When I say get off the phone at a certain time, that is what I mean. I don't mean it to be one minute later. I can't have someone come in my house and I treat them any differently than I do my own children.

Ok, here's the situation. KeKe and this guy named DJ have been talking in GA. She is here for the summer and he is in Indiana somewhere. She wants to call him every night while at my house and run up my phone bill. First and foremost, that's not going to happen. I told her that I didn't mind her calling him maybe on the weekend, but that she is not going to call this guy every night from my phone and then wants to stay on the phone. She tells me that she talks to him every night when she is at home. Ding, ding - excuse me - reality check, you ain't at home miss lady. What you do in GA is one thing but when in Rome, you do as the Romans do. She said, "But Ms. B, I'm 17." Oooookkkk, and what does that have to do with the price of tea in China! I don't give a flying rats behind how old you are. I say you are not doing it, then that is what I mean.

Why can't she go over her dad's house or any of her other relatives and talk to DJ from their phone? Well I really don't care if she likes it or not because she can pack up her clothes and either go back to GA, or spend the remainder of the summer at the other relatives house. So KeKe goes in the room after church last night, and doesn't come out for the remainder of the night. My hubby asked what was wrong with her. I told him that I have two children that are my care and concern and that I don't have time to be dealing with drama from nobody else kids. She can get mad, then scratch her tail and get glad. I won't even be offended if KeKe decided that she was going to pack her bag and tell her dad to come and get her. But since her mother trusted me to have her in my care, she do as I say do or get to steppin'. I'm not trying to gain any friendship status from a 17 year old because I do not have no teenage friends.

So for all of my children's friends, as well as the cousins, or who enjoy coming to my house, here are the rules: You can either abide by the rules we have at our house,whether you like them or not or just stay your tail at your own house and don't come. Ok, catch you all on the next blog. Holla!


  1. Queen Bee,

    So many problems with kids could be avoided if parents would step up like you did and stick to their words and not give in because they are too busy wanting to be kids friends instead of a parental role! I say good job!

  2. A cyberspace high five to ya!

  3. "She can get mad, then scratch her tail and get glad." QueenBee, this is the first time I've heard that comment and I love it! LOLx2!

    Now, your way is how I expect it to be when my kids go to someone else's home. I know our kids are young and do not go to anyone but my parents for an extended time but I do believe that this applies even when they are just wanting to come over to play.

    However, it seems that not to many people feel this way now. I expect my kids to be treated as if they were yours, (so long as it's all done in love), but "everybody" contributing to raising children is lost.

    Because of this, children do not respect other adults. I verbally corrected a child at Worship service one day and he told me, "My momma name ********." I replied, "Well get yo' tail over there with her then!!!"


  4. Your home and your rules. At 17 she should know better.

  5. Sounds like she needs to get a summer job to pay for those phone calls!

    Handle your business!