Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessed Assurance

Today is a great day. There is always something to be thankful about. Where should I begin? First, hubby is doing awesome. He is getting around with better movement. He is now doing cardiac rehab three times a week to help him get all strenghtened up. That will probably have to continue for the next 18 weeks or unless the doctors say he doesn't need it anymore.

My daughter turned 16 on yesterday. What!! Oh yes! She was grinning from ear to ear from the moment she woke up. I told her now that only makes 24 more months until she is out the house...LOL, I couldn't help myself, I just had to go there. Thank you laVender for the cake. She did share very small pieces....but the rest of it...she ate it ALONE. My daughter did ask what I was getting her for her birthday. Well, you see what had happened was is that she wanted contacts for her birthday, so hubby and I paid for that plus the eye exam, and then she wanted a new dress to wear to church and we got that. She didn't decide until the day before her birthday that she wanted to go to the beach....I told her that I could go and drop her off and pick her up later...she was ok with that idea but then her friend came from GA to spend a few weeks with us and she was content just being at home. Thank you, Jesus. It's hot here in Florida!!

My 13 year old son will has been selected to attend a Math Summer Camp for the next six weeks. It's one of those things where he has to get picked up and dropped off each day, but I'm sure he will have fun because his plans are to go to Harvard and become a chemist....oh yeah, and to be rich. He says that he wants to take care of his mom when he gets out of college. I'm all for that. You go son!!

As for me, if you don't see a blog for a while, it's because it does get hectic every now and then. I just thank God for his favor, his mercies, and his many blessings. Thank you to my readers, whether you leave a comment or not, thank you to my handful of friends, you know who you are.


  1. Wow!!! I'm happy for you. I'm glad your hubby is better:) I was down today but, your blog has raised my spirits! I love the math camp, that's fabulous and if he wants to go to Harvard he is already on his way:) Enjoy your day in Gods Blessings:)

  2. This post is blessed assurance that God is in control. I'm happy your family is doing well AND getting better day by day. Morning by morning new mercies I see! Happy June!

  3. Yaaaaaay for your husband!!!

    Are you ready for a 16-year-old girl? WOW!

    I want to say that I am jealous that you got to have some cake from LaVender, but that wouldn't be very nice.