Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But God is still good

After the toilets overflowed in my house, we found out that we have some bad pipes that need to be fixed. We were going to go to Home Depot and get one of them tools to flush it out, but hubby's friend came over and did it for us. But that wasn't the whole story. The friend told us that to get the pipes fixed, it would cost us about $1,000, but that he could do it for $425. I was like, what!! I was in a panic mode, but thought that it could be worse than that.

Then I found out that about 25 custodial personnel from work will be losing their jobs on June 30. The college where I work is trying to cut back and save money. I don't have a problem cleaning my own office, but just so they know that I am a bleach fanatic and I will run everybody up out of here too. If they wanted to save money, heck, cut the salary of the President of the college. He don't do anything. Speaking of which, I saw him walking across the campus the other day talking on his cell phone with his head in the air. He didn't even stop to acknowledge a hello or anything. I wish I could have taken my "good morning" back.

In spite of our situations or our circumstances, God is still good. Thank God for just the plumbing, I could have not even had a house to be in. Thank God for jobs being lost, it could have been their life being lost in a senseless act of gunfire. Thank God for stuck up folk, it makes you just be kinder to other folk and appreciate the goodness that life has to offer.


  1. Amen, amen, and AMEN! I awoke breathing and everything is AOK!

  2. Don't you hate when they do that? Cut salaries of those who are already making nothing. Fire people who need their jobs badly.. But refuse to cut those off who are getting paid to walk around doing nothing?