Friday, May 18, 2012

Minor differences make a big difference

There are just some things we do not allow our children to do especially while they are still living in our house. I can't determine what they will do once they move out, but as long as they are living here, it's not going to happen. Such things that are not allowed are tattoos, drinking, smoking, our son can't get an ear-ring and there definitely will not be any body piercings such as lip rings, tongue rings, eyebrow rings...stuff like that.

Hubby has a niece who is the same age as our daughter, but younger by only about 6 weeks. I had never met her but she wanted to come and visit us and so I agreed. When she came, I guess you could say that I was sort of judgemental because when I first saw that tattoo around her neck, I couldn't help but to stare it. When I saw the lip ring and then another tattoo on her arm, I thought if I was being too hard on my children, especially our almost 19 year old daughter who wants a tattoo. I immediately answered no I am not being too hard, I am just being a parent. No offense to those reading this who already have a tattoo, but why on earth does someone want to be all tatted up? Can you even get a good, decent job looking like a thug? Inquiring minds want to know.

So after awhile, hubby asked his niece if she wanted to step outside with him. Ok, stop the press. I already know that if you stepping outside at midnight that she must smoke. I know that hubby don't be stepping outside at that time of night, so when he said it, it was like he was condoning smoking. He doesn't think of it that way. I disagreed. I'm trying to figure out in my mind how does an 18 year old get cigarettes in the first place and who is buying them for her. I really want to ask her all these questions and to tell her that she is cutting her life short already. Hubby's excuse is that she has had a hard life. My reply is "and your point would be what?????"

Even though hubby's niece and my daughter will both be 19 soon, they are both on two totally different levels. One is living the life of an adult while the other one does not want to grow up yet. One has had to live on her own while the other one enjoys living at home and is not ready to move out yet. When I asked our daughter if she was going to talk to hubby's niece and get to know her.....our daughter's response was, "we don't have anything in common." Wow is all I am left with saying.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All I want is bacon

Hubby asked me what did I want for Mother's Day. I told him I didn't want him or the children to go out and get gifts just to say Happy Mother's Day because we are mothers everyday. Not only that, I could not think of anything I wanted or needed, so I told him I didn't want anything....except for one thing, and that was for him to get up and cook me some bacon. The point is not whether I needed it or not, the point is that I wanted bacon. End of discussion. I went in the bathroom and fixed my hair to get ready for Sunday service and when I came out, hubby was just sitting there. Actually he was still stretched out across the bed. I asked him if he had gotten up to fix my bacon. He said he had not. I was like, Really! Really!

I went in the kitchen and put a few pieces of bacon in the microwave and continued doing what I was doing. Hubby came in and asked what was I doing. I said that I am fixing myself some bacon and that I was not about to beg him to do it for me. He said he didn't think I was for-real and so he didn't bother getting up. I told him not to worry about it and that the very next time he ask me to do something, that he should think of this moment when he did not get up. We went on to church and one person came up to me and hubby and said, "So, did you do anything special for your wife for Mother's Day." I just looked over and hubby with a smirk and said, "Well, did you?" He bust out laughing and said that I will not be able to let him live this one down. Everything he said or asked for that day, I said, "But if only you had've fixed my bacon...."

Later that evening, I had to take my daughter to a concert on the beach which was part of her class assignment. When I got back home, I smelled bacon. Hubby said to me that he had cooked me some bacon and that he would even make me a BLT. I accepted his offer and that was one good sandwich. He said when I ask for bacon, he will make sure he get up and cook me some bacon. Afterall, that is all I asked for. He was forgiven.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Did you just cuss?

Someone came in my office and I'm guessing it was good news or shocking news, but I responded by saying, "Shut the front doe!!" And it's amazing when a conversation is not even meant for you, but other people tend to jump in it anyway. With that being said, when the person left out of my office, the girl from across the hall hurriedly ran over to my office and asked me, "Did you just cuss?" I was clueless as to what she was talking about, so I asked her. She said that she saw me talking to someone in my office and couldn't help but overhear the conversation and she thought I cussed. Let's pause for a minute. First of all, if she was focusing on what she was doing and stop being nosy what I was doing, then there would not be no misunderstanding.....Second of all, I do not use profanity. I just choose not to. Now back to our regular scheduled program.....So I said to her, "So what if I did cuss?" She said that she had never heard me cuss before and just wanted to know if I did or not. Again I asked her what difference did it make. She said it wouldn't make any difference. I told her I did not cuss and that I said "Shut the front doe!" She wiped her forehead and said that she thought I said, Shut the F------Up!! She then asked me how do I not cuss? I just told her that I do not use it because I am the one who controls my tongue and I have to have will power not to cuss, even when folks get on my nerves or all up in my business. She looked at me and said, "I guess you want me to go back across the hall." I kindly nodded and said, "Yes, I do."