Friday, September 30, 2011

Back off

It's not that I mind people using my stuff in my office but I do have a problem with you assuming that I do not want to be asked to use it. I have this compartment on my desk and it has all different kinds of labels in it. The lady across the hall from me had asked if I had any labels she could "borrow". I don't know how you gonna borrow labels, because that would mean you would have to pay them back and I knew if she asking to use some of mine, then she don't have any to give back. I told her that I could give her a few labels and that was that.


I was sitting at my desk the other day and she walks across the hall to my office. I could see her coming out of my peripheral vision or however you spell it...but anyhoo, I see her coming so I figured she was gonna ask if she could "borrow" more labels. NOPE!! She just walked over to my compartment tray and grabbed the labels and walked back across the hall. STOP THE PRESS. Did she just.....? Yeah she did!!! Did she even ask me if she could get my stuff off my desk? And then.....not even say a thank you behind it. Oh heck the nall!! I told her that this is my stuff on my desk and I don't just walk over to her desk and grab stuff and I would certainly appreciate it that she ask me before assuming. Heck, I might not feel like sharing that day.

But the audacity to just do it is cause enough for me to try to break her hand off the next time she does it...oh my bad, there probably won't be a next time because I am moving everything around....but why do I have to move my stuff in my office!!!! I hope she don't think that just because we work in the same building across the hall from each other that my belongings equals to her belongings as well. It doesn't. She should get some stuff for her office like I do for mine. She better back off....don't let my cute face fool ya.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Abundance of blessings

I tell ya when the Lord says he will open up a window and pour you out blessings that you won't have room enough to receive it, you best believe it is true. Hubby and I plans out our grocery list together and we even put a price next to the items what we think it will cost and this is done every two weeks. Well I came home from work one day and there was this box of food sitting in the floor and hubby had mentioned that one of our friends had given us this box of food because they wanted us to have it. I am glad I wasn't too proud to receive it, even though we had asked for nothing. I started going through the box and we could use everything in there, it's just that we had no room in the pantry for it so we let it sit in the box and used it when we needed it.

About two days later, there was another box when I got home. I wanted to ask why we got this food and what did we do to get it but I was grateful for the blessing. Again, it could not fit in the pantry, so now this box sat on top of the other box in the kitchen. I looked in the refrigerator and we had more than one dozen of eggs, juices, sausages and breads. Hubby had mentioned that he was helping someone out with something and this was their way of paying us. Even though we didn't ask for pay and it was from our heart, they rewarded us with an abundance of food that we did not have to go grocery shopping for at least a whole month. We were beyond grateful and were not too proud to receive it either. So whenever I get ready to have a cook out, I will let you know.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Loss of Time

Yes, I must admit that I have a colored watch that goes with just about everything I wear (except green, but I'm working on that). That is just my thing. I can't even begin to tell you how long I have been doing this. Well today I wore my red top and my blue jean shorts and I already knew the navy blue watch needed a battery so I didn't reach for that one, but I did not know that the red watch had died on me. So I grabbed the watch and headed on out of the door.

Halfway down the road, I just so happen to glance at my watch just to make sure I was on time in getting to work....and when I looked down, I was like what the sheezy!! My watch was dead. Noooooooo!!!!! I started to just take it off but I know it is all in my mind that if I don't have a watch on, I somehow feel naked. I kept looking at my watch, forgetting that it was not working, and was at a loss of time all day. It threw my entire day off because each time I looked down, it still said 6:45....well at least it was right at least twice today.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only God...

We were driving back to Florida from a family reunion in Philadelphia, MS. The weather was kind of crazy and hubby don't normally go too fast on a slippery road. As we got into Mobile, AL and had to drive over that long bridge, I could see that hubby was in some kind of hurry. I didn't ask him about it because I thought he was just looking out for me, being that I was tired and sleepy, I thought he just wanted to hurry up and get me home. Normally, I would ask him why was he driving (not mainly fast, but faster than what he normally would drive while it was raining).

So hubby zoomed through one lane, then zoomed through another. Then I thought that maybe he had to drop a load and was trying to get off the bridge to get to a toilet but when he passed by the exit to get off, I knew that wasn't it. Hmmm, I didn't want to disturb him so I just let him be. He zoomed through another lane and all the while I am thinking to myself that he is really crazy right about now.

Well, by the time we actually drove across the Florida state line, the rain was still coming but it had ceased just a smidgen. When we got home and all got inside, hubby asked me if I knew why he was driving so fast and I said no. He said that as he got on the bridge in Alabama, he thought he saw a tornado cloud and he didn't want us first of all to be caught in it, and second of all, to be caught in it on a bridge. He said he didn't want to tell me in the car to scare me and he said he was just hoping I would not ask him why he was trying to get home like he did. Lo and behold, after he had told me that, he does what he likes to do the news.....and right there on the screen, the newsperson showed videos of people who had recorded a tornado on the bridge we were just on......AND...check this out.....the newsperson said that a tornado just touched down in Alabama. We just looked at each other.

All I could say was ONLY GOD!!! That was so powerful right there that I just had to share it with you. WOW!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you sleep?

It had been a rough day after being at work all day then going to classes right afterward. I came home and was exhausted. I ate some dinner, took a bath and came in the bedroom to just relax in the bed. The lights were off, the tv was off and it was just total silence. It was nice. As I lay there, hubby bust in the room like he forgot to stop, drop and roll and said, "You sleep?" Correction, he didn't say it.....he shouted it as if he was the bear to help you prevent forest fires. I rolled over and said, "No, I am not sleep, what do you want?" He says that he didn't want anything, he just wanted to see if I was sleep.

Don't you think that if I was sleep, that this unnecessary outrage would have waken me up! I said well since I am not sleep and you busting in here, you had better want something. He said nope he didn't want anything. That was so stupid. I then asked him why did he come in the room like that and it was like I was talking to Helen Keller cause he said, "Come in here like what?" I said, "why did you bust up in here like you were on fire?" He said, "I did?" Ok, this isn't going I just told him to go somewhere so I can go to sleep. The next time he ask me if I am about I just answer yes and then maybe he will actually want something or just pretend I am and not say anything.