Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you sleep?

It had been a rough day after being at work all day then going to classes right afterward. I came home and was exhausted. I ate some dinner, took a bath and came in the bedroom to just relax in the bed. The lights were off, the tv was off and it was just total silence. It was nice. As I lay there, hubby bust in the room like he forgot to stop, drop and roll and said, "You sleep?" Correction, he didn't say it.....he shouted it as if he was the bear to help you prevent forest fires. I rolled over and said, "No, I am not sleep, what do you want?" He says that he didn't want anything, he just wanted to see if I was sleep.

Don't you think that if I was sleep, that this unnecessary outrage would have waken me up! I said well since I am not sleep and you busting in here, you had better want something. He said nope he didn't want anything. That was so stupid. I then asked him why did he come in the room like that and it was like I was talking to Helen Keller cause he said, "Come in here like what?" I said, "why did you bust up in here like you were on fire?" He said, "I did?" Ok, this isn't going I just told him to go somewhere so I can go to sleep. The next time he ask me if I am about I just answer yes and then maybe he will actually want something or just pretend I am and not say anything.

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