Friday, September 30, 2011

Back off

It's not that I mind people using my stuff in my office but I do have a problem with you assuming that I do not want to be asked to use it. I have this compartment on my desk and it has all different kinds of labels in it. The lady across the hall from me had asked if I had any labels she could "borrow". I don't know how you gonna borrow labels, because that would mean you would have to pay them back and I knew if she asking to use some of mine, then she don't have any to give back. I told her that I could give her a few labels and that was that.


I was sitting at my desk the other day and she walks across the hall to my office. I could see her coming out of my peripheral vision or however you spell it...but anyhoo, I see her coming so I figured she was gonna ask if she could "borrow" more labels. NOPE!! She just walked over to my compartment tray and grabbed the labels and walked back across the hall. STOP THE PRESS. Did she just.....? Yeah she did!!! Did she even ask me if she could get my stuff off my desk? And then.....not even say a thank you behind it. Oh heck the nall!! I told her that this is my stuff on my desk and I don't just walk over to her desk and grab stuff and I would certainly appreciate it that she ask me before assuming. Heck, I might not feel like sharing that day.

But the audacity to just do it is cause enough for me to try to break her hand off the next time she does it...oh my bad, there probably won't be a next time because I am moving everything around....but why do I have to move my stuff in my office!!!! I hope she don't think that just because we work in the same building across the hall from each other that my belongings equals to her belongings as well. It doesn't. She should get some stuff for her office like I do for mine. She better back off....don't let my cute face fool ya.

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