Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only God...

We were driving back to Florida from a family reunion in Philadelphia, MS. The weather was kind of crazy and hubby don't normally go too fast on a slippery road. As we got into Mobile, AL and had to drive over that long bridge, I could see that hubby was in some kind of hurry. I didn't ask him about it because I thought he was just looking out for me, being that I was tired and sleepy, I thought he just wanted to hurry up and get me home. Normally, I would ask him why was he driving (not mainly fast, but faster than what he normally would drive while it was raining).

So hubby zoomed through one lane, then zoomed through another. Then I thought that maybe he had to drop a load and was trying to get off the bridge to get to a toilet but when he passed by the exit to get off, I knew that wasn't it. Hmmm, I didn't want to disturb him so I just let him be. He zoomed through another lane and all the while I am thinking to myself that he is really crazy right about now.

Well, by the time we actually drove across the Florida state line, the rain was still coming but it had ceased just a smidgen. When we got home and all got inside, hubby asked me if I knew why he was driving so fast and I said no. He said that as he got on the bridge in Alabama, he thought he saw a tornado cloud and he didn't want us first of all to be caught in it, and second of all, to be caught in it on a bridge. He said he didn't want to tell me in the car to scare me and he said he was just hoping I would not ask him why he was trying to get home like he did. Lo and behold, after he had told me that, he does what he likes to do the news.....and right there on the screen, the newsperson showed videos of people who had recorded a tornado on the bridge we were just on......AND...check this out.....the newsperson said that a tornado just touched down in Alabama. We just looked at each other.

All I could say was ONLY GOD!!! That was so powerful right there that I just had to share it with you. WOW!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!

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  1. WOW! Your Protector did his job! I hope you rewarded him (wink,wink).