Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who in the world is Gd?

I don't have to believe in what you believe in nor do I have to agree with what you agree upon, but I will say, either be for something or against it. I believe in God and I believe in saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter. Now just because a person or people do not believe what I believe, that does not mean that I have to be afraid to say it. Here is my point:

I was on Facebook one day and one of my friends had put something on her status like she is glad of the power of G_d of how he freely on and so forth. My response was, so if God is so freely giving, what is wrong with you not adding that o to his name? I wasn't trying to be ugly, but if you are gonna talk about the name of the Lord, then why can't you just spell it out...GOD? Or, would you not spell it out because other people will be offended by it?

I'm not going to apologize for saying God's name at work just because someone may not believe in Him. I am also not going to apologize for sending out a Christmas card to someone even if I know they do not believe in Christmas. First and foremost, it ain't about me, it ain't about them. But I do want to know who in the world is Gd? Do I address my prayers by saying Dear Gd, I can't add this o in your name because whoever is listening might take offense to me saying God out loud? Even an atheist says they do not believe in God, they never said they don't believe in this Gd fellow.

Now turn to your neighbor and repeat after me: Ain't God good!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I need a tissue

We have a conference room in our office where other people can reserve for a small meeting of about 6 people. So a group of 5 were wanting to use the room and I agreed that they could. Well, one thing I really hate is for people to throw their titles around, as if that is suppossed to do something for me. So while the group was in the conference room, I was sitting at my desk doing what I do when I hear someone yell out, "I need a tissue!" Well, I really do not respond to peoples beck and call like that, so I just ignored the guy who called it out and kept on typing on my computer. The guy then comes out of the room and said, "Barbara, may I have a tissue, please." Oh certainly, not a problem. I want him to know that just because I work behind a desk does not mean that he can't give a lil respect.

I will never forget the time this guy was in the boss' office and he kept proclaiming how he has a doctorate and then yelled from the boss' office for me to come and get his paperwork and make him a copy. My mind said Excuse me, but I just sat there. My boss told him that first, he do not yell from her office demanding me to go anything and then second, to stop throwing his title around.

Well after everyone else came out of the conference room, I was talking to one of the other people and he said that he knew I heard that other guy ask for a tissue. We laughed and he said, "They must not know about you." I told him I guess not. He said if I start running everytime they demand something, then they will never have respect and they will expect it every time. What a touching moment. Now I need a tissue.


Monday, April 16, 2012

It was all a dream

I had the most craziest dream of all time that I would like to share:
Hubby comes home and told me to sit down because he needed to talk. He said that when I check the bank account, I will see that there is only 15 dollars in the account. I didn't say anything and just proceeded to listen. He began to first say how sorry he was and that he hopes that I can forgive him. He went on to say that he spent 250 dollars on a boy and that he was a good kid and hadn't had much in his life, then he said he spent another 250 dollars on a woman to help make her breast bigger. He said he know he shouldn't have done it and wanted to let me know before I looked at the balance. I didn't even ask him any questions. I just told him to get out. Hubby said he didn't have nowhere to go and wanted to know if we could work things out. I just pointed to the door and told him to get out. As he was walking to the door, the alarm went off and I woke up.

I laughed when I woke up because first, if hubby ever did some crap like that, yes he would probably be out of the door and 2nd, we ain't got no 515 dollars in the bank's much lower, much, much lower. I'm curious as to why I didn't say anything in the dream. What kind of nonsense is that? I'm glad it was just a dream though.

I guess it's a date then

Hubby is not the type to normally go to the movies. When I ask him about it, he'll usually brush it off and say for me to either call up one of my friends or take the children. By the time he has said that, I've really lost interest in going. I told him that he was missing the point and that I wanted me and him to go together. Most times, he'll sigh and then say he'll go, but that is not what I really want. I want him to be willing and joyful to go, not like I'm making him go. Other times, he plans stuff for the whole family, not just the two of us.

Well, I guess you can say I almost fell off my rocker when hubby mentioned to me that he wanted to go and see a movie with me. Ok, that is not a good way to describe how I felt. Let me put in another way. It was the feeling when you eat a peppermint patty and get that cool sensation. So, I asked him if he was pulling my leg. He said no. He had it all planned out. (10 points for hubby, because he normally would just say whatever I wanted to do) He wants to go and see the movie, "Think like a man" on this Friday. He said he will meet me at work when I get off at 4:00, then we will go and have dinner and then go to the movies. I felt like a kid at Christmas time opening up a gift that they have wanted like for-e-v-e-r!

I paused, and asked him what was the catch. He said no catch. I paused again and asked him where were the children gonna be, he said at home. Shut the front doe!!! So the children were talking to each other and said they guess they are on their own on Friday to find something to eat since the parents were going out on a date. I said, "We are not going on a date, we are just going to go and get something to eat and then a movie." Our 18 year old daughter said, "Um, mom.....if a guy picked me up and took me to dinner and a movie, oh yes, it's a date." I looked at our 16 year old son and he nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, mom, she's right." Well, I guess it's a date then and I am so tickled and excited at the same time. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, I am not quite sure if I am in menopause or not, so I'll call it mini-pause until I can get more clarification. I know I'm somewhat young to be going into menopause, but shoot, my mother went into it in her 40's, maybe late 40's and I'm in my early 40's. Well, I hadn't had a cycle in 9 months. Oh no, ain't no pregnancy happening around here. Stop thinking that anyway. I'm not saying it can't happen, I'm saying it ain't gonna happen. I went to the doctor to find out what was going on. My OB-GYN said it was common for women in their 40's to go through it. I am not complaining over here at all. She said it was hard to tell if I was going through menopause or not and that it was going to be a waiting game. A what? I don't think I have ever heard that. So you mean to tell me that I will just have to sit around here on a monthly basis to see if something plops out of nowhere. Hmmmmm!!

Well, the doctor said that if it is not here for a year, then we will see what is going on. Ok, I'm really not complaining on my end.  I don't have to see a cycle ever again in my life. The doctor asked me if I have hot flashes. I responded by saying, "Doc, I'm a plus size chic, of course I be hot all the time." She said yeah, you could be going through the change. She even told me that she could pop something and make my cycle come if I wanted her to. I was like, uhhhh no!!! Shoot, she might make me start bleeding and I may never be able to stop....ever. I told her that I was just gonna let nature take its course and go from there. So I am in a mini stage of menopause to me. Even if it should come tomorrow, it sholl was enjoyable while it lasted.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Booger be gone

Disclaimer: If you are easy offended or grossed out, stop reading right now and come back at another time.
Now that I have that out of the way, I must share something with you. I woke up the other morning and it felt like my right nostril was stopped up and that some alien was trampling all over my nose membranes. I sucked in air but could actually feel something in my nose that was blocking my airway. I don't think it was a spaceship though. I went in the bathroom and got some tissue to see if I could just pick it out, nothing came out. I knew something was in my nose but just could not get it to come out. I took a mirror to see if I could see anything and I could not. Ok, whatever it was had to come out. I figured I would just go in the kitchen and put some pepper in my hand so that I could sneeze, and let me just tell you this...when I had my tissue ready, it was the slimiest snotty booger that I had ever seen. It was lodged way back there in a place, like Star Trek,  the final frontier, where no man has ever gone before. When I say I felt relieved, it was like being at the top of Mount Rushmore and all your hiking gear gets you back down to the bottom safely....considering I have never gone hiking.  The good thing is that I could breathe again, the right way.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is going on around here?

It's hard to find a parking spot here at work unless you get here early enough like I do. So when the President's secretary came from down stairs and announced to everyone that we needed to move out of our parking spaces, I did look at her funny. She said that some senators were coming and wanted everybody to move from their parking spaces and go and park wayyyyyyy (and I must put emphasis on wayyyyyyy) across the street and then walk back to our office. First of all, I'm sure they knew days in advance that the senators were coming. Just like they send all these emails that mean nothing, they could have sent out an email asking us not to park in the front parking spaces on this particular day. That would have been easier instead of going to go and move our cars and then find another parking space. If we had known in advance, then when we got to work, we could have just parked somewhere else.

Second, since the senators were coming, then why do they have to be treated any differently than anybody else. The senators knew they were coming and they should have been informed to get to the college a little earlier in order to get a parking space up front. Here is the crazy part: The lady from upstairs came down at 8:30 to say they would be here at 9:00, which means they were already in route when she said it....DUH!!!  We get to work for 7:30, so don't you think that we could have been warned at that time that they need the parking spots. So, if you can visualize with me for a minute, all these people are going out to their cars at the same time trying to move their cars wayyyyyyy across the street. It was not a pretty site.

Inquiring minds want to know what would have happened if nobody got up to go and move their cars!!!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Gas money

Hubby brought me to work today because his car had a flat and he needed my vehicle to go and get another tire. On our way here, we saw a man standing beside his van on the side of the road. His blinkers were flashing and there was a sign on cardboard that said, "Need gas money."  People and their crazy ways make it hard for someone to stop and help you.  With so much happening in today's society, you really can't help people on the side of the road for what somebody else has done. It is not even the principle if you give the money to help, will they actually get gas with it. That's not it. It's more so the principle of them trying to hurt you when you try to help others. I glanced over at hubby and he knew what I was thinking, that we should at least give this guy some money to get some gas. The question is always should I help, but at the same time, I'm too afraid to help. What if, when we pull this car over, that this man may be crazy and will hold us at gunpoint? Or what if this man has a gang of people in his van that when we pull up, they all gonna jump out and beat us silly and leave us for dead.

All of this sounds weird and no, it is not because I watch too much television either. This stuff is real, and it happens everyday. Yes, Jesus said to help those in need, but I also know that he expects to have some kind of sense too. You never know if, when people say they are in need, that they are really in need....especially strangers on the side of the road. I was torn between what I should do. I even asked myself what would I expect people to do if I was in that situation...honestly, I would not expect them to stop because so many people have made it hard for those who really do need the help. So we did not stop. I will even admit that I was too afraid to stop but I did pray that someone who was not afraid, would stop and give the man some gas money. People will often say what they will or will not do in certain situations, but you really can't say until you are actually in that situation.

Lesson learned

Sometimes it is bad when we have to learn a lesson the hard way, especially if someone has told you over and over again not to do something or they should be doing it a different way. Hubby and I had been telling our daughter not to use her laptop on the edge of the couch. She had been placing it up there when she is working and we kept telling her to put it on a table or better yet, put it on the desk in her room to do her work. She wanted to be stubborn about it and disclaim that it would be ok and that nothing would happen to it. But for the 194,345,234,908th time, I still kept telling her not to sit it there and do work.

Well one of my sisters was visiting for Easter and my daughter decides to put her laptop up there and begin her work, and that is when the laptop fell to the floor and cracked the screen. All of her school work was on the laptop and now she had nothing. It pissed me off so bad, because first, I had told her not to do it. Second, hubby had also told her not to do it. Third, as if she can just go out and buy another laptop like that. Fourth, she can't do her schoolwork. Fifth, now she got to get on my laptop and delay me in doing my work. And 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th go with the 1st and 2nd reasons are because I said don't do it. I could have shaken her silly until her eyeballs popped up and then I would have made her pick them up and put them back in. So she is sitting over in the corner with tears coming out of her eyes. I said that there is no need to be crying and that she might as well get some pen and paper and try to remember what she was writing so she can use my laptop to type up her paper. I was furious too.

So I'm trying to tell her that all she could have done was listen when hubby and I tried to tell her. She gonna tell me, "Mom, not now." Oh heck yeah, right now. I'm gonna fuss about it right now while it is fresh on my mind. I'm gonna make her feel bad about it because the next time, I bet she will listen.  I told her that is the problem with teenagers when they get a certain age that they think they know everything and can't nobody tell them nothing or should I say anything. {Correct grammar ain't really my friend when I'm blogging.} Anyway, I asked my sister if she thought I was wrong for fussing at her, she said no because if I don't do it, then when she get out on her own, the world gonna treat her worse than that. I told daughter to get her tail over there on my laptop and type up her paper and that she better leave it on the table cause I work too darn hard for some 18 year old child of mine to be careless with my stuff.

My sister said that I bet she will learn her lesson from putting it on the edge of the couch again. I hope she looks at the edge of the couch and see it as the devil and will now say, Mama was right. She don't even have to tell me I was, I just want her to acknowledge it in her head that we don't just tell them things because we want to hear ourselves talk. It is for their good.  Now she was all upset because she has to go and pay her money to get it fixed. Parents can't fix everything that their children screw up. They need to be responsible for things that happen in life. That's life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Putting in my two sense worth

I try to stay out of people's business by telling them what they should or should not do, but this one instance, I had to jump in and say something. My hubby has this niece who is the same age as our daughter, 18. Hubby's niece has never met her father because he died when she was just a baby. She lives 3 hours away and constantly calls hubby to talk to him about what is going on in her life. I do not have a problem with that at all; but I believe that since she has never had a male figure around that, that she do not know how one is suppossed to treat a lady.

Again, she is 18 and is living with this 30 year old bum male. She works, but he do not work, and on occasion, he has put his hands on her and hit her. He comes and goes when he wants to, go in her purse and takes her money and all that other crap that just didn't settle good with me. That is when I had to put my two sense in. When she called the house and instead of her talking to hubby, I talked to her and told her that I was just gonna lay it on the line and for her to listen. She laughed at some of the stuff I was saying, but I was really for real.  I first of all told her to go to Wal-mart and get a new lock and have it changed by the time he got to her place and then when he come home, he will see that those old keys don't work. I told her that when he comes banging on the door, do not open it, even if she is sitting right there. Just let him knock, don't even say anything to him through the door. Don't explain why his keys won't work either.

She said what if he call the police. I said to let him call then cause this is her place, not his. Let the police come so the police can be there when he gets his things and let the police escort him back out. I told her that she needs to go and press charges on him and file a restraining as well because he feels that he is 30 and she is 18, that she won't know to go and do these things. I also told her that she needs to stand her ground and not let him back in her house. Then after all that, she tells me that he told her that he won't hit her again. Not even knowing the guy, I told her he is lying. I told her that if he hit her one time, then that is one time too many and she deserves better than that. I was telling her that if her uncle ever hit me, he might as well turn around and keep walking cause he ain't never coming back. I said that if I let him come back, every time he comes near me, my mind is gonna wander if he is gonna hit me or not. I even told her that we would drive the 3 hours to come and get her and let her live with us until she get on her feet, but that she could not let the guy know where she is.

I felt sorry for her, because I know if my 18 year old daughter would have called me and said that some fool has put his hands on her, I would not be writing this blog right now because I would have already caught a case. When I got ready to get off the phone with hubby's niece, she thanked me for talking to her and said that she hopes she will get some sense. I told her sense ain't what she needs, but she needs balls to stand up for herself. As one character from Color Purple said, "Bash Mr's Head in and pray for Heaven later."


Monday, April 2, 2012

Following the wrong time

Most people know that I love watches. I love all the different colors and I think I have just about every color to match my outfits. That's just the kind of person I am. So today I decided to put on my orange watch to match my orange capris. I am glad that I didn't have any meetings to go because when I looked at my watch, the time said 8:30a.m., but when I looked at my computer, the time said 9:45. Not only is it later than I thought, but shoot, I'll be getting off work quicker than I thought too. LOL!


You've probably seen it on television in your lifetime, where a crazy person ends up squirting something in their eye, and they think they have been blinded. Today, that crazy person would be me. I was putting lotion on this morning and the pump sort of slowed down and would not pump. I needed lotion on these legs today. There was no way around it. When the pump stopped pumping, I did the ole okie doke and decided to look inside the pump to see if I could see some blockage. Little did I know that my hand was still on the pump and it squeezed right on my face and into my eye. I grasped for breath because at the instant, I thought I had been blinded by lotion. I really could not even imagine how I was gonna explain how I made myself blind. I wiped away the excess lotion but yet still kept my eyes closed. I opened one eye and then the other one and realized I still had my perfect vision, and then I looked up at the clock and saw that I had to be out of the door in 10 minutes. And to think, I really thought I was going to have to call in for a sick day.