Monday, April 9, 2012

Lesson learned

Sometimes it is bad when we have to learn a lesson the hard way, especially if someone has told you over and over again not to do something or they should be doing it a different way. Hubby and I had been telling our daughter not to use her laptop on the edge of the couch. She had been placing it up there when she is working and we kept telling her to put it on a table or better yet, put it on the desk in her room to do her work. She wanted to be stubborn about it and disclaim that it would be ok and that nothing would happen to it. But for the 194,345,234,908th time, I still kept telling her not to sit it there and do work.

Well one of my sisters was visiting for Easter and my daughter decides to put her laptop up there and begin her work, and that is when the laptop fell to the floor and cracked the screen. All of her school work was on the laptop and now she had nothing. It pissed me off so bad, because first, I had told her not to do it. Second, hubby had also told her not to do it. Third, as if she can just go out and buy another laptop like that. Fourth, she can't do her schoolwork. Fifth, now she got to get on my laptop and delay me in doing my work. And 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th go with the 1st and 2nd reasons are because I said don't do it. I could have shaken her silly until her eyeballs popped up and then I would have made her pick them up and put them back in. So she is sitting over in the corner with tears coming out of her eyes. I said that there is no need to be crying and that she might as well get some pen and paper and try to remember what she was writing so she can use my laptop to type up her paper. I was furious too.

So I'm trying to tell her that all she could have done was listen when hubby and I tried to tell her. She gonna tell me, "Mom, not now." Oh heck yeah, right now. I'm gonna fuss about it right now while it is fresh on my mind. I'm gonna make her feel bad about it because the next time, I bet she will listen.  I told her that is the problem with teenagers when they get a certain age that they think they know everything and can't nobody tell them nothing or should I say anything. {Correct grammar ain't really my friend when I'm blogging.} Anyway, I asked my sister if she thought I was wrong for fussing at her, she said no because if I don't do it, then when she get out on her own, the world gonna treat her worse than that. I told daughter to get her tail over there on my laptop and type up her paper and that she better leave it on the table cause I work too darn hard for some 18 year old child of mine to be careless with my stuff.

My sister said that I bet she will learn her lesson from putting it on the edge of the couch again. I hope she looks at the edge of the couch and see it as the devil and will now say, Mama was right. She don't even have to tell me I was, I just want her to acknowledge it in her head that we don't just tell them things because we want to hear ourselves talk. It is for their good.  Now she was all upset because she has to go and pay her money to get it fixed. Parents can't fix everything that their children screw up. They need to be responsible for things that happen in life. That's life.


  1. Pick them, (eyeballs), up and put them back in? HILARIOUS! But, I agree with you.


  2. My friend did something similar, as have I. Hers broke, and mine remains intact. We certainly learned our lesson.