Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I need a tissue

We have a conference room in our office where other people can reserve for a small meeting of about 6 people. So a group of 5 were wanting to use the room and I agreed that they could. Well, one thing I really hate is for people to throw their titles around, as if that is suppossed to do something for me. So while the group was in the conference room, I was sitting at my desk doing what I do when I hear someone yell out, "I need a tissue!" Well, I really do not respond to peoples beck and call like that, so I just ignored the guy who called it out and kept on typing on my computer. The guy then comes out of the room and said, "Barbara, may I have a tissue, please." Oh certainly, not a problem. I want him to know that just because I work behind a desk does not mean that he can't give a lil respect.

I will never forget the time this guy was in the boss' office and he kept proclaiming how he has a doctorate and then yelled from the boss' office for me to come and get his paperwork and make him a copy. My mind said Excuse me, but I just sat there. My boss told him that first, he do not yell from her office demanding me to go anything and then second, to stop throwing his title around.

Well after everyone else came out of the conference room, I was talking to one of the other people and he said that he knew I heard that other guy ask for a tissue. We laughed and he said, "They must not know about you." I told him I guess not. He said if I start running everytime they demand something, then they will never have respect and they will expect it every time. What a touching moment. Now I need a tissue.


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