Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is going on around here?

It's hard to find a parking spot here at work unless you get here early enough like I do. So when the President's secretary came from down stairs and announced to everyone that we needed to move out of our parking spaces, I did look at her funny. She said that some senators were coming and wanted everybody to move from their parking spaces and go and park wayyyyyyy (and I must put emphasis on wayyyyyyy) across the street and then walk back to our office. First of all, I'm sure they knew days in advance that the senators were coming. Just like they send all these emails that mean nothing, they could have sent out an email asking us not to park in the front parking spaces on this particular day. That would have been easier instead of going to go and move our cars and then find another parking space. If we had known in advance, then when we got to work, we could have just parked somewhere else.

Second, since the senators were coming, then why do they have to be treated any differently than anybody else. The senators knew they were coming and they should have been informed to get to the college a little earlier in order to get a parking space up front. Here is the crazy part: The lady from upstairs came down at 8:30 to say they would be here at 9:00, which means they were already in route when she said it....DUH!!!  We get to work for 7:30, so don't you think that we could have been warned at that time that they need the parking spots. So, if you can visualize with me for a minute, all these people are going out to their cars at the same time trying to move their cars wayyyyyyy across the street. It was not a pretty site.

Inquiring minds want to know what would have happened if nobody got up to go and move their cars!!!!


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  1. I am sorry, but a senator is not any more important that I am. WE hold the power. WE vote them into office. Out of gratitude, they should park wayyyy across the street, and walk their happy butts to where they need to go.