Monday, April 9, 2012

Gas money

Hubby brought me to work today because his car had a flat and he needed my vehicle to go and get another tire. On our way here, we saw a man standing beside his van on the side of the road. His blinkers were flashing and there was a sign on cardboard that said, "Need gas money."  People and their crazy ways make it hard for someone to stop and help you.  With so much happening in today's society, you really can't help people on the side of the road for what somebody else has done. It is not even the principle if you give the money to help, will they actually get gas with it. That's not it. It's more so the principle of them trying to hurt you when you try to help others. I glanced over at hubby and he knew what I was thinking, that we should at least give this guy some money to get some gas. The question is always should I help, but at the same time, I'm too afraid to help. What if, when we pull this car over, that this man may be crazy and will hold us at gunpoint? Or what if this man has a gang of people in his van that when we pull up, they all gonna jump out and beat us silly and leave us for dead.

All of this sounds weird and no, it is not because I watch too much television either. This stuff is real, and it happens everyday. Yes, Jesus said to help those in need, but I also know that he expects to have some kind of sense too. You never know if, when people say they are in need, that they are really in need....especially strangers on the side of the road. I was torn between what I should do. I even asked myself what would I expect people to do if I was in that situation...honestly, I would not expect them to stop because so many people have made it hard for those who really do need the help. So we did not stop. I will even admit that I was too afraid to stop but I did pray that someone who was not afraid, would stop and give the man some gas money. People will often say what they will or will not do in certain situations, but you really can't say until you are actually in that situation.

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  1. Good post...In times like this, I wouldn't have stopped either.