Friday, October 26, 2012

Instead of a treat, I got tricked

The college where I work has a daycare, and every year around the time of when Halloween is approaching, the daycare and its workers will bring the children around to various buildings so that the childen can get candy dropped in their little buckets. They normally come around the Friday before Halloween. They have their little costumes on and some can walk, while others have to be pushed around in a stroller.  The offices located down the hallway are not obligated to buy candy for these little tykes, but if you do buy candy, the thing is to stand in the hallway with your candy when the daycare comes through.

Well I didn't buy candy on purpose, because I really did not want to go and stand in the hallway passing out candy to all these lil rugrats. Lo and behold, my supervisor comes in with these bags of candy. She said she thought about it and realized that today was the day that the little daycare children come around. It was nice of her and I thought, "Wow, she is going to be standing in the hallway passing out candy." But instead of me sitting at my desk and just watch as they pass by, my supervisor came up to me and said, "I'm going to go in my office and shut the door, so here is the candy if you don't mind passing it out." WHAT!!!! Oh to the the G!! How in the great white falls did I get tricked into this scam!!!

So here is my thing. Why would you buy candy if you didn't want to pass it out? What if I had called in this morning and wasn't coming to work? Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!! And none of these kids are my size, so I just pulled me a chair in the hallway and sat and waited for them to come. We had gotten an email saying it would be about 75 children coming through. I don't know how many children came but it was a lot of them. Some of them looked at you strange and some of them had to be told to open up their bags. It felt like I was in another profession. Some of the talking kids asked the people down the hall if we liked their costumes and some of the kids didn't care whether they got candy or not. Even though they were cute little children, I'm glad that is over. I'm tired now just from thinking about it.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watch as well as pray

I had recently heard of one of the faculty at the college that was being terminated. The reason for his termination was due to him always being late for work, cancelling classes when classes should be in session and just a various of reasons pertaining to that. The staff had been working with him and gave him time after time to get it right. I know this had been going on for about a year or so, when they finally came down to the wire and said they had to let him go.

When one of the admins asked me if I had heard of it at that time, I said that I had not heard anything. She began to joke about how folks, when pushed, they will retaliate and start shooting up places or blowing places up. It wasn't a joking matter, but just the thought of it made me uneasy. The admin also mentioned to me that this particular faculty person was banned from being on campus and that if I should see him back on campus, then he would most likely be coming back to get back at somebody.

When people go back to their jobs and shoot people, there had to be something that made him do that. Stuff like this, firing somebody. Even if that person was in the wrong. Well, here is where it got really serious. I had my back turned one day from my office door and I heard this voice behind me say, "Excuse me." It was the faculty person that was not, I repeat, that was not supposed to be on campus. I immediately thought of what the admin told me about folks coming back to shoot up the place. I was very calm and asked him what can I do for him. He said he was hear to see my boss. I said that I would let her know that he was here. When he went in that office, I started shutting down my computer. At that point, it was time to go. I'm not saying he would or would not hurt anybody on campus, but folks have a tendency to snap. They can be calm one day and then go home and get thier guns and gun powder and just start doing all kinds of things.

Right before I packed up my stuff, I sent the admin a quick message and said, "He is here on campus in my office." I wasn't trying to be messy, just cautious. Her reply was: BYEEEEE!!! She said she was out of there as well. What made it even scarier was that he said he had to go and do something and will be back at 4:15. "Well", I thought, "He won't find me here. I got to go."

Since I didn't hear anything on the news, nothing happened, but what if it did. That is why we have to watch out for people as well as pray. We don't know when it's gonna be our last day, when somebody is gonna cut us off in traffic, rear end us from behind, or come on campus and start shooting. We just don't know. We don't know who is going to walk into the public as well as the christian schools, the daycares, the church's, the grocery store and just go plum crazy. So stay prayed up and ask God for deliverance.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The early bird gets the worm

Since my 19 year old daughter goes to the same college where I work, she has to ride out with me in the mornings. I normally get up at 6:00 a.m., which means she has to get up at 6:00 a.m. as well in order for us to be rolling out the house by 7:00 a.m. As she has gotten older, I tell her to set her alarm so she can get herself up, which teaches her responsibility. She says, "Mom, why do I have to get up at 6:00 and not 6:30?" First, she needs to get up because at 6:30, that is when I wake up the 16 year old son so he can then have his time in the bathroom. Second, because if you rolling with me, you need to be up and ready to move when I move. Third, because I said so.

So this morning, yes she had set her alarm and woke up but she hadn't gotten up. I tell her that's a big difference. So when I walked out of my room to go and fix my lunch for the day, her room is still black and she is still in the bed. I immediately turned the light on and asked her what was she doing. Her response was, "Oh, I'm just laying here." I told her don't come to me talking about she didn't have time to get ready because when I'm ready to go, I will not have time to hear any of that.

Well, it is now 6:30 and I wake up our son. His first thing to do is to go to the bathroom. So I go in my bathroom and in comes my daughter. I ask her what is she doing in there with me. She said that it was being occupied by her brother. I told her that if she would have gotten up like she was suppossed to, then she would have had first dibs on it. I bet she will get herself up in the morning instead of just laying there.


Ode to King Arthur

Several years ago, hubby had this fish and it croaked over. He didn't get another fish for quite some time and that one hung around for a couple of months. Well I was in Walmart the other night with my son and I thought, "I think I will surprise hubby with another fish." It didn't cost much, about two dollars. I was like, ok, third time has to be the charm. This fish is gonna be the fish of all fish. I have never been to big on naming fish, but just for the fun of it, I asked my son what shall we call the fish. Our 16 year old looked at me, then looked at the fish. He said, "We should name this fish King Arthur." Hmmmmm, King Arthur, I thought. It really didn't matter to me not for one lickity splity minute. So I said to my son, "I think King Arthur would be a fitting name." We got the fish and it swam around in its little bag, anticipatinig on making its new home with us.

Our 16 year old held the bag full of water very carefully until we made it to the counter to pay for it. He did not want the bag to sit down when I told him to put it on the belt for the cashier to ring it up. He just said, "I got it." We walked to the car and our son just held on to that bag for dear life. I asked him if he wanted a fish for himself. He said that he did not, and was just taking care of it until he passed it on to hubby. When we got home, our son was so excited to give this fish to hubby. At that moment when we pulled in the driveway, if anybody else had've been in the car with us, they would have thought our 16 year old was now a 4 or 5 year old because he got all hyper and said, "Mom, let me give it to him, let me do it. I can hardly wait." I was like oooooookkkkkkk!!!!

We walked in the house and our son had the bag with water and fish in tow behind his back. He told hubby, "Dad, I have a surprise for you." Our son acted as if hubby had been in isolation and this fish was going to bring him instant joy and happiness. Hubby was thankful and took the fish to the small bowl in the room where the other fish had lived before. The next morning when I got up, I didn't see the fish swimming around. I figured that maybe it was depressed from being moved from the fish tank where the other fish swam. I looked at the bottom and there was the fish, no movement, no nothing. I tapped the glass bowl, but still nothing. I then thought that maybe when hubby gets up, he will feed the fish and King Arthur will be bouncing around in no time at all. So I left and headed to work.

When I came home, the fish was not on my mind, but since the bowl is in the bedroom, I couldn't help but notice this fish was now floating on top. Ahhhh, King Arthur had croaked over. I guess he just couldn't take it being alone. He survived on his own for a day out of his normal environment. I told hubby we just won't get any more fish, cause he has had 3 to pass on into another fish world. In my opinion, I think it really must be something in the water.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Telephone etiquette

My boss had walked down to the ladies room to wash her hands and I knew she would be back shortly. I could actually hear her pouncing back down the hall, when the phone rang in the office. I didn't know that she had gotten caught in the hallway by someone talking on her way back to the office. So, when the phone rang, I answered it and it was for my boss. I told the person on the other end that she just stepped down to the ladies room, but that I could hear her coming and to hold on.

When my boss didn't immediately come back, I just took a message and said that she would call this person back. So he left his extension and just as soon as I hung up the phone, my boss walks back in the office. She said that she was suppose to come right back, but that somebody stopped her in the hallway. I said no problem and then gave her the phone message. Well in her good efforts to call this person back right away, she got busy doing something else, then somebody came in her office and I do think she forgot all about the message.

Well low and behold, this person calls back like 30 mintues later and I answered the boss line again someone else was in her office.  When the person on the other end hear that it is me, he says: good grief, if she is still in the bathroom, she must have some type of diarrhea or something........the funny part is that he was saying it loud...I cracked up laughing and I said, um, no she is in the office. He said please don't tell her I said that. I told him that his secret is safe with me.


On being married

May I have a few minutes of your time to keep it real? Since I do not know everybody's situation, I will just speak of myself. Yes, I am a married woman, but being married gets overwhelming at times. Being happily married does not mean that everything is peaches and cream. There are times that I do wish that my hubby would take a trip with the fellows for like a day or so and just get out of my hair. I don't mind spending time with him, but geez louize, ALLLLLL my spare time does not have to be in his presence. I also want to be able to get up and put some clothes on and leave the house without somebody asking me where am I going, when will you be back, who is going with you, what? you going alone.....UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

My disclaimer is that hubby is a loving person, but he does get on my nerves at time. The other day I wish I could have taken all of his clothes and just packed them up and put him out. I think he was on his menstrual cycle and he was all out of pads and tampons. Get yourself a cup of coffee and engage with me in this story. He had gotten this new cell phone. He asked if I would help him with it. I told him when I got time, I would. But nobody told me that he wanted me to do it on his time, not mine. Stop the presses! You mean to tell me I am supposed to stop doing what I was doing to work on his problem!! Ha! NOT!

So he gets his draws up his butt and cops an attitude because I was not moving when he said move.  I don't know why I had to remind him that my father lives in another state and that hubby was not my father. I told him that it is not always about him and that just because I am his wife, don't mean that I am not my own person. I probably could have left all that out, but since he felt the need to talk junk, well I felt the need to talk junk too. Somewhere in this conversation after all his drama, I said, "whatever, I don't even care." Did I really mean I did not care? No, I meant that at the moment what he was saying, I did not care to hear what he was saying and he took it to a whole 'nother level. I was glad that I had class that day, which meant I would not be home all day to hear him talk about nothing. And I was thinking, all this over a freaking cell phone.

Later on, I did tell hubby that he needs some patience. I told him I can't believe he blew up just because I didn't do the cell phone when he wanted me to. I mentioned to him that I asked him to clean out the holder on the wall with old bills months ago and he still hasn't done it. I asked him if he saw me pitching a hissie fit about that. He said no. I mentioned to him that I asked him to move some old boxes out of the office and it still wasn't done. I also mentioned about the garage with stacks of cluttered junk everywhere and it still hasn't been done, and I didn't have a caniption. I think he gets the point. I told him it's called a marriage, not a democracy. And marriage is a progress.


On Healing

When I took our 16 year old son to get his teeth cleaned this past summer, the dentists told us that he had some wisdom teeth that were impacted and that they needed to come out. They informed us that I should go ahead and get it taken care of while his insurance would still pay for it. They referred us to an oral surgeon who was about 51 miles from my house. We drove to the place for an evaluation for my son's teeth. When we got there, they showed my son a video of why his teeth needed to be removed, how they were going to get the teeth out and the anestesia that would be used. If anyone knows my son, he is a very inquisitive creature. He will ask questions until he is content knowing every detail from beginning to end. When the video was done, the people at the dentist office asked if there were any questions. I sat and said to myself, "wait for it.....wait for it...." but my son didn't have one single question. He said the video answered all his questions.

Well we scheduled the surgery and the dentist told our son that he will see him back in October. Time passed and October came. I asked our son if he was nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out. He said he was not nervous, but he just didn't know why he needed to be put to sleep. I told him he had his chance back in the summer to ask any and all questions he wanted to. He said that he thought the dentist would change his mind. Our son asked me what he they put him to sleep and he didn't wake up. I did not sugar coat it. I simply said that if he did not wake up, then it was God's will for him to leave this earth and that I will see him in Heaven when I got there. He said, "Good answer, Mom."

On our drive to the oral surgeon 51 miles away, our son talked basically non stop. He could not eat or drink anything several hours prior, so he said he was talking so he could not think about food. He did not bother me with the talking. He brought along some paper to draw along the way. He said that when he get to the dentist and they try to put him to sleep, that he was gonna fight it and not go to sleep. I said, "sure, whatever you say." When we finally arrived in the dentist office, that is when my son said that he was actually scared and nervous. I told him that God has got him and that there was nothing to worry about. I was actually feeling the same way for him, but I never showed it and he never knew it. But something hit me and said, "Why worry if you gonna pray." That is so true. Why ask God for deliverance and then worry if he is gonna do it or not. I calmed my nerves and shook it off.

About an hour later, they were calling me in to tell me that our son was done and ready to go. He looked as if he had the best sleep ever, with gauze packed in his mouth. They wheeled him out to the car in a wheelchair and when he got in the car, he asked for his notepad that he had brought with him. He wrote: I don't remember anything except them asking me about school and that was it. He also wrote that he felt woozy and sleepy. I told him to go to sleep and just enjoy the ride back home.

Fastforwarding to the day after surgery, our son woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I asked if he was hungry and he said yes. I fixed him eggs and grits. He said he felt much better than the day before. Oh and another thing, he is not a pill taking person, but I did persuade him to take the pain medicine before the feeling came back in his mouth. He was obedient and took the pills the night before. So when I fixed him breakfast, he said his mouth was sore but not as bad. He was even up talking. I let him stay home from church on Sunday, and after seeing him just two days after getting wisdom teeth pulled, you would not think this was the same person. He was just himself all over again, talking and bouncing off the wall, and pulling his sister's hair and everything that he normally does. I said, "Thank God for healing, cause come Monday, your tail will be back in school".


Sunday, October 7, 2012

In and out

One of my friends kept telling me that I should try a smoothie from Smoothie King. She exclaimed that they were really delicious and she described it like it was the best thing on earth. So I decided to hop on over there and get myself a smoothie. I had been drinking one from maybe Burger King or even McDonald's, which didn't cost no more than 2 dollars and some change. So when I walked into Smoothie King, I didn't expect to be paying no 5 dollars for a smoothie. Shoot, that could've been two smoothies at my other places.

Well, I thought I would splurge this one time and get the smoothie. Boy oh boy, was it delicious or what! It took forever to suck that thing down and it was a small too. Every drop made me forget about how much it cost, and not only that, it was fulfilling. I was so full after sucking that thing down. That was the end of the day on Friday.

On Saturday, when I expected to sleep in until at least 11, and I didn't have to get up and take nobody here and there, and when I didn't have to be anywhere myself, something rumbled and double-dutched and hopscotched and hoopla-hooped at 6:35 in the doggone morning. It was my stomach. It decided to do a dance like non other. It was doing the wobble, the jig, and the twist and shout. I hurriedly got up and had to go to the toilet. Even the fireman could not put this fire out. That smoothie slid on out as easily as it slid down my throat. Lawwwwwd, it hurt all day. I was cold, then I was hot. I was back and forth in the bathroom. I couldn't eat all day. I did drink water just so I would not get dehydrated. But all in all, that smoothie tore my stomach the slap up.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I was still in pain,  but not as much as I was in earlier. When my alarm clock went off for me to get up for church, I just couldn't do it, and if it had've been a work day, I would have had to call in sick. I lay in bed and hoped that just a little rest would help me feel better. Hubby mentioned that we had pepto chewables, and I got up to get one and in like 15 minutes, I was beginning to feel better. Thank God for healing power.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Brake check

On my way home one evening, I heard my brakes squealing like a pig. I will admit that I don't know much about cars except to put gas in it and go, but I do know that the squealing should not be there. So when I got home, I told hubby that the brakes were making that noise and if they needed some WD-40 on them. Hubby said to me that you don't put oil on brakes. I didn't know that. Anyhoo, I asked him to take the truck up to the mechanic place where we always go and get a brake check. I even told him that they do free brake checks. One point for me for knowing that.

Well instead of hubby taking the car up there for a FREE check, did I say FREE? Ok, just making sure. He decides to go and drive the truck around the block, as if I am some dumb blonde that doesn't know what I'm talking about. Ok maybe not on some things, but I knew this pig wanted to get out of the pen. No offense to any blonds reading this though. When he gets back to the house, he says, "Well I don't hear anything." I give him that LOOK. You know the look I'm talking about. That look that says if you don't go and take this truck to the place, then I guess I will just have to go and do it myself look. However, I could have taken it myself but the mechanic peeps are always talking man talk that just goes right over my head. They want to talk about a distributor cup, and a whatchamacallit, and a thing-a-ma-jig, and a know, the terminology that I haven't put in my vocabulary just yet.

Anyhoo, after hubby says he doesn't hear anything and then says that if I hear the sound again to let him know. Um that would be a negative. There will not be a next time or next time might be too late. I'm telling you now, so why wait until a next time. So I said, "Fine! I'll take it myself." It's just something about a man's duty that upsets a man when the woman says she will do it, as if he is incapable of doing it himself or somehow the woman might do it better. I really did not want to do it myself, but he didn't need to know all of that. Hubby says no, no, no, I'll do it. Thank you. Needless to say, hubby is taking the truck to get my brakes checked tomorrow. Yeah me!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh baby!

I was looking through some pictures on Facebook and noticed a picture of a baby that I was not familiar with. Several people had liked the picture but no comment was under it as to whose baby this was. So I posted a comment and said, "This is a beautiful baby, whose baby is this?" My then 19 year old cousin replied and said that it was her baby. My cousin jokes alot and so when I read that response, I said, "yeah right, now really who does this baby belong to?" She replied again and said, "Seriously, this is my baby." I was like what the black eyed peas and cornbread!! When were you pregnant and why were you trying to hide it. I still thought she was pulling my good leg so I asked her sister and sure enough, it was the 19 year old's baby.

So my sister was showing pics to my dad and asked him if he knew our cousin was pregnant and my dad did not, and this is his brother's child. Nobody on this side of the Mississippi River knew this girl was preggors. So here is my point in all this: We have our family reunion every other year, so 2013 will be our reunion year. My sisters and I are on the committee and we are already getting things together as to who will be on program, this and that. We always have the same people on program and I told one of my sisters that we should recruit new faces to do something, so I called the 19 year old and asked her if we could put her on program and her response was, "Girl you know I'm shy."

My mind said what my mouth wanted to say which is this: You done opened up your legs and let some boy do the nasty and done popped out a baby and you talking about you shy??? I said that is what my mind said. What I really said was, "Yeah right, you pretend you are shy, but you really are not." Nothing else was said regarding that. Looks like we will be finding someone else to be on program.