Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On being married

May I have a few minutes of your time to keep it real? Since I do not know everybody's situation, I will just speak of myself. Yes, I am a married woman, but being married gets overwhelming at times. Being happily married does not mean that everything is peaches and cream. There are times that I do wish that my hubby would take a trip with the fellows for like a day or so and just get out of my hair. I don't mind spending time with him, but geez louize, ALLLLLL my spare time does not have to be in his presence. I also want to be able to get up and put some clothes on and leave the house without somebody asking me where am I going, when will you be back, who is going with you, what? you going alone.....UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

My disclaimer is that hubby is a loving person, but he does get on my nerves at time. The other day I wish I could have taken all of his clothes and just packed them up and put him out. I think he was on his menstrual cycle and he was all out of pads and tampons. Get yourself a cup of coffee and engage with me in this story. He had gotten this new cell phone. He asked if I would help him with it. I told him when I got time, I would. But nobody told me that he wanted me to do it on his time, not mine. Stop the presses! You mean to tell me I am supposed to stop doing what I was doing to work on his problem!! Ha! NOT!

So he gets his draws up his butt and cops an attitude because I was not moving when he said move.  I don't know why I had to remind him that my father lives in another state and that hubby was not my father. I told him that it is not always about him and that just because I am his wife, don't mean that I am not my own person. I probably could have left all that out, but since he felt the need to talk junk, well I felt the need to talk junk too. Somewhere in this conversation after all his drama, I said, "whatever, I don't even care." Did I really mean I did not care? No, I meant that at the moment what he was saying, I did not care to hear what he was saying and he took it to a whole 'nother level. I was glad that I had class that day, which meant I would not be home all day to hear him talk about nothing. And I was thinking, all this over a freaking cell phone.

Later on, I did tell hubby that he needs some patience. I told him I can't believe he blew up just because I didn't do the cell phone when he wanted me to. I mentioned to him that I asked him to clean out the holder on the wall with old bills months ago and he still hasn't done it. I asked him if he saw me pitching a hissie fit about that. He said no. I mentioned to him that I asked him to move some old boxes out of the office and it still wasn't done. I also mentioned about the garage with stacks of cluttered junk everywhere and it still hasn't been done, and I didn't have a caniption. I think he gets the point. I told him it's called a marriage, not a democracy. And marriage is a work.....in progress.



  1. permission to link this on my marriage blog, please!

  2. You go girl! You have spunk. Guys need some of that lashing and reality check. They think the are all that and the king of the world.
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