Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh baby!

I was looking through some pictures on Facebook and noticed a picture of a baby that I was not familiar with. Several people had liked the picture but no comment was under it as to whose baby this was. So I posted a comment and said, "This is a beautiful baby, whose baby is this?" My then 19 year old cousin replied and said that it was her baby. My cousin jokes alot and so when I read that response, I said, "yeah right, now really who does this baby belong to?" She replied again and said, "Seriously, this is my baby." I was like what the black eyed peas and cornbread!! When were you pregnant and why were you trying to hide it. I still thought she was pulling my good leg so I asked her sister and sure enough, it was the 19 year old's baby.

So my sister was showing pics to my dad and asked him if he knew our cousin was pregnant and my dad did not, and this is his brother's child. Nobody on this side of the Mississippi River knew this girl was preggors. So here is my point in all this: We have our family reunion every other year, so 2013 will be our reunion year. My sisters and I are on the committee and we are already getting things together as to who will be on program, this and that. We always have the same people on program and I told one of my sisters that we should recruit new faces to do something, so I called the 19 year old and asked her if we could put her on program and her response was, "Girl you know I'm shy."

My mind said what my mouth wanted to say which is this: You done opened up your legs and let some boy do the nasty and done popped out a baby and you talking about you shy??? I said that is what my mind said. What I really said was, "Yeah right, you pretend you are shy, but you really are not." Nothing else was said regarding that. Looks like we will be finding someone else to be on program.


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