Friday, October 26, 2012

Instead of a treat, I got tricked

The college where I work has a daycare, and every year around the time of when Halloween is approaching, the daycare and its workers will bring the children around to various buildings so that the childen can get candy dropped in their little buckets. They normally come around the Friday before Halloween. They have their little costumes on and some can walk, while others have to be pushed around in a stroller.  The offices located down the hallway are not obligated to buy candy for these little tykes, but if you do buy candy, the thing is to stand in the hallway with your candy when the daycare comes through.

Well I didn't buy candy on purpose, because I really did not want to go and stand in the hallway passing out candy to all these lil rugrats. Lo and behold, my supervisor comes in with these bags of candy. She said she thought about it and realized that today was the day that the little daycare children come around. It was nice of her and I thought, "Wow, she is going to be standing in the hallway passing out candy." But instead of me sitting at my desk and just watch as they pass by, my supervisor came up to me and said, "I'm going to go in my office and shut the door, so here is the candy if you don't mind passing it out." WHAT!!!! Oh to the the G!! How in the great white falls did I get tricked into this scam!!!

So here is my thing. Why would you buy candy if you didn't want to pass it out? What if I had called in this morning and wasn't coming to work? Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!! And none of these kids are my size, so I just pulled me a chair in the hallway and sat and waited for them to come. We had gotten an email saying it would be about 75 children coming through. I don't know how many children came but it was a lot of them. Some of them looked at you strange and some of them had to be told to open up their bags. It felt like I was in another profession. Some of the talking kids asked the people down the hall if we liked their costumes and some of the kids didn't care whether they got candy or not. Even though they were cute little children, I'm glad that is over. I'm tired now just from thinking about it.


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  1. wow...No she didn't! I guess she wanted her office to be represented properly. I imagined you sitting and passing out candy when you had no intentions and it was a funny sight!