Thursday, October 25, 2012

Watch as well as pray

I had recently heard of one of the faculty at the college that was being terminated. The reason for his termination was due to him always being late for work, cancelling classes when classes should be in session and just a various of reasons pertaining to that. The staff had been working with him and gave him time after time to get it right. I know this had been going on for about a year or so, when they finally came down to the wire and said they had to let him go.

When one of the admins asked me if I had heard of it at that time, I said that I had not heard anything. She began to joke about how folks, when pushed, they will retaliate and start shooting up places or blowing places up. It wasn't a joking matter, but just the thought of it made me uneasy. The admin also mentioned to me that this particular faculty person was banned from being on campus and that if I should see him back on campus, then he would most likely be coming back to get back at somebody.

When people go back to their jobs and shoot people, there had to be something that made him do that. Stuff like this, firing somebody. Even if that person was in the wrong. Well, here is where it got really serious. I had my back turned one day from my office door and I heard this voice behind me say, "Excuse me." It was the faculty person that was not, I repeat, that was not supposed to be on campus. I immediately thought of what the admin told me about folks coming back to shoot up the place. I was very calm and asked him what can I do for him. He said he was hear to see my boss. I said that I would let her know that he was here. When he went in that office, I started shutting down my computer. At that point, it was time to go. I'm not saying he would or would not hurt anybody on campus, but folks have a tendency to snap. They can be calm one day and then go home and get thier guns and gun powder and just start doing all kinds of things.

Right before I packed up my stuff, I sent the admin a quick message and said, "He is here on campus in my office." I wasn't trying to be messy, just cautious. Her reply was: BYEEEEE!!! She said she was out of there as well. What made it even scarier was that he said he had to go and do something and will be back at 4:15. "Well", I thought, "He won't find me here. I got to go."

Since I didn't hear anything on the news, nothing happened, but what if it did. That is why we have to watch out for people as well as pray. We don't know when it's gonna be our last day, when somebody is gonna cut us off in traffic, rear end us from behind, or come on campus and start shooting. We just don't know. We don't know who is going to walk into the public as well as the christian schools, the daycares, the church's, the grocery store and just go plum crazy. So stay prayed up and ask God for deliverance.


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