Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ode to King Arthur

Several years ago, hubby had this fish and it croaked over. He didn't get another fish for quite some time and that one hung around for a couple of months. Well I was in Walmart the other night with my son and I thought, "I think I will surprise hubby with another fish." It didn't cost much, about two dollars. I was like, ok, third time has to be the charm. This fish is gonna be the fish of all fish. I have never been to big on naming fish, but just for the fun of it, I asked my son what shall we call the fish. Our 16 year old looked at me, then looked at the fish. He said, "We should name this fish King Arthur." Hmmmmm, King Arthur, I thought. It really didn't matter to me not for one lickity splity minute. So I said to my son, "I think King Arthur would be a fitting name." We got the fish and it swam around in its little bag, anticipatinig on making its new home with us.

Our 16 year old held the bag full of water very carefully until we made it to the counter to pay for it. He did not want the bag to sit down when I told him to put it on the belt for the cashier to ring it up. He just said, "I got it." We walked to the car and our son just held on to that bag for dear life. I asked him if he wanted a fish for himself. He said that he did not, and was just taking care of it until he passed it on to hubby. When we got home, our son was so excited to give this fish to hubby. At that moment when we pulled in the driveway, if anybody else had've been in the car with us, they would have thought our 16 year old was now a 4 or 5 year old because he got all hyper and said, "Mom, let me give it to him, let me do it. I can hardly wait." I was like oooooookkkkkkk!!!!

We walked in the house and our son had the bag with water and fish in tow behind his back. He told hubby, "Dad, I have a surprise for you." Our son acted as if hubby had been in isolation and this fish was going to bring him instant joy and happiness. Hubby was thankful and took the fish to the small bowl in the room where the other fish had lived before. The next morning when I got up, I didn't see the fish swimming around. I figured that maybe it was depressed from being moved from the fish tank where the other fish swam. I looked at the bottom and there was the fish, no movement, no nothing. I tapped the glass bowl, but still nothing. I then thought that maybe when hubby gets up, he will feed the fish and King Arthur will be bouncing around in no time at all. So I left and headed to work.

When I came home, the fish was not on my mind, but since the bowl is in the bedroom, I couldn't help but notice this fish was now floating on top. Ahhhh, King Arthur had croaked over. I guess he just couldn't take it being alone. He survived on his own for a day out of his normal environment. I told hubby we just won't get any more fish, cause he has had 3 to pass on into another fish world. In my opinion, I think it really must be something in the water.


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