Thursday, April 5, 2012

Putting in my two sense worth

I try to stay out of people's business by telling them what they should or should not do, but this one instance, I had to jump in and say something. My hubby has this niece who is the same age as our daughter, 18. Hubby's niece has never met her father because he died when she was just a baby. She lives 3 hours away and constantly calls hubby to talk to him about what is going on in her life. I do not have a problem with that at all; but I believe that since she has never had a male figure around that, that she do not know how one is suppossed to treat a lady.

Again, she is 18 and is living with this 30 year old bum male. She works, but he do not work, and on occasion, he has put his hands on her and hit her. He comes and goes when he wants to, go in her purse and takes her money and all that other crap that just didn't settle good with me. That is when I had to put my two sense in. When she called the house and instead of her talking to hubby, I talked to her and told her that I was just gonna lay it on the line and for her to listen. She laughed at some of the stuff I was saying, but I was really for real.  I first of all told her to go to Wal-mart and get a new lock and have it changed by the time he got to her place and then when he come home, he will see that those old keys don't work. I told her that when he comes banging on the door, do not open it, even if she is sitting right there. Just let him knock, don't even say anything to him through the door. Don't explain why his keys won't work either.

She said what if he call the police. I said to let him call then cause this is her place, not his. Let the police come so the police can be there when he gets his things and let the police escort him back out. I told her that she needs to go and press charges on him and file a restraining as well because he feels that he is 30 and she is 18, that she won't know to go and do these things. I also told her that she needs to stand her ground and not let him back in her house. Then after all that, she tells me that he told her that he won't hit her again. Not even knowing the guy, I told her he is lying. I told her that if he hit her one time, then that is one time too many and she deserves better than that. I was telling her that if her uncle ever hit me, he might as well turn around and keep walking cause he ain't never coming back. I said that if I let him come back, every time he comes near me, my mind is gonna wander if he is gonna hit me or not. I even told her that we would drive the 3 hours to come and get her and let her live with us until she get on her feet, but that she could not let the guy know where she is.

I felt sorry for her, because I know if my 18 year old daughter would have called me and said that some fool has put his hands on her, I would not be writing this blog right now because I would have already caught a case. When I got ready to get off the phone with hubby's niece, she thanked me for talking to her and said that she hopes she will get some sense. I told her sense ain't what she needs, but she needs balls to stand up for herself. As one character from Color Purple said, "Bash Mr's Head in and pray for Heaven later."



  1. "This side be ova soon; Heaven las always"

  2. This is awful. I can't believe men are still treating women this way in this day and age. He is abusing her in more ways than one. I believe age is nothing but a number, but an 18 year old is a few years past childhood. She is looking for a father figure, and found it in an abusive partner. Unfortunately, my sister was in a similar situation, and it the more we advised her to leave him, the more she'd push us away.

  3. What a sad, terrible situation. But it sounds like you were very wise in the guidance you offered her. :)