Thursday, October 6, 2011

Animals are smarter than humans

I don't believe that for one single minute that animals are smarter than humans. I was in the bathroom getting ready for work when I heard something on television that said animals are smarter than humans. I did not go and see who was saying it or what show it was, I was just listening. Here are a few reasons why I think animals are not smarter than humans.

1. They can't drive.
2. They poo and pee all over the place.
3. They can't read or write.
4. They have to wait for someone to give them their food.
5. They lick their own balls and bathe with their tongue.
6. They can't get a job.
7. They can't go on dates.
8. They can't tell me how much they love me.
9. They can't let themselves back in if they get locked out of the house.
10. They abandon their young to go and get more puppies
11. And lastly, they screw any and everything....oh wait....some humans do that too.

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