Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The day the squirrel went beserk...AGAIN.

If you have never heard about the squirrel that went beserk in a Mississippi church, you may want to see this video before proceeding.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K16fG1sDagU ..... but if you have heard about the Mississippi church who had a squirrel in it, then here is a story for you.

It all started Friday evening at work, most of the people had gone home and the supervisor was out to some meeting and that left me, a student assistant, and about one or two people in the building. It was almost close to 4:00 (closing time) and I was just finishing up a few things on the computer....I was just typing away, when.......I heard this man down the hall say that he thinks a squirrel got in the building. I stopped typing and began to listen to the conversation because I know if a squirrel had gotten into the building, that I may need to leave before 4:00. I walked to where the student assistant was sitting and asked her if she heard the man say he think a squirrel got in the building and she told me that I must have good ears because she didn't hear anything.

When I looked down the hall, there were two instructors standing there with a student and I kindly interrupted thier conversation and said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to be nosey and get in your conversation, but did you say that you think a squirrel got in THIS building." One of the instructors said that he thinks he saw it out of the corner of his eye but he wasn't sure. The student then said that as he opened the door to come inside, a squirrel got in but don't know where it went. I immediately grabbed my purse and figured that we should shut down and get the heck out of there. One of the instuctors (A TYPICAL MAN) was trying to act macho and say that it was just a squirrel and that it won't hurt ya. But don't squirrels carry rabies and such if they bite you!!! My point exactly!!

Well no one knew where this squirrel ran to, but I know it wasn't in my office and I already had keys and purse in hand, so I don't know why they were still pondering if they should leave or not so me and the student assistant got our things and we left. Well Saturday and Sunday passed and Monday rolled on around and we didn't really think anymore of the squirrel until someone mentioned they heard something in their office. I was like WHOA!! I HOPE IT'S NOT IN MY OFFICE OR I'M GONNA HAVE TO TAKE LEAVE and go back home. It was not in my office but when the instructor went in her office, she said that papers were scattered everywhere and there were little animal droppings in her office. We all were on the edge.....she sat at her desk and said that she could hear some scratching in a desk drawer and when she slowly pulled it out, there was the squirrel. Now I am sure inquiring minds want to know how this squirrel got in the drawer in the first place. It had been in her office the entire weekend.....just thinking about it makes me want to spray everything down with bleach.

So she said that when she left, she shut the door and just left the window open all weekend. Not to mention that a thief could have come in the window and took the computer and stuff but she said she was just hoping if she left the window open that the squirrel would go out the window. When we all walked in on Tuesday, you could hear a pin drop because we wanted to know what happened to the squirrel.....it must have found its way out the window because he was no longer in the drawer of the instructor's office. I know one thing, I would never use that drawer again....EVER!!!


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  2. I can't read this one. The title alone has me jumpy. No thanks!