Monday, October 17, 2011

Never mess with a black woman's hair!!

Some black women may want to wear their hair natural, or kinky or whatever the term is today and I'm cool with that. I mean, it's your hair, you can wear it however you want to wear it but don't get upset with me about how I want my hair. Well, this weekend hubby was grilling a few things and so I figured that since he was grilling, that I would volunteer and go and pick up his medicine from the pharmacy since it was suppose to close at 6p.m. I looked up at the clock and said to myself that I had better go on to the pharmacy since it was almost close to closing.

As I was walking out of the house, hubby decided that he would water his newly growing collard greens that he had set out and I specifically said to him, "Let me get by so that I can get in the car and go and pick up your medicine." I knew he wanted to be playing around and just spray me with the hose and I specifically said to hubby, "You can spray me all you want, BUT DO NOT SPRAY NO WATER IN MY HAIR." He decided to continue to play and skeet bits of water here and there, as if to spray me. I then gave him THE LOOK.

As I was getting in the car, hubby took it upon himself to spray the hose a little harder and sure enough, the water hit my hair and some got in the car as well. He laughed so hard, but I did not see anything funny. I immediately got out the car door and walked back toward the house and told him that I was going to go and pack my bags and leave. (Keep in mind that I really need to get to the pharmacy) He was still laughing and asked where was I going...I told him that I didn't know and that he had pissed me off so I was packing my things and leave. I told him that I really don't have time and that I was going to pick up his medicine and that I would finish this when I got back.

I returned home and hubby had a friend in the yard as he was still grilling and I walked toward the door and hubby asked if I was still going to pack and I said yes. He apologized and said that he was sorry for spraying water in my hair. I wasn't really going to pack, it's just the principle that I asked for water not to be sprayed in my hair and even though I know he wanted to be in a playful mood, I was trying to get to the pharmacy so I can get back to doing my homework. So hubby said that he now knows not to mess with a black woman's hair.

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  1. LOLOL! I wish I could have been there. I would have been laughing right along with your hubby. Too funny, but so true. Don't mess with my hair!