Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Mushroom Saga

I used to really like mushrooms with my juicy steak off the grill, along with my sauteed onions...YUM. I use the words "used to" loosely because I think I might be changing my view of mushrooms. I am taking this substance abuse class at the university and so hubby and I were watching television and it talked about how mushrooms were once considered a drug. I wish I could have had a rewind button because I know they didn't say what I thought they said...yeah they said exactly what I thought they said. Anyhoo, I told hubby that I don't think I want any more mushrooms and he said that the kind we eat are not poisonous and that I didn't have to worry.

Well on another note, hubby decided to cook something (I don't even remember what it was) and he took it upon himself to try a different mushroom from what I was used to eating. And these things were big (I don't do big mushrooms, it's just my thing) and floppy (yuk), not like the little ones that he has always sauteed for me. Soooooo, I looked at these giant floppy fungi and told hubby that I am not eating those mushrooms. He said that I haven't even tried them and don't know if I like them or not....I don't care if Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Daniel and the Hebrew boys put them mushrooms on my plate, I wasn't going to try them.

Well about two, maybe three days had passed and hubby finally put my steak on the grill and he sauteed them onions at the same time and I knew this was going to have to be entered in a delicious steak of the month club because hubby always has good steaks off the grill. As he presented my plate to me, I looked down at it and almost felt like Shug Avery when Mister brought her that food and she threw it at the wall. Hubby had the audacity to put mushrooms on my steak, after I asked him not to....AND....(yall ready for this???) he also had the audacity to put them big ole floppy mushrooms on it too...BUT...he had them disquised as the little mushrooms that I like...he actually took the big floopy shrooms and cut them up, as if I wouldn't know the difference. He asked me how was my steak and I told him that I would let him know as soon as I scrape them mushrooms off...

He paused....and I told him that I know these were not the same mushrooms....and again he paused like he was just caught red-handed and then he said, "How did you know?" Duh, I just know what I like and I told him to stop trying to trick me, even though he claims this was his first time. The mushroom saga continues.

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  1. Next time, scrape the mushrooms my way. As long as they aren't the ones growing in my front yard, I'll eat them. Yum, Yum! Your hubby likes to have fun with you. LOL!