Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Cricket

There was a cricket that got in our house. I didn't hear it the first night but our daughter said she heard it but hubby assured her that it was probably on the patio and definitely not in the house. As night number two approached, I was watching television and our daughter said that she heard the cricket again. I turned the volume down on the tv and sure enough I could hear it too. This little thing chirped constantly, nonstop. I walked over to the kitchen and the closer I got this box we had in the corner, the more I could hear it. I said that the cricket was in the house and not outside and therefore asked hubby if he could get it out. He said he would.

The third day, I could hear the cricket down the hall and so went into the kitchen but this time, the noise was no longer coming from the corner, it was coming from somewhere, but where? I was determined to get it. He was so annoying. I asked hubby again to get it and this time his tone of voice was like I was aggravating him so I said to just forget it and that I would find him myself. We looked under cabinets, behind the microwave, in the pantry and all over the kitchen and each time we heard the chirper, we thought we were getting close to killing it. This went on for like two more days of non-stop chirping. We sprayed raid in cracks and crevices, but still this thing kept chirping. Oh my gosh, I could not hear myself think, so I had to go in the room to actually do my homework.

Well on that fifth day, I woke up to get ready and did not hear the cricket. I was hoping it just starved itself to death and died. I walked in the kitchen and right there laying on its back was this cricket, trying to turn itself over. Today was not his day because I reached for the raid and sprayed him. Our son got a napkin to pick it up and threw it away. One little cricket made all that noise, but I am glad it is gone now. Peace at last.

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