Friday, August 26, 2011

Divas On A Mission

I have created a new facebook page. It's called Divas On A Mission (DOAM) It's just for all the females. It was just something I felt I needed to do. I can't explain it. We don't have to be friends in order for you to like the page, nor do I have to know you. You tell a female and so forth and so on. If I knew how to link it to this blog, I would....but since I don't, just go to facebook and type in Divas On A Mission (DOAM) in the searchbox and like my page. Make sure you type it in with the parenthesis. To know you are on the correct page, the picture that I chose is a silhouette of a woman and she has her head down like she is holding the walls from collapsing. My mission as a diva is to try to send out an encouraging message daily via my status. If I should miss a day, it's because I may have gotten tied up with either work, school work or the hustle and bustle of this beautiful thing called life. We all are divas, we just don't know it yet.

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