Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to let go

Several years ago, hubby, the kids and I were in Gulfport, MS at the outlet shop. I am not one of those people who feel that everytime we go out somewhere that I have to buy me something; but I did see these pair of jeans that had this beautiful design at the bottom of them and thought to myself that I really wanted these jeans. I just knew that absolutely nobody in Pensacola would have these jeans and that when I wore them to work, I would be envied. I kept passing by the jeans up but indicated to hubby how beautiful these particular pair of jeans were. Now with me being a plus size voluptuous full figured sexy woman, these jeans were actually in my size. Hubby egged me on to go and try them on and so I did. Oh my gosh, they fit my curves perfectly and I was just so in love with these jeans that hubby told me that I should get them. We had the money to get them and wasn't going to be in a bind or anything. I was like, "I don't know." Hubby said to me that when we leave Gulfport that we wouldn't be back no time soon and that I should get the jeans.....and so I did.

The jeans had this design around both legs that I could wear two different colored tops at two different times. Everytime hubby would wash and iron them, I had my tush right back in them. Well over the years, the material wore out on the jeans. The zipper had broke twice and each time hubby repaired them, the button had broke and hubby put another button on it. The seams on the side were coming apart and he knew how much I loved these jeans and he offered to sew them. This time I declined to let him fix them. I had these jeans over 8 years and it was time to let them go and so I made my way over to the trash can and dropped them in. I believe it was time.

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