Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fish Tales

I love me some good ole fried fish, I even eat it baked...depends on how it is cooked. Well someone gave hubby some fish and their was nothing wrong with the fish, it was just some big fish. That was some thick looking fish, and I already knew this was not my kind of fish. We were thankful for it but when hubby was cleaning it, I kindly asked him that when he got ready to cook the fish not to cook the whole fish and to cut it and cook it and then he and I could share just one fish. He said that he wanted to cook it whole and I had a difference of opinion and I specifically told him that would be entirely too much fish.

But noooooo, hubby had to be the hard head man and cook this whole fish. When he brought it to me, I just looked at it like it was an alien or something. I began to eat the fish and it tasted funny. I asked hubby what kind of fish was this and he told me some name that I wasn't even familiar with but I was grateful for it and tried to eat it anyway. He noticed that I wasn't eating the fish like I normally eat it and I told him something different was with this fish. He then asked me if it had an oily taste, not because it was fried, but the meat itself tasted oily and I said yes. I really can't describe it.

I am not one who likes to throw away food but I actually had to throw the fish out. I kind of felt bad for doing that but I just couldn't eat it. After eating those few bites, I felt like I needed to drink pepto bismol or something. Forget the spoon, just give me the whole bottle. It tasted like I was eating a baked tree after being dipped in lard. I wish I could think what hubby told me this fish was called but I don't want that anymore. I want to stick to what I know.


  1. I'm always weary of finding bones, therefore I have not been able to enjoy fish.


  2. Eeeeww. I love fish, but this one sounds a little fishy.