Friday, August 12, 2011

Role Reversal

Hubby and I normally go grocery shopping together. We make out our list and put prices next to the items what we think it will cost. If we have any coupons, we separate and sort them. We get up early and do what we have to do. I would say that we have a system going and it works for us. Well today was a different kind of grocery trip. Hubby had things to do at church and I was ok with that so when I mentioned to the kids that I would need help in grocery shopping, I didn't expect that the both of them would volunteer their precious teenage time to help me.

Our son pushed the cart for me and our daughter had a buggy of her own. I told her that she would take the coupons and go and get everything on our coupon list and then we would meet back in the middle. She did it without complaining and with a joyful heart. That was a blessing in itself.

The two of them were willing to get up early just to meet my needs and they assisted me in grocery shopping like hubby normally does. Today was a good day.

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  1. So sweet of them. Mine say, "Do I have to go?" LOL!